What A Day!

I am actually writing my first rough draft of this post the day after the Four on the Fourth race, and I have to say I am exhausted. The kids and I slept in this morning and Hubby had to work, bless his heart. We had such a full day for the Fourth! Let me go back and tell you about the packet pick-up for the race first.

I had some family drama on the third. My mom and sister were not having a good day. I got some phone calls while the kids played inside. I was so busy with talking to my family, doing laundry and watching the kids that I almost forgot to get our race packets. Hubby was working from home that day. So I left the kids at home with him to get our packets. Surprisingly they were not upset about that. They asked to stay home. I thought that weird since they always make out like bandits at the packet pick-ups. So I headed out in the early afternoon to get them. This year they gave women a choice of a regular shirt or a tank! I was so happy I wasn’t forced to get a tank. I’m actually wearing my shirt right now. To the race directors, thank you, thank you for no tanks this year!

So with no in-laws in sight this holiday we got the girl down the street to babysit that morning. The kids love playing with her. They were up when we left which had me worried. I mean we left pretty early and they were supposed to watch fireworks at the Royals game later. I knew they would be tired later.

We made it to the race with plenty of time. I saw some tents up and wanted to check them out before we headed to the start. Hubby pinned and unpinned his race bib about a million times!!! I was so frustrated. I mean, who cares! You are running. When a picture is taken you’re not standing perfectly still. Nobody is going to say, “Oh! Look how perfectly straight that race bib is! How wonderful!” Right?

Anyway, no exploring for us. I finally got Hubby out in time to walk to the start. We were back a ways from the starting line and worked our way toward the front a bit. It was still a tight squeeze for a while trying to pass people when the race started. Then of course a ton of people passed me as well. It leveled off a bit by the time we hit the first mile. At the second mile I was passing some people. I saw Hubby about that time. I caught glimpses of him here there until the end. I almost caught to him toward the end. It’s funny how you noticed some people when you run.

I passed some people never to see them again. Then there were a few here and there that would pass me and then I would pass them. Back and forth we would go. I ran the whole race expect the two water stops and one hill. I got some water and walked just to drink and then started up again running. I also walked a bit after the second hill toward the end. I mean the first hill is pretty big, and it levels off for what seems like no time at all before you do another big hill around the corner. After I made it up the second hill, I ran the rest of the way to the end.

My chip time was 45:31. I don’t think that is my best time. I’m kinda of in the middle of my age group. I mean there was one hundred twelve women my age and I was fifty-eight. Hubby did it in 44:33.  Hubby said he wished it rained like last year. I didn’t want that! It dumped on us last year! He does better in the cooler races. The heat really seems to zap him. We got our root beer floats after cooling off in the shade. Even though it wasn’t raining we were soaked. It was so hot. We didn’t stay long.

Hubby and I came home and paid the babysitter. We got the kids ready for the yearly neighborhood Fourth of July parade after drying off a bit. They did really well this year. They rode their tricycles the whole mile and half to the pool for ice cream. I thought about getting them big kid bikes for their birthday, but they said they still like their trikes. Even after the parade I asked them if they wanted big kid bikes and the answer was that they still liked their trikes. Hubby thinks they are getting too big for them. We’ll probably get them bikes for Christmas or the next birthday.

The kids got ice cream, and Hubby and I had our second helping that day. They really wanted to go to the pool, but we had plans to meet friends at Oceans of Fun later. We went home and relaxed a bit because our friends’ little ones still take naps. I thought we should go ahead and get ready since our friends live closer to Oceans of Fun. That way we would get out there the same time. Hubby was wiped though. I almost thought we were not going, but then we finally left. Just as I suspected, our friends were out there before us.

My boy just got over getting splashed and getting his head wet. He has started to jump in the pool in our neighborhood even if it is with a pool noodle. He has had several swim lessons. I thought he would deal with Oceans of Fun better this year. Last year was terrible. He didn’t want to do anything but the baby slides then. It started to look like he wasn’t going to do anything this year as well. I found Hubby and Baby Girl and traded with him. Baby Girl and I went down Aruba Tuba twice. When we came back Little Man was having fun and doing stuff like going down little slides that he wouldn’t do with me. Thanks to Hubby what would have been a bad visit for me and Little Man turned into a great visit for all.

Our friends left to go eat pizza with their kids and we stayed to ride Fury of the Nile in Worlds of Fun. Baby Girl and I had to go back and change into our dry clothes even though you can get wet on Fury of the Nile. There was a sign that said no swimsuits in Worlds of Fun. The boys just needed shirts and they were fine with their swim trunks. Funny thing was that after all that Baby Girl and I got the wettest on the ride. Ugh!

Baby Girl and I dried off before we knew it because it was so hot. Hubby and Little Man changed clothes and we were off to the Royals Game. We were a little late and hungry. Hubby didn’t want to pay stadium prices for food so we stopped on the way and got something quick to eat. We got to the game already in progress. Little Man was so wiped. He acted like he really wanted to go to sleep. He did crawl in my lap at one point to snuggle and get a quick cat nap. I looked at Hubby and his eyes looked so tired. Baby Girl was in his lap snuggling but she was awake. I’m sure I looked wiped as well. I was yawning quite a bit. Little Man was awake for at least most of the firework show. Both kiddos were out cold on the ride home. I’ve gotta say, Mommy and Daddy were pretty tired too. What a day!



Where Is My After-show?

We had a rough weekend. It should have been a nice date night. My in-laws took the kids to their place to stay the night this time. We went to the Royals ball game with another couple, but Hubby and I got into it before we went. Hubby bounces back so quickly after someone offends him or at least that is the way he acts. I mean less than five minutes kind of bouncing. It takes me hours sometimes days especially if I’m really mad. I felt like I did a pretty good job of still having fun at the ball game this time.

We tried to get to bed as early as we could. The Royals won, but we left a little before the game was done. We kind of knew our team had this one. So that helped our bed time a bit, but we did not eat at the game. We had greasy food later. I was concerned for the race the next day.

Hubby and I got into again the next morning. I try to communicate as best as I can. You would think after almost ten years of marriage that we would know how to do things without offending each other so much.

We left at least fifteen minutes later than we intended. Hubby was a little worried about catching the shuttle to the start of the CCVI Trolley Run. It’s a one way race from the Waldo area to the Plaza. There was a huge line for the buses. Once we got parked in one of the garages we had a bit of a walk to find the end of the bus line. Even though the line was long, it moved fairly quick. We were on a bus in no time.

The lady at packet pick-up told Hubby there was no lady cut shirts this year.

We were still on the bus when the race was supposed to officially start. It was a lot warmer for this race than the last two weekends. It was still a little chilly and Hubby wasn’t a big fan of waiting around for the start. One of the other things we do not have in common is sense of time. For me all this tardiness made me stressed and nervous. Our pace group had not left yet when we walked up to the corral. A lady had a rope and looked like she wasn’t letting people through. We could have run with the other pace group, but I wanted to run with the 40 minute pace group. She let some other people under the rope. So we went as well. I think for Hubby all this was perfect timing to him. No stress for him, but super stressful for me.

Nothing to report that was out of the ordinary during the run. I passed the bacon stop and all the water stops. I just wanted to finish. That and I still had a lot of anger and energy to burn. You would think that would have given me a good time but I finished in 41:20. Hubby finished in 37:55.

The after party isn’t too bad. We skipped the pizza this year. We got chocolate milk, lemonade, water, a roll, and I think what was called power balls. The band was good. Hubby was kind of piddling around and I wondered why since we bought tickets for the Avengers: Infinity War movie a few days ago. We had tickets for the 11 AM show that day. By this time we were good with each other. I reminded him of the time and he admitted he thought we were watching the noon show.

We booked it home to shower and get ready for the movie. We probably could have gone straight from the run because it was closer, but we had some time. The movie was good, but man, that ending! I won’t spoil it, but I will say I needed like an after-show to process everything I just saw. You know like Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick that comes on to talk about The Walking Dead. Whew! It was rough.

After we left the show we met my in-laws to get the kids. They informed us that they rented Coco but they had not watched it yet. We saw it in the movie theater with the kids, but my in-laws had not seen it. We decided to all go back to their place to watch it. We had pizza for dinner with them and then headed home.

The day started rough but we ended on a good note. We had two tired kiddos when we got home. After we put the Littles to bed we actually watched Fear The Walking Dead and of course Talking Dead after it. There he was, Chris Hardwick. Thank goodness because Fear had a big loss as well. I’ve never had such a rough day of losing so many beloved fictional characters. I mean you know they are not real, but dang! You still get the feels.

Sidenote: I forgot that this wasn’t published and left it in my drafts. This was written before all the accusations about Chris Hardwick went public.


Drip, Drip, Drip, Boom!

So we lucked out doing three half marathons in Kansas City area in the Spring without getting completely soaked. Well we weren’t so lucky for the Four on the Fourth this year. Rain was in the forecast for the morning but luckily it wasn’t for the evening because you know, fireworks.

My in-laws stayed the night as usual when we do one of our early morning races. I just knew we were going to be late because Hubby had a hard time getting out of bed. Of course we weren’t late. We were fine. We parked where we normally do and casually walked to the start. I took the kids to get our race packet at Gary Gribbles the day before so we didn’t have to worry about that. I brought my race shirt with me because I’m not real fond of tank tops. I had hoped to switch it out after the race if there was a chance.

Hubby commented that he didn’t think there would be much going on after the race since it was going to rain. We bumped into one of our kiddo’s classmates and his mom. She had him and his little sister in a double stroller to do the race. We chit chatted about kids’ birthday parties and then lined up for the race.

It was already sprinkling a bit but as soon as the race started, so did the rain. I’ve never been afraid to run in the rain. I started my love of running with the hashers in Little Rock. If you don’t know what the hash is, it is a “drinking club with a running problem.” Some kennels (chapters) are more into running than others. Little Rock is big into running. They run on anything: trails, asphalt, drainage ditches, thick bushes with thorns, poison ivy, etc. They will run in anything as long as it is safe. I’ve run in rain (without lightning), snow, sleet, etc. So, yeah, I wasn’t really phased by the rain much.

It really started to pound on us when I was about around mile two. I also started to lose sound in my wireless headset. I just got my LG headset replaced because of the warranty and now it was getting soaked. I so hoped I could get it dry and save it. This was also the first year I dressed up for the race. We did Disneyland’s super hero race back in November. We did the Gauntlet Challenge. So we did two races. One race I had a Captain America shirt on with my white running skort and the other I did in a Spider Man shirt and black leggings. So of course I wore my Captain America outfit again. the problem was that my skort has a lot of fabric and I’ve tightened the waistband a bit since I’ve lost weight. The rain was really weighing my skort down. I wrung it out a few times. Thankfully I had the waist tight enough that it wasn’t going anywhere. I saw a few people around me that had to keep pulling shorts and such up because how the rain was weighing down their clothes.

I didn’t see any people taking pictures for the race, but I saw a few camera crews. I guess a bunch of people running in the rain on the Fourth of July is a good news story. I haven’t looked up anything on it yet. I just tried to smile even though I probably looked like a drowned rat.

My time was better last year according to my Facebook post. My time this year was 42:13. Last year it was 40:34. I was also apparently wearing the same running skort when you look at last year’s photos. Of course I didn’t get any photos because I was too busy getting drenched. I also didn’t see any on the website site. Usually a race will still have photos because the photographers usually have a bag or something over their cameras, but I guess it was raining too hard. Although by the time I got to about mile three it started to let up quite a bit. We even stuck around long enough after the race to get sunglasses and water bottles for the kiddos. They had Baby Girl’s favorite color, pink, and Little Man’s favorite color, purple, for the sunglasses. We also got our root beer floats.

It started to rain hard again as we finished our root beer floats. We decided to leave. I didn’t get a chance to exchange my shirt, but at least I had it with me to change into something dry in the car.

The kiddos were not real happy that our neighborhood kids’ parade was canceled. Well it was actually rescheduled to the next Saturday. Hubby was upset that his results were not listed. I did have a bit of an issue when we went to pick up our race packets.


I should have not only asked to double-check my husband’s registration, I should have asked if I could have a men’s shirt. I’m not a fan of tanks. I think they let you trade it in later at one of the running stores or something, but we’ve had a series of bad accidents lately. 

I walked into the store to get our race packets during a slow time. A walked up to a young lady and she helped me get my bib. The gentleman beside her heard me give her my name and he started typing. He told her not to worry about my Hubby because he got his bib done. When he handed me my husband’s bib it had WXL on it. My bib had WL on it. I know mine meant woman’s large for my shirt. So I turned to the gentleman and told him I meant to get my husband a men’s XL. He looked back at the computer and said that it told him it we got a woman’s XL, but he would be happy to change it on the bib. I should have known then that there was an issue. I should have had him pull it up again.

That was the second time in a week that I had a gut feeling that I should have done something and did not. I had taken the kids and some friends to the Crown Center. We did Kaleidoscope and they gave us a ticket for free parking for three hours. When we left there was a gentleman standing there helping people with the parking machine. When I handed him our parking ticket and the pass he entered both and then said we owed eight dollars. It only took off three dollars! I was surprised, but my friend grabbed some money and handed it to him. He put it in the machine and gave us change. When I got home I was upset that I didn’t say anything. Then I thought maybe he was running a scam. I’m not sure he would benefit from it since he did everything through the machine and didn’t seem to pocket anything. If anything he made money for the parking garage.

At least this was fixable. Hubby gave me a screen shot from his Strava. I emailed the nice people at Four on the Fourth and explained the situation. I gave them his bib number and my bib number. They emailed me back first thing Wednesday morning and said it was fixed. I checked the website and sure enough it was fixed. They were super nice and fixed it super quick. Issue resolved. Wish I could still make the Crown Center issue right. I think it is more about me being hard on myself. Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing unless you let it. You have to speak up when you know something isn’t right.


In Spirit


This is where I would normally write about the CCVI Trolley Run, but we missed it this year. I had planned on visiting my father on May 6th, but he did not last that long. I had a very distressing phone conversation with my father the Thursday before the race. He had just been transferred from the DeWitt Hospital to the Arkansas Heart Hospital in Little Rock.


We decided to skip the race and a few other things going on that weekend to rush and see my Dad. We rearranged a few things including this race. The Sweet 16 Series Challenge allows virtual runs. I emailed and asked if we could in fact do the CCVI Trolley Run virtual. The nice people running the series agreed. With everything in place we packed the kids and got ready to head to Little Rock, Arkansas.

My father wasn’t the only one having a medical emergency. My husband’s cousin went into a diabetic coma. His aunt flew in from Florida and came to our house with my in-laws to eat a family dinner together before my in-laws drove her to Batesville, Arkansas to be with her daughter and the rest of the family. We were getting it from both sides.

By the time we made our trip on Friday, Hubby’s cousin was awake and doing a bit better. My in-laws decided to meet us in Little Rock to help with the kiddos since they were already in Arkansas. It was a tough call bringing the children. Some say they shouldn’t remember their grandfather in the hospital like that, but at the same time it might be the last time he would get to see them. I chose to verbally prepare my kids for what they might see and let my Dad see them. If you remember my husband had pneumonia last Fall. So the kiddos were somewhat familiar with hospitals.

We got in late Friday night almost Saturday morning. I’m not sure I want to take you along on the roller coaster ride that was our weekend. Let me just say I got tired of hearing how things either couldn’t be done or certain doctors or personnel was not available because it was the weekend. I’ve had a C-section with the twins years ago and my husband was admitted on a Saturday with his pneumonia. It was all at the Overland Park Regional hospital. So I’m not sure what level they are or how it compares to Arkansas Heart Hospital but we definitely like the care better at Overland Park Regional. I mean I do not recall anybody saying we had to wait or couldn’t do something or talk to someone simply because it was the weekend.

Like I said it was an emotional roller coaster. My Dad hung on long enough to see me, my Mom, and my sister all together. The funeral for my father was the following weekend.

It is always nice to be together with family. One would just wish it was a happier occasion. We got a picture of my sister, brother, and all the cousins. We figured the last time we were all in a picture together I was about one years old. Crazy!

When we were at the hospital we actually asked to speak to someone about the care my father received over the weekend. We spoke to a nice lady that gave us a card with an email address on it. I do rough drafts of just about everything, let it sit, edit it a few times and then send the final draft. It was a week or so before I sent the email. It was three pages when I printed it off later. I copied my family just so they would know.

A few days after that I got a response. I did not include my phone number and they wanted to talk to me. I gave them my number and they contacted me after Memorial day weekend. I was told that because of my letter some changes were going to take place. That made me feel good. I really don’t want any other family to go through what we did.

As of the last editing of this post, June, we have not done our virtual run yet. I’ll let you know how that goes. June itself is going to be another roller coaster. My husband and I have a wedding anniversary, my Dad’s birthday, the kids have a birthday, and then of course Father’s Day. I’m just going to take deep breath and take it one day at a time.


The End Of Our First Series

We did the last race of our Sweet 16 Series a few weeks ago. I meant to write this sooner but I had another one of those birthday thingys. Well I had a weekend or two in between the race and my birthday, but we had a five mile training run followed by a fifteen mile training run right after that. The Royals are doing well and we’ve been lucky enough to go to some games. The kids have had the school brown bear back to back (I mentioned they were in preschool, right?). I was in a wedding and went to the Missouri Multiples of Moms Convention. Long story short, we’ve had some busy weeks.

The last race was the Run For The Orangutans. It has also been referred to as “The Zoo Run.” It was the same weekend as our local Multiples consignment sale. I wasn’t on the board this year and decided not to sell either. So all I did was shop Friday night and then run Saturday morning. I was really excited about this race. We were running through the zoo. I have told my husband if you walk both loops in the zoo (Africa and Australia) it is three miles or more. I believe I was right!

12119508_10156161448185790_536114625_oWe started a little ways down the road next to the Starlight Theater. Then the rest was all in the zoo. The first part was on the employee service road. So we didn’t see many animals then, but it wasn’t long until we were on the regular zoo walk ways. I don’t think the giraffes were out that morning yet but I saw the zebras. The tigers were watching us and looking a little restless. I think I remember seeing more animals but since it has been so long I can’t remember!

I saw only one guy in costume. He dressed like an orangutan. He must have been hot in that costume! I wished I had a picture of him though. After the Royals race I thought I would try to take more pictures. I am such a slow runner and I’m always trying to have a good PR. I just don’t “stop to smell the roses” I guess. The orangutans were up at the glass as we came by and I saw several people veer off course a little to go take a selfie. I knew my time was only okay and I just didn’t do it. I did get a picture later after the race of the demolition of one of the older buildings that hasn’t been in use for some time.

12044004_10156131771745790_292379530_oMy sister-in-law has lived in Kansas City for twelve or more years. She told me a year or so ago that this building was never in use since she has been coming to the zoo. She told me she heard they used to have monkeys in it. They stopped using it for some reason and there it sat. I’m excited to see what they put here since they remodeled the orangutan habitat. The orangutan habitat is awesome, but again no picture. These two pictures are the only ones I took that doesn’t have my family in it. I’m still happy making this an anonymous blog. I’ll tell you more about that later. In the end I was happy with my time seeing how I sacrificed pictures for it. It was 42:14. It wasn’t better than my Trolley Run time, but my husband keeps reminding me that race was all downhill.

I’ve been critiquing myself a lot lately on my blog. This is still mostly a journal for me. I know my grammar isn’t perfect and I could use more pictures and pizzazz. I just don’t have the time. I’ve been looking for another job, organizing the house more, training for the Goofy and well my most important job of all . . . taking care of my kids.

When I read that other blog on the Royals 5K race I skimmed over a lot. It was nice of that writer to try to draw the audience a picture of the event, but I’ve been a bad reader recently. I skim all the colorful crap to get to the real “meat and potatoes” of the article. I do that with everything now. I’m not sure if it is laziness or just that fact that if I take the minute it takes to read that then I won’t be able to do the next thing I need to get done during nap time. You Moms out there know what I’m talking about here. I’ve also been told that I write a lot like I talk. I have so many friends that already think I’m long-winded. I’m used to “cutting to the chase.”

So there you have it. The Run For The Orangutans was a lot of fun. I think I wouldn’t mind doing the Sweet 16 Series again, but I will admit my husband and I were kind of bummed we didn’t get a medal for it. We felt like we would have looked a little cooler and had bragging rights with two medals around our neck at the zoo. We had already received an email stating that our pint glasses were shipped to the wrong address, and that they would not be at the Zoo Run. The email still mentioned going to the tent for the after party. When we got there they said there was no medal just the glasses. So we really didn’t need to visit the tent at all. My husband and I could have sworn the registration email said something about a medal, but now that I looked at it again, it just said a special prize. The lady at the tent said they settled on pint glasses since everybody does medals. Oh well, we still had fun and we still have bragging rights.

We stayed to have some fun after the race. My mother-in-law brought the kids after we ran. She didn’t stay because she had to babysit my sister-in-law’s kids and they’ve done the zoo so many times. They wanted to go to the Renaissance Fair. My husband and I planned a nice day with the kids at the zoo. It seemed like a good idea at first, but by the time we made it to the car I believe my husband and I were more tuckered out than the kids. I think we all took a nap that afternoon.