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Batteries Drained

Wow! What a weekend. We planned to do the zoo run since we signed up for the Sweet 16 Challenge ages ago. Then we found out about the Billy Joel concert a little after that, but at the time we didn’t think anything of the fact that it was the night before the run. Then of course we had a Chief’s game scheduled on Sunday the same weekend. Now I think I’ve mentioned before that I am kind of on the border of the introvert and extrovert spectrum. Well, I’m probably a little more on the side of introvert. I’ve gotta tell you that a weekend like that can totally drain me. I’m not just talking about the physical aspect of the race. I’m talking about all the going out and around town with all the people. I was so spent that I really wanted to do absolutely nothing when Monday rolled around.


Sunset at Kauffman

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m usually at home alone (looking for another job since the kids are in school full-time now). So I like getting out once and awhile with other adults. I was excited about Friday. My mother-in-law and father-in-law usually spend the night before an early morning race to watch the kids anyway. This weekend was kind of a twofer. I grabbed the kids and headed over to my sister-in-laws where the rest of the family was. My kids ate dinner there and my mother-in-law and father-in-law took them back home to bed. Hubby met me over there right after work. We took our oldest nephew and met his dad close to Kaufman Stadium. His job had him out there anyway. We grabbed some Pepperjack’s phillies and headed to the stadium.

It was kind of cold. We ate in the parking lot as if we were tailgating. Quite a few people were doing that. I had a feeling of worry that I wouldn’t know many Billy Joel songs except the hits. I felt that way when we went and saw the Rolling Stones a few years ago. I actually learned that I know more Stones songs than Billy Joel songs. It was a good show though and we had awesome seats. We were right in front of the stage! It lasted a while and I was tired. I noticed a lot of women in cute shoes. I wore cute shoes to a Black Eyed Peas concert once and I about died. I wore really comfy loafers to this concert and my feet still hurt. I don’t know how these other ladies do it.


All the phones during one of his slow songs.

The next morning came fast. Even though the race didn’t start until 8:30 AM. I knew we needed to be there fairly early because traffic around the zoo for this race is . . . well like a zoo! I was excited to try out my new Sparkle Skirt in the race. I bought it a few weeks ago. I did a regular run in it and I really loved it. I got mine with a BibBuddie just to see how it did in a race. The pockets are so big in the undershort. I was going to try to run with my phone in one of them instead of in my arm band. I was showing my pockets to my husband when he jokingly told me to shut up. I think he was jealous.

We got there in plenty of time. The traffic wasn’t too bad. We parked and stayed in the car to stay warm for a while. I put my bib on when we finally decided to get out to walk to the start. They always put the start a little ways away from the zoo in front of Starlight Theater. I was worried that my bib might fly up and my number wouldn’t show for a picture or something. I decided not to stick any pins in the bottoms holes and try it as is.

We walked to around the ten minute mile mark group and I think that is where we stayed. I heard some ladies talking about the Mt. Rushmore Half Marathon. I turned and had to ask if one of them ran it. The one lady said no, but she wants to do it next year. I told her Hubby didn’t want us to do it this year since it was the first year. He wanted them to work out the kinks before we went. We talked about a few other races until the “National Anthem” started. We walked up as each wave went out ahead of us. There weren’t many. Then we were good to go. I have to say that I was passing quite a few people at the beginning. It amazed me since I was so tired. I was doing real well and then this guy kind of irked me.

When you sign up for the run there is a notice that at some points of the run the trail gets a little tight like a real trail run. It is because you are actually running through the zoo. Well during one the turns where it gets tight I was leaning into it a bit. I realized this and I purposefully tried to go out from the turn so I wouldn’t crowd anybody on the inside part of it. Apparently this guy in a neon green shirt didn’t think I was out enough for him. Did he say, “Can you please move over a bit?” No “Can you please give me a little more room?” Nope. He said using a rather rude tone, “Can you give me some room?” So, yeah, I gave him some room and blew past him.


You can see Dixie straight ahead.

Now I’ve got my eyes set on beating him. Oh, this was after I actually stopped to take a picture of the giraffes and zebras. This year’s run was dedicated to the giraffes which are my son’s favorite. We even adopted the baby giraffe, Dixie, that was born this past winter. We got a little stuffed giraffe wearing a little purple sweatshirt (my son’s favorite color). We got a birth certificate and some cute photos. I mean she really is a cutie pie. Her dark tufts of fur on the top of her head is so adorable.

Anyway this green shirt guy wasn’t running THAT fast. However he also wasn’t stopping at any of the water stops. I felt pretty thirsty so I just had to stop. That started a back and forth thing between us. Oh, and I was sure to give him pleeenty of room when I passed him. I ran all of the race except the water stops and one or two hills towards the end. Even with doing all of that I could still see green shirt guy. I didn’t beat him, but I wasn’t too far behind him either. My time was pretty good for me with all that stopping and such. I finished the four mile race in 42:20. Hubby finished in 39:00.


My bib never flew up as far as I know. I mean I have pictures. I’m pretty happy with my skirt. It did ride down a bit with my phone weighing it in my pocket, but it didn’t go down far. I didn’t notice any more sliding down during most of the race. I loved the fact that I have two pockets, and when I got warm, I just took off my arm warmers and put them in my other pocket in my undershorts. I mean how awesome is that!



We got home and my in-laws were ready to take the kids to their school carnival. We made it home in time to them ourselves, but we still needed to shower and what not. We told them we would relieve them soon. My mother-in-law woke up not feeling good, bless her heart. We got cleaned up as fast as we could and met them at the school. They took off home to get her some rest. My kids were having a blast with all the inflatables, games, and prizes. The day didn’t end there. Nope. Hubby and I decided to take the kids to IHOP for lunch. We mostly at breakfast items because Hubby and I hadn’t really eaten anything yet except some wonderful Shatto milk at the zoo run. We had a cinnamon roll too at the run, but it was just okay. Did we rest after IHOP? Nope. We took the kids to see The House with a Clock in Its Walls. It was a cute movie. I like Jack Black. He can be pretty funny.


I had planned on making a blue cheese bacon potato salad for the tailgate the next day, but we didn’t have all the ingredients. I was dead-dogged tired too. Hubby was supposed to go grocery shopping after the movie. I was then going to make the potato salad as well as dinner. Well none of that happened. I think we ate leftovers and decided to give money to the person who was doing most of the food the next day at the tailgate.

The kids were supposed to go to their grandparents to go to church with them while we went to the Chief’s game. My mother-in-law was still sick. So we took the kids to my sister-in-law’s house to stay with her and her two kids. Our brother-in-law and oldest nephew (yes the two from the Billy Joel concert) were supposed to go with us, but they wanted to sleep in a bit. We told them we would meet them at the game later and we left the kids there with their aunt and other cousins.


It was a good tailgate. I probably had a little too much of the adult beverages. I also forgot sunscreen. I was a nice warm day, but once we got in the stadium it was soooo hot! Our seats were in the sun and we got fried. So yeah, if it hadn’t been that I normally do laundry on Monday I would have just went back to bed once I took the kids to school. Talk about a crazy weekend.

Note: Sparkle Skirts did not compensate me in any way to say any of the things I said about their product. I just really like their skirts. They make men’s shorts too. I bought Hubby a pair that should be in any day now.


Is September A Summer Month?

If you’ve read any of my other posts you know that our plan A since the kids got too big to ride in a stroller for our races is to have my husband’s parents watch them. Plan B is to have my husband’s sister to watch them and then plan C is to pay the girl down the street to watch them. Well somehow we skipped all that and ventured upon a whole new plan.

My husband’s parents went out-of-town to my Father-in-law’s high school reunion. My sister-in-law agreed to watch the kiddos several months out from the zoo run. We knew that far in advance. As we got closer to September I wanted to confirm with her one day when her family was visiting our house. They totally forgot and made plans to be out-of-town, but her husband’s parents were going to watch her kids. They thought his parents wouldn’t mind watching our kids for an hour or two. Sure enough they were okay with it.

My kids are twins (I mean I’m Goofy For Twins after all) and they were born early which happens a lot with twins. We usually have a family day at the zoo when we do the run, but this year things went a little different. Overland Park Regional has a NICU reunion every year. This year they planned it the same day as the zoo run. At least it didn’t conflict with run. They were a different times during the day. The zoo never does anything special inside for the kids or the run or anything. So we decided to do the run, check out the after party in the parking lot real quick, and then leave to take the kids to the reunion. We haven’t missed a NICU reunion yet.


Our shirt and medal this year

I looked at the weather forecast and holy hot jalapenos! We had some weeks that were  in the seventies this September but all week before the race was going to be the upper eighties and the day of the race was going to be eighty-nine. Why? I mean really. Why can’t it be a nice seventy degrees for the race and NICU reunion?

I got up early that morning and tried to wake up Hubby. The plan was to let the kids sleep until the last minute and take them to my sister-in-law’s with a change of clothes and breakfast. I tried to wake Hubby since he told me to get him up a little after I was awake. I figured fifteen minutes was enough time. He acted like he was going to get up so I went back to the bathroom. Five minutes later he still wasn’t awake. I tried to wake him again on my way downstairs to get something quick for breakfast. He said he didn’t want to get up until 6:30 am. I shrugged and went on down to the kitchen. I wasn’t down there but a few minutes when he whispered from the top of the stairs. Work had called him and needed him to come in for a bit. He asked if I could get the kids to his sister’s house by myself. I surprisingly didn’t say anything sarcastic because I’m usually alone with them during the week. I just said yes.

It was actually kind of nice to NOT have to be the one pushing my husband out the door. He got ready all on his own without any nagging from me. So nice! Then it was time for me to get the kids up and out the door. I spent ten minutes trying to get them up when I decided to just carry them one at a time into the car. Sissy was a little easier not only because she is lighter but she was more cooperative then her brother. He was tired and did not want to go. I had already warned him that his cousin’s grandparents were going to watch them. He had all the knowledge before he went to bed. There were no surprises. He was just tired.

I left the house a little later than I wanted, but I thought that was all okay because the last two years we got there so early we just stood around for what seemed forever for the start. I got them to their aunt’s house okay. I got them in the house and breakfast in front of them. The kids have been around their aunt’s in-laws because they have had several Thanksgivings with us. Our brother-in-law is an only child.

I’m only familiar with the roads between my sister-in-law’s house and our house. The other roads I do not know well. She lives kind of close to the Plaza. So I used my GPS to try to get to the zoo. At first I thought it was taking me some crazy way, but then I recognized 63rd Street. We usually enter the zoo from the other end of it. I wished I was coming from that direction today because my side was barely moving. Nobody was letting us in the line to the zoo. Even though the other side had to cross traffic to get to the zoo, once they were over, they had the right of way and we had to yield. The only time our line moved was when there was traffic from the lane on the other side of us which didn’t happen often. There was a police officer at the intersection but he did not seem too concerned with letting any of us from the side I was on into the street. I spent fifteen minutes or more in traffic. I guess that is reason enough to get there early and just stand around the starting line.

I was on the phone with Hubby while I waited in traffic. He left work to meet me. I had his arm band for his phone. He complained about the traffic as well but he realized he was driving on a road near the start. So he did like a lot of people did and parked along that road. I finally got parked and walked to the starting line. I had a hard time finding him because he wasn’t being real descriptive about where he was standing. I finally spotted him, but I had to stop for the National Anthem. I got him his arm band and we started together just fine.


After run party

The run itself was okay. It was hot and muggy. I took off too fast. They did not have any water stops until after the second mile. I did see one of the cheetahs up close. It was lounging on a rock. They do not do that often or at least they don’t during the times we have visited the zoo. One of the runners actually stopped to watch it.


Kudos to the dancing doughnuts. It was hot!

As I got closer to the finish I recognized some runners from last year that finished with me. My time was okay. It was 42:24. We grabbed some waters to cool off for a bit. We got our Sweet 16 prizes which were hats and beanies. I had asked the gentleman at packet pick-up if we were okay with our make-up runs. He was the same person I had emailed. He said we were fine. Speaking of packet pick-up, I wish we could have more races with the packet pick-up at the Overland Park Gary Gribbles. It is so much easier for me, but of course that is probably just me.


Star Wars characters at the NICU reunion

We looked around the after party in the parking lot a bit before heading out to get the kids. I was disappointed that Shatto Milk wasn’t there this year. I didn’t see any chocolate milk at all. I didn’t get anything except water. I just wasn’t impressed. The band was playing some fun songs. They even had some people dressed as doughnuts out dancing. It was super cute.


More Star Wars

I got the kids. They had a great time with cousins. We went home and got cleaned up since we got the gas back on our water heater. The NICU reunion didn’t start until one in the afternoon. So I figured if they had any food it would be snacks and dessert and I was right. We grabbed some quick food at nearby McDonald’s. I mean three dollar happy meals and one dollar McDouble for the Royals double play is pretty good deal. That is when McDonald’s doesn’t forget about the double play deal.


Wonder Woman and the top of my daughter’s head. I’m still not comfortable putting their pictures out here.

The theme for the NICU reunion was superheros. They had characters, inflatables, face painting, snacks/desserts, and balloon artists. Sissy got her face painted like Wonder Woman and Bubby was Spiderman. She got a butterfly shaped balloon and Bubby got a Spiderman balloon. We did everything and stayed almost the whole four hours.

It felt soooo good to be home and in the air conditioning when it was all said and done. It was a long, hot, and fun day.


More To Add

I mentioned a whole list of things that haven’t gone well this year in some of my previous post. Unfortunately, things have not really improved much. I don’t want to recap because it is just too depressing to go down the list. I will tell you what is new and shine some silver linings like the fact that Hubby finally did his CCVI Trolley make-up run.

First I’ll give you a little background since my last post. My grandmother has not been doing well. She is in her ninety’s. She is a tough bird. She can’t walk real well anymore. My cousin is a nurse and lives next door to her. She asked Mammaw to move in with her and her family a while ago. It was so nice of her. They have always had a very special relationship. It also helped out my sister.

My sister wasn’t having a good time with bills. She did not like the idea of moving back home, but her job has her on the road all over the United States. So it isn’t like she is stuck in “Small Town USA.” She gets out, explores, works, has fun, etc. Plus the internet connects people in ways we never had in the past. So she sold her land in Mississippi and moved back to Arkansas. She is paying Mammaw rent and taking care of the place while Mammaw lives with our cousin. It makes me feel a little bit better that my sister is there for Mammaw and Mom especially since Dad’s death. I know my sister’s job has her out a lot, but to at least have one person there to check on Mom every now and then is great. I know my cousins still live there, but they have their hands full. I mean you can only ask so much of someone even if they are family.

We saw everyone back in May at Dad’s funeral. It was a good visit even if it was under really sad circumstances. We should still go back as soon as we can to see Mammaw again. Things keep popping up each weekend. I feel like we are just going to have to choose something to cancel soon and go.

We did a video call recently. My cousin was home and showed Mammaw what to do. She “talked” with my kids. They love the faces and filters on the app. I was worried she was getting annoyed with them playing with the phone while trying to talk. My cousin assured me that Mammaw enjoyed seeing them.

This weekend is the zoo run. It is because of all this other stuff we’ve scheduled that Hubby has waited so long to do his make-up run. Well that and the broken ribs after his horrible bicycle accident. He was able to do the Royals 5K and then he did some of the MS150 bike ride last weekend. It was crazy that he hasn’t done any cycling since his wreck and he jumps on his bike and does about eighty miles. I thought he would run with me the next day to get it done, but he was sooooo spent after that bike ride. He waited until we could run with the Garry Gribble store group.

It was a crazy busy day Wednesday. For the kids it was school, martial arts class, and then church with the grandparents. When we came back from one of our outings, I smelled a bad smell in the house. Our cat hasn’t been doing too well. He is about fifteen years old. He has some age related conditions that has me either cleaning pee, puke, or poop. So I thought maybe it was the cat. I went looking with a rag and cleaner in hand to search for the source of the smell. I did find something and cleaned. So I thought I had cleared up the problem.

Then I needed to put something in the basement. Our basement had some damage recently that we are trying to repair so when I smelled what was like rotten eggs I thought it was mold or something. It wasn’t until I spoke to Hubby about it a few minutes later that it hit me that it could be gas! I freaked a little internally and called the gas company.

At first I thought it was a false alarm because the gas guy wasn’t picking anything up with his tools. I had turned off the gas to be safe. Then he turned on the gas to our water heater and there was a small leak there. We are okay to be in the house with the gas off, but we’ve gotta get the water heater fixed or no hot water.

My mother-in-law graciously offered to take the kids to martial arts class since she was taking them to church later anyway. Hubby and I got a game plan for that night and the next few days to get things fixed. We went ahead with the Garry Gribble run. Hubby got his four miles in for his make-up run. It was hot and muggy. I mean no breeze at all. Thank goodness I already turned in my time because it was not a good run for me.

We got super quick showers with what hot water was left in the tank and then grabbed a bite to eat before going the grandparents place to get the kids. They ate before church. I asked if she could give them a bath and we would bring the PJs. We timed it just right. They were ready to get out of the tub when we arrived. Everybody was cleaned up and ready for bed when we got home.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting used to things going crazy or maybe I’ve just learned to roll with it. Wednesday was a little intense at times, but it seemed to all work out okay in the end. Maybe writing about it helps too. Now we just need to finish our basement repairs including the hot water heater and find time to get to see my Mammaw in person. Until then we will take one day at a time. Maybe that could be that title of my new country music song (see previous post for the inside joke).


Forever Royal

It is that time of year again. We did the Royals 5K. This was Hubby’s first time running since he had his horrible bicycle accident. He was also not feeling well at all. I’ve been so scared that he is going to get pneumonia again. I thought maybe he would walk it and then go to the walk-in clinic at our doctor’s office after the race. Let’s just say that did not happen.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law came over as usual for these things. Actually for early morning races they usually spend the night. They did not for this one. They probably wanted at least one night in their own bed. They had just gotten back the night before from a trip to Colorado they took with my father-in-law’s sister and her husband.


We met our brother-in-law and nephew inside the stadium. Our nephew wanted to run the race with a friend, but the friend had not signed up yet. He signed up at the race. Hubby picked up our nephew’s race packet, but they probably could have gotten it on their own since they were there in time and before us. We chit chatted a bit before the run. We talked about race times. It sounded like Hubby was going to try to run. It made me nervous since we aren’t sure about his broken ribs and he has only slept in our bed a handful of times since the accident. Laying straight down still hurts a bit. He has been sleeping in the recliner most nights.

We lined up a bit ahead of what my pace would really be, but I wasn’t feeling too guilty about it because a family including a grandma was lined up in front of us. Now don’t hold this against me, but they definitely looked like walkers. I am no “spring chicken,” and I know people old enough to be my grandparents that kick ass when it comes to running. When you’ve been running long enough, sometimes you can just spot the walkers and has nothing to do with age or weight.

The start was pretty good. The weather was good. They only had one small water stop in the middle. There was only one family that cheered us during the course. There was nothing flashy like a marching band or even the Moose Man. Speaking of which, what happened to the Moose Man? It was just a 5K. Well it was a 5K that still allowed you to do a lap on the outfield. If you read any of my other posts you know I gotta get my high fives. KayCee (the guy that puts up the W for Royal’s wins) was giving them along with people dressed as hot dogs with Mustard, Relish and Ketchup. Leaving the stadium and going up the ramp is the only time I walked the race other than when I got water.

I finished about five minutes faster than I thought I would. I finished in 30:06.38. Hubby finished in 28:22 being sick and healing from broken ribs! He didn’t go to the clinic after the race because he said he actually felt much better. Unfortunately that feeling did not last long. His eye was red and swollen Sunday. He went to the doctor that Monday. He got some medicine and some eye drops. The kiddos and I are still okay. Meaning we haven’t caught it yet.

I hope Hubby can do his make-up for the Trolley Run soon. That zoo run is sneaking up fast. We still haven’t heard anything on the Star Wars Light Side race yet. So we are free from any race commitments after the zoo run, but if you know us, we will be signing up for more races soon.


Fun At The Zoo

Long packet pick-up lines seems to be the theme here. Alright if you read my previous post about the Royals 5K packet pick-up then you know how surprised I was that the line was that long. It was crazy. The packet pick-up for the zoo was a bit of a drive for us to Fleet Feet Sports but it was bearable. I was surprised again at how long the line was. I got a good look because the parking was insane as well. I drove all around the shopping area to try to find a spot. I got lucky and got one in front of one of my favorite pizza places, Minsky’s. I had the kids with me because I had just picked them up from preschool. Hubby was working from home, so I could have left them with him, but the kids have been in the house too much recently. In hindsight I should have taken the kids home.

The line was out the store and down the sidewalk passed quite a few other businesses. The big difference about this line was that it went a lot faster than the Royals 5K line. We also heard that some people were there to sign up for the run that day and they had to be turned away because it was sold out! How great is that for the zoo run! The kids were good in the line. I was actually real proud of them. When we got inside they had a big cute stuffed dog that the kids petted. I saw a tattoo of the TIE fighter on a guy behind me in line. It was on his forearm and then I realized he had the Xwing Starfighter on the other arm. I couldn’t help but ask him about the Disney Star Wars runs. He asked if they were in Kansas City with a tone that made me think either he just didn’t have time/money to travel or was maybe anti-Disney. Not sure but I definitely picked up on something. I told him they were at Disney. I mentioned that we were doing the superhero half this year and we wanted to do both dark and light side Star Wars runs sometime soon. I pointed out how the kids don’t complain much when we make these type of family trips for races. Then the next thing I know, I had the shirts and bibs and was on my way. I think the lesson learned here is not to get a packet within the first two hours and if I can go by myself, then do so. On the bright side, it was still a little mini adventure for the kids and kept them out of the house.

The plan on race day was very similar to last year. My in-laws had something they needed to do that afternoon, but they stayed the night before the race so the kids could get some rest in the morning. They were going to bring the kids to the zoo so we could have a zoo day. Last year my in-laws didn’t stay, but this year they said they might.

Of course the kids woke up before we left since they are used to getting up early for school. We kissed them good-bye and headed to the run while my in-laws got them breakfast. We were about fifteen minutes later than I wanted. I remembered that we had to walk to the start, but I couldn’t remember how far. The lady at the packet pick-up said it was a twenty minute walk. It wasn’t. It was maybe a five minute walk. We were there in plenty of time. We got in the correct wave and waited a few minutes for the start. The sun was coming up and it was getting hot but other than the heat it was a beautiful day.

I really wanted to do a sub forty minute race so I knew that pictures would be tough. When I was running I saw one girl take her phone out and take pictures while running! I thought, “Hmmm, I could do that, but then again maybe not. I would probably fall flat on my face while being distracted.” The route was the same as last year. I don’t think there were any changes. It is a fun route that is mostly in the zoo. The hill coming back to the main part of the zoo and out of “Africa” really sucks. I walked that part. I also walked one or two hills in “Australia.” I know when I reached mile two in Africa I was doing about ten minute miles which is my goal. The hills kind of killed it for me for the last two miles. I was also really hot. I did keep up with a lady dressed as a lion and a gentleman running in camouflage running clothes. I feel like my pace was good.

I found Hubby pretty quick at the finish. We stayed in the shade by the medical tent for a while to drink some water and cool off. My Garmin said I did 3.96 miles in 41:41. My official time for the four mile run was 41:25. My official time last year was 42:14. I did better but not by much. When I go back and look at the videos on the results website I look like I’m limping. I’m  guessing that is my plantar fasciitis. The video from the year before does not look like that. I’ve got to correct that! I’ve been told to do more strength training. I don’t like the idea of joining a gym, but that might be the only way I can do it. Strength training at home is soooo boring.

My elastic hair band broke before we left to the main parking lot to get our Sweet 16 Series prize and food. I thought I would give it a long shot and ask the nice lady at the medial tent if she had just a basic rubber band lying around. When I asked her I said it definitely wasn’t a medical emergency but I wondered if she had an extra band lying around. I showed her my broken one. There were no runners at the tent. So they were not over run attending to anybody. To my surprise, she pulled the hair band from her hair to give to me! I told her no that I’m sure she needed her band for her hair on such a hot day. She said no, that she knew she had an extra band plus she had some bands on her wrist she could use. I said thank you and put her band in my hair. Hubby poked fun at me for taking the band from her hair like I took the shirt off her back or something. I started to feel bad instead of finding it funny. He then back peddled and said he was sure she was fine since she said she had an extra. So to the nice lady at the medical tent, thank you! We stayed at the zoo with the kids for hours and it was hot. Without that band I would have been miserable trying to keep my hair up  and off my sweaty back and neck.



Crowd and band at on after party


Now here is where the real frustration starts. We saw a McDonald’s tent with a long line. We saw people eating doughnuts and cinnamon rolls so we just assumed that we were in line for food especially since it was so long. While waiting we listened to the band play and saw someone dressed at a T-Rex. We were in line for a bit when someone said they thought the line was for results. Well we know we can look up results anytime. So Rodney asked if I would check out and see what was what for sure. I got out of line and saw that it was for the Sweet 16 Challenge tent. I thought it was fine that he stay in line because we still needed to pick up our prize which was a fleece blanket. There was a super short line next to it for results and an even shorter line for McDonald’s which is nothing other than water, apple slices, and coupons. I grabbed a few coupons and turned to get back in the other line with Hubby, but I almost ran right into him. I asked him why he got out of line before I came back to him. He didn’t answer. I told him why we still needed in that line and he still didn’t answer. He got a few coupons as well and we went looking for food. We found the cinnamon roll line, but it was for Stroud’s which he doesn’t like. There was a tent next to it with no line for bread rolls which I didn’t want either. There was a bit of a long line for Shatto Milk which is a local dairy farm here in Kansas City. They have some really yummy milk. They were pretty much out of chocolate when we got to the front of the line. I had some cookies and cream milk. I can’t remember what Hubby got but he got more than one. I wasn’t real happy about that. I figured one for each person and go. I didn’t want to be stingy, but nobody said anything to him so maybe it was okay.

We finally double backed to the Sweet 16 tent. Hubby did not want to stand in the long line again. It was still huge and getting bigger by the minute. We thought that people just didn’t know what was going on and got in a line kind of like we did. A whole group of people walked away when they said it was just for the Sweet 16 finishers. Hubby jumped in, told them our name to scratch off the list, grabbed two blankets and we were out of there. Strange thing was that the doughnuts were right next to the tent on the other side opposite the McDonald’s tent with no line. We got our Krispy Kremes and headed for the parking lot since that was about the time my in-laws called.



View of the party


We told them to hold tight and we went to find them. It just seemed easier than trying to find us in a crowd. Once we found them, we walked to our car that we rode in that morning to change clothes. The kids and my in-laws hung out in the shade of a big tree in the parking lot. It was amazing how much cooler I felt in nice dry clothes. We went in the zoo so the kids could have some fun zoo time. My in-laws stayed with us for a bit. My mother-in-law mentioned that the Tuxedo Grill was not open the last time she was there. I was surprised. I think it has been open for at least two years now. We showed them some of the other new things at the zoo like the Koala bears. We enjoyed the air conditioning at the polar bear exhibit and the snake house. My in-laws had to leave before we had a chance to see the penguins and then make our way to the train. We rode the Sky Safari and walked back to the zebra tram. We were all so tired and hungry. We got an Icee to share and then headed to McDonald’s on the way home. We don’t eat there a whole lot. We try to make it a treat once in while. I left the coupons we got that morning in our car that my in-laws took back to get to our house and get their car. Come to find out it was only good for restaurants near the zoo. Ugh! I hate it when they do that on coupons. We stopped at a McDonald’s closer to our house.

It was a tiring fun filled day. We even got the kids some toys from the zoo gift shop. We love being members of the zoo and getting discounts with our membership. That added to the happy meal toys and the kids made out like bandits. I think I really like the Sweet 16 Challenge. I hope I do it again next year. I’m not sure if Hubby will do it with me. Like I said, he is not super excited about getting up and running anymore. He is all about the cycling though.





Another Kind Of Brexit

If you don’t read my blogs, then you probably do not know that we signed up for a running series called the Sweet 16. It is a series of four runs that are all four miles. We did the Westport St. Patrick’s Day Race and the Trolley Run. Four On The 4th is the third race. We have one more to go, The Zoo Run. Of course Four on the 4th is the morning of the 4th of July. My sister-in-law and her family have fireworks in their neighborhood on the third but since we knew we had to get up at the butt crack of dawn for this race, we didn’t think it would be a good idea to go.


My mother-in-law and father-in-law stayed the night so the kids could sleep in while we did the race. Funny thing was that even though we thought we shouldn’t go see fireworks in my sister-in-laws neck of the woods, we went out to Old Chicago to eat. They were having some kind of special on receipts kind of like Chic-fil-a. They still got to bed okay. My in-laws were going to take them to the annual neighborhood Fourth of July kids parade. They decorate bikes, strollers, trikes, whatever and go from the park to the pool which is only a few blocks. My kids just turned four (Hmmm I see a theme here, You?). So they are big enough to ride their trikes. Unfortunately we live on a busy street with a driveway that is very hilly. So they don’t get to practice much. I was a little worried they might be a bit behind everybody. I’ll go back to that later.

Since the Fourth landed on a Monday, my husband did not want to go pick up packets on a Sunday. So we had to get up even earlier to get our packets. It always makes me nervous to think we might be late. We parked in the same area as last year which is nice because we parked right near the end. When we got over to the packet pick-up my husband said something “smart.” He asked what we were going to do for the next twenty-five minutes. Then I saw the line for packet pick-up and I told him it looked like we were going to be standing in line. The line moved okay. A lady started asking people their shirt sizes and giving shirts to help speed up the process for when we finally made to a person with a computer at the table. This time I didn’t even ask for a smaller shirt the lady just decided on her own that I needed a smaller shirt. I can’t lie and say that didn’t make me feel good. After getting our bibs, we only had about ten minutes to drop our stuff off at the car and get back to the starting line. We got back just as they were doing the national anthem.

Right before the start the announcer made a comment about the US getting away from Britain before things got too bad. My husband made a remark about the whole Brexit ordeal. Of course I’m sure a lot of other people had that thought on their minds. We got off to an okay start. We’ve been trying to find me a good cordless headset. I tried out my husbands the other day and set it down on the counter. My mother-in-law picked it up the night before to say something about buying one to my husband. My husband saw she put it back on the counter. Even though he knew where it was, he was not real happy with me because I didn’t put them back where he normally keeps them. He ended up forgetting them that morning. I had my corded headset and I was jamming to a playlist on Amazon Music. The next thing I know I was at the first mile in less than ten minutes!

My ultimate goal is to break a thirty minute 5K or a forty minute four miler. Basically I want a ten minute mile or better. It was looking good for me so far. My Garmin was even in sync with their mile markers. I made it to mile two just fine as well. I was feeling a little fatigued at mile three. I haven’t been running like I want recently. I think I have plantar fasciitis. Now if you read anything about running then you have seen several articles on this. I have skipped every single one because the only injury I’ve ever suffered is some lower back pain. Now I have this horrible pain in the left heel of my foot every morning or everytime I get up from sitting down for any period of time. Of course it is fine after a bit of walking or running. But, Man! Does it hurt first thing in the morning! So I’ve been doing my shorter runs during the week which is between three and half miles and four miles long. I’ve been skipping my  longer weekend runs.

There were only two or three really big hills that I walked on the course. Each time I walked I had people pass me, but as soon as I could run again, I passed almost all of them. I tried to sprint a little toward the end, but the heat was getting to me. It was hotter last year, but for some reason it felt harder this year. I looked down at my watch and was very happy. Last year my time was 44:09 and this year it was 40:34! So funny how well I do during races where I have injuries.

We did our rounds to see the tents and stuff at the post party. They had root beer floats. We each had one and some water and I had a banana. We started home and I realized the kids would still be home. We got back and my mother-in-law was getting my daughter ready for the parade. We decided to go ahead and let them take the kids as planned while my husband and I got cleaned up a bit. We made it back outside our house just in time for the parade. Several waves made it by and we didn’t see them. I even saw some jerk come up right behind a group of moms and kids in his car. He was an older “gentleman” with a handicap sign around his rearview mirror. I said really loud in his direction, “What is wrong with this guy?” Then I saw my people on the sidewalk. My Littles were a bit behind the rest of the crowd which is why I think they were on the sidewalk instead of the road. I’m afraid they are not super fast on their trikes. Baby Girl wasn’t even riding hers. She was skipping in front of my poor mother-in-law dragging the trike along. I took the trike and asked Baby Girl if she was going to ride it anymore. “Nope,” she said skipping along with her helmet still on her head. I put her trike away while she skipped along next to my mother-in-law on the way to the pool. I got out and back to the road in time to see my son riding his trike. He was determined to ride his trike all the way there all by himself. My husband wanted to put something on the trike to help him along since we don’t have one of those trikes with a handle. So he tied some webbing to it but left some slack in it to let our boy know he was doing all the work. After a while my husband did start to pull a bit. Our boy was getting a little tired.

At the pool, they always have ice cream truck. Everybody got ice cream. The kids wanted to try those kiddie things in the shape of Spiderman and Hello Kitty, but they do not taste good. They did that last year and didn’t eat them. I told them they were not getting those this year. We got them ice cream sandwiches because they taste better. Everybody was happy. It was a little cool that morning to go swimming, not to mention crowded. So we walked back home and skipped the pool.

We ended up having my sister-in-law and her family over later to grill some burgers and hot dogs. There is always some fireworks near our house, but my sister-in-law was too tired to stay. Most of her gang left before the fireworks because they saw them the night before at her neighborhood. My mother-in-law and father-in-law stayed with my oldest nephew and we watched the fireworks from up the street. It was a good time, but boy were we all tired.



The End Of Our First Series

We did the last race of our Sweet 16 Series a few weeks ago. I meant to write this sooner but I had another one of those birthday thingys. Well I had a weekend or two in between the race and my birthday, but we had a five mile training run followed by a fifteen mile training run right after that. The Royals are doing well and we’ve been lucky enough to go to some games. The kids have had the school brown bear back to back (I mentioned they were in preschool, right?). I was in a wedding and went to the Missouri Multiples of Moms Convention. Long story short, we’ve had some busy weeks.

The last race was the Run For The Orangutans. It has also been referred to as “The Zoo Run.” It was the same weekend as our local Multiples consignment sale. I wasn’t on the board this year and decided not to sell either. So all I did was shop Friday night and then run Saturday morning. I was really excited about this race. We were running through the zoo. I have told my husband if you walk both loops in the zoo (Africa and Australia) it is three miles or more. I believe I was right!

12119508_10156161448185790_536114625_oWe started a little ways down the road next to the Starlight Theater. Then the rest was all in the zoo. The first part was on the employee service road. So we didn’t see many animals then, but it wasn’t long until we were on the regular zoo walk ways. I don’t think the giraffes were out that morning yet but I saw the zebras. The tigers were watching us and looking a little restless. I think I remember seeing more animals but since it has been so long I can’t remember!

I saw only one guy in costume. He dressed like an orangutan. He must have been hot in that costume! I wished I had a picture of him though. After the Royals race I thought I would try to take more pictures. I am such a slow runner and I’m always trying to have a good PR. I just don’t “stop to smell the roses” I guess. The orangutans were up at the glass as we came by and I saw several people veer off course a little to go take a selfie. I knew my time was only okay and I just didn’t do it. I did get a picture later after the race of the demolition of one of the older buildings that hasn’t been in use for some time.

12044004_10156131771745790_292379530_oMy sister-in-law has lived in Kansas City for twelve or more years. She told me a year or so ago that this building was never in use since she has been coming to the zoo. She told me she heard they used to have monkeys in it. They stopped using it for some reason and there it sat. I’m excited to see what they put here since they remodeled the orangutan habitat. The orangutan habitat is awesome, but again no picture. These two pictures are the only ones I took that doesn’t have my family in it. I’m still happy making this an anonymous blog. I’ll tell you more about that later. In the end I was happy with my time seeing how I sacrificed pictures for it. It was 42:14. It wasn’t better than my Trolley Run time, but my husband keeps reminding me that race was all downhill.

I’ve been critiquing myself a lot lately on my blog. This is still mostly a journal for me. I know my grammar isn’t perfect and I could use more pictures and pizzazz. I just don’t have the time. I’ve been looking for another job, organizing the house more, training for the Goofy and well my most important job of all . . . taking care of my kids.

When I read that other blog on the Royals 5K race I skimmed over a lot. It was nice of that writer to try to draw the audience a picture of the event, but I’ve been a bad reader recently. I skim all the colorful crap to get to the real “meat and potatoes” of the article. I do that with everything now. I’m not sure if it is laziness or just that fact that if I take the minute it takes to read that then I won’t be able to do the next thing I need to get done during nap time. You Moms out there know what I’m talking about here. I’ve also been told that I write a lot like I talk. I have so many friends that already think I’m long-winded. I’m used to “cutting to the chase.”

So there you have it. The Run For The Orangutans was a lot of fun. I think I wouldn’t mind doing the Sweet 16 Series again, but I will admit my husband and I were kind of bummed we didn’t get a medal for it. We felt like we would have looked a little cooler and had bragging rights with two medals around our neck at the zoo. We had already received an email stating that our pint glasses were shipped to the wrong address, and that they would not be at the Zoo Run. The email still mentioned going to the tent for the after party. When we got there they said there was no medal just the glasses. So we really didn’t need to visit the tent at all. My husband and I could have sworn the registration email said something about a medal, but now that I looked at it again, it just said a special prize. The lady at the tent said they settled on pint glasses since everybody does medals. Oh well, we still had fun and we still have bragging rights.

We stayed to have some fun after the race. My mother-in-law brought the kids after we ran. She didn’t stay because she had to babysit my sister-in-law’s kids and they’ve done the zoo so many times. They wanted to go to the Renaissance Fair. My husband and I planned a nice day with the kids at the zoo. It seemed like a good idea at first, but by the time we made it to the car I believe my husband and I were more tuckered out than the kids. I think we all took a nap that afternoon.