Catching Ya’ll Up

I haven’t posted anything in while. Most of that is due to a broken computer. I hate doing anything other than social media, phone calls, and texting on my phone. I have a tablet but it is actually an outdated Nook. Needless to say I was in a bad way for my computer for a few months, but Hubby got her back up and running.

The other thing I’m sorry to report is more loss of loved ones. I was actually checking social media back in November when I saw a post on a closed group about a friend of mine, Debbie. I couldn’t believe it. It said she had passed due to a stroke or heart attack. I mean she had just posted a beautiful Colorado sunset only days ago on Facebook. I also remember talking to her before the Summer came. I asked if she wanted to visit us. I thought we could go to a Royal’s game or something. It was never mentioned again. I guess maybe she saw on Facebook that we were having a tough Summer. I totally forgot my invitation with all that happened here. I wished I hadn’t forgotten. It would have been nice to see her again. She was only 61 years old.

Debbie and Bo 2001

December wasn’t any kinder to us. My grandmother who had been a in bad way for a while passed away two days before Christmas. I thought of my Mom and how tough it was just spending the first Christmas without Dad, but to also lose her mother was just unimaginable to me. My heart ached. I thought how hard it was on all of us for Mammaw to go so close to Christmas and then I felt selfish. It wasn’t about us. It was about her and she wasn’t in pain anymore.


My Mom held off the funeral for a few days. We celebrated Christmas at home and then immediately headed for my Mom’s town. My son started to get sick and have a fever. The funeral was difficult enough, but with a sick little one it was that much more of a challenge. We powered through it. I was so proud of Mom. I think she did well, but who knows how she feels when we are not there. I know I tend to cry a lot when I’m alone. That is when I allow myself to think and feel things about all this. It feels safe to do it alone. It doesn’t feel like I’m bothering anybody. Then again something can trigger a thought that makes me sad. Then I just have to excuse myself to go some place else and cry.

Keeping ourselves busy helps to deal with it all. Not that we weren’t already busy. We signed up for some more races. One we have already done and others are quickly approaching. Some we planned to do, but got canceled. We were very disappointed. I’ll do some more about the running later. I will let you know that we have the yuck right now and our training is nonexistent.


Sad Holiday

Well so much for 20 miles a week. According to my May My Run app I only did 9 runs all together the whole month of August. Wow! I went from running 5 times a week to only 9 runs the entire month. I’ve gotta do better.

I mentioned my new positions in some of my groups. They have been okay. Some of them I still need training. We did get our new billing system up and running at work. Of course we still have to work out all the bugs that come with having a new system. I also still haven’t done much research on our training for our next marathon.

The biggest and saddest news is that I lost my aunt. She was my Dad’s only sibling and they were very close. My aunt has been a big part of my life. My Mom thinks she spoiled me rotten when I was little. She gave me at least two dozen Strawberry Shortcakes dolls for various birthday and Christmas presents. I still have them and they are in excellent condition. I hope Baby Girl will enjoy them and take care of them some day soon. My aunt always sent me a birthday card no matter how old I was. I know a lot of people just stop when the child is 18 or older. My aunt had three children. The youngest is about nine years older than me. I adore all of them. They are such good people. My grandmother on my Mom’s side always side my aunt was more like a grandmother and my cousins were more like aunts and uncles.

My aunt had been battling Alzheimer’s for a few years. When I got a new phone and was able to load Charity Miles on it, I always picked the Alzheimer’s Association. I was nominated for the ice bucket challenge. I did it and donated some money to ALS Association. When I posted it to my Facebook page I mentioned I was also going to donate to Alzheimer’s Association in honor of my aunt. Little did I know that the very next day she would pass away and I would end up making that donation in her memory instead. We went to her funeral over Labor Day Weekend.

It was a very sad holiday. We loaded up the twins and headed South. I was asked to just check on the new billing system while we were gone. I didn’t mind so much since it was just supposed to be a simple in and out kind of thing. That is IF everything was working correctly. Well our new billing system was fine. It was the carrier that messed up our files that the billing system needs in order to bill customers usage. I tried to email the other company and let them know if anybody was checking email that we had a situation. See we do our bill run the first of the month no matter what. I got a response, but it was mostly to remind me it was a holiday and their offices were supposed to be closed. I thought, “Are you kidding me!” I knew it was a holiday. While I might have been interrupting their time on the lake or fishing or whatever, I was trying to check all this stuff before going to the funeral home to see my family. They gave me a solution so they did not have to do anything and made it harder on me. I spent quite a bit of time at the hotel working when we weren’t with family. I finally got everything to a point where I could just stop and catch up after the holiday when they were open again. You better believe I leaned hard on them Tuesday after the holiday to get everything fixed. I told my husband if they reminded me one more time it was a holiday I was going to go off on them in the most passive-aggressive “professional” way possible.

My family did get one good laugh. I’ve always loved the fact that my family has a wonderful sense of humor and it is a good thing they have it too. The twins have learned at the school play dates when they appreciate music to applaud when it is over and maybe even say a cheer. We had lunch in the church with the family before the service. The twins mostly played on the stairs. We let them play as much as we could because we knew they might not make it through the service if we didn’t. We waited until the last minute to go in the chapel. We sat on the second row next to my parents. Baby boy was in my lap and my Hubby put Baby Girl in between us. She was waving her arms around and enjoying the organ music. You could see and feel that everybody was quite somber. When the lady stopped playing the music Baby Girl clapped and yelled, “Yay!” I couldn’t help but giggle. I covered my mouth and closed my eyes. Then I heard everybody else laugh. I opened my eyes and my parents, my uncle, and all my cousins were laughing. The preacher smiled and said a funny comment about it. It really helped the mood and my aunt would have thought it was darling.

We are back home now. We are trying to get back on track. I realized this morning that my aunt has been gone a week now. I still haven’t found a Team in Training we can join. I also looked up if Alzheimer’s Association had something similar. I saw you can raise money and run any race for them, but it isn’t like Team in Training. I’ll have to think about it more. I can’t even remember the last time I ran though. Maybe I need to get back out there if not for anything but to just clear my head. I think it will help the sadness a bit too.