Lucky Tin Man

It seems like it always rains during the Garmin marathon. I had been eye balling the weather app on my phone several days in advance. It looked cold and rainy. Then the temperature looked a little better. I was still going to need long sleeves for sure or arm sleeves. I just knew it would rain though. I’ve done the half one other time and it rained. Then every time since then when I saw a friend post something on Facebook about running it, it also seemed like it was raining.

The last time I ran the Garmin Half it was actually at Garmin Headquarters. There was no issue with the traffic and everything started on time. The start location this year was pretty close to us in what we thought was in an industrial area. While driving there we noticed it was really congested way before we got to our exit. My husband is a firm believer in the zipper method when it comes to merging lanes. He does not think everybody needs to be in one lane for miles and miles leaving a perfectly good lane open for people to merge. When I think about it, it makes sense and isn’t a jerk move at all if everybody did it. It is a matter of taking turns.

Anyway, once we got off the exit ramp, parking wasn’t really an issue. We stayed in the car to stay warm for a bit, but I’m always anxious about being late. I also like to just see the people out there especially if there is a chance for costumes. We did see some Wizard of Oz costumes before the start. Funny thing, the start, it was delayed about a half hour because of the traffic jam. There was an empty vendor tent nearby with some people huddled in it. We went in as well. It was out of the wind and a bit warmer with all the body heat. It had rained earlier and out one entrance of the tent the sky looked clear while the other entrance of the tent looked pretty cloudy.

When we lined up I think we were with the 2:25 group. I edged toward the 2:20 people a bit. When we started the group was going kind of slow, so I ran ahead a bit, but I was still passed by a team of ten people dressed in a Chinese dragon costume. I wasn’t feeling good about that. I thought those people have to be pretty confident about their pace to do that.


This course had a lot more hills than any of the others I’ve run around here. They weren’t big hills, but there was a lot of them. Hubby stuck to his plan. He would run, then when his Garmin went off to walk he would do that until I caught up to him. Then he would run again. It paid off for him. He finished before me this time, but I’m jumping ahead right now.

Our running club, Olathe Running Club, had an aid station along the course. I said hi to a few members I knew. Our president was dressed as Dorothy. Again, I didn’t get pictures. I made a mental note of when each pace group either caught up and/or passed me when I did the race, but I waited so long to write this that I have since forgotten. Just know that my time wasn’t a PR but it wasn’t bad for me.

I saw a ton of little ones that wanted high-fives. If you have read any of my posts you know how I feel about hi fives. I’ve gotta do em. I actually saw some little ones that looked familiar. I gave them a high-five and then saw their mom. We are Facebook friends. She has twins and belongs to several of the same mom groups that I participate.

About the middle of the race I took off my long sleeve shirt and tied it around my waist. I still had a short sleeve shirt and a vest. The wind came right after I did that and I got chilled. I thought about putting my long sleeve shirt back on, but it was nice and warm again soon after I decided to leave it.

I saw a lot of backed up traffic here and there. I do not recall the race causing such an  issue when the route was closer to Garmin headquarters. There seem to be some unhappy motorist.

I don’t recall anything else unusual during the race. I finished in 2:27:20. Hubby finished in 2:25:39. The medals were really cool. The half marathon medal that we got was a twister with different items from The Wizard of OZ. It would also spin. I think the 10K was a little Toto in a basket that moved. The full marathon was the wizard as himself on one side and his persona on the other side. Come to find out the group dressed as a dragon did the full marathon and got a Guinness world record.



The after party was great even though it was a bit chilly. They had chicken sandwiches and hot dogs in one area. The other area they had margaritas and beer with heat lamps! I was all good with food in my belly and an adult beverage. We had a nice conversation with a gentleman visiting from New York. We told him what he could do around town while he was here.

This is my only second Garmin, and I still like it. Also the rain held out and was sunny the rest of the day. The Tin Man would have been a happy camper. This Heartland Series isn’t bad. In case you don’t know what it is; it’s a series of three half marathons. There is Rock The Parkway, Garmin and Running With the Cows. We only have Running With The Cows left to do to complete it.


My Wicked Good Half Marathon

The weather started out nice. The temp was blah blah blah blah. I’m pulling your leg. I won’t do that to you. Although I will say that my husband kept telling me I was going to get rained on during the Garmin Half Marathon. I looked at Google weather and it only looked like a 10% or 20% chance. Here is hopefully a quick summary of the weather. It was in fact nice at the start. It clouded up when I got to mile four. It sprinkled on us when I got to about mile six. It hailed a bit a mile seven. It poured on us before I got to mile eight, and then it stopped about the time I got a little past mile ten. I blame the hat I wore for the hail. I wore my Pike’s Peak hat. I think I have mentioned how that one went in my previous posts. If you don’t remember here is short version of that one. I trained for a half. I got to the last aid station from the top and they turned me around because of the lightning storm and hail. So I ended up almost doing the full marathon that day.


I was actually looking forward to a little rain for my Garmin run. I have been coughing and sneezing ever since we got back from the cruise. My allergies have been driving me crazy. The rain helped me breathe a little better. I just wished the temperature had not dropped so much. I wore my arm sleeves just in case because I hate getting cold. I got some under arm chafe either from them or my shirt. It still hurts but at least it isn’t bleeding like my legs were after I did the Pilgrim Pacer Half Marathon a few years ago. I wore capris this time so that wouldn’t happen.

There were a few things that made me laugh on this course. The costumes were one thing. We had a few Dorothys and some witches. I saw maybe one scarecrow and one tin-man. Being a hasher you would think I would be wearing a costume, but I haven’t been feeling the costume vibe a whole lot lately. I love dressing up the twins for Halloween, but I just haven’t felt the need to dress up myself in some time.

I laughed at the signs for the first water stop. There was reference to melting witches. There was also a few cardboard cut out witches there. I saw one lady take a selfie with one of the witches.I didn’t see any other Wizard of Oz references until almost the end. There were a few signs there too. I don’t remember what they said. I don’t remember much about the end at all except the “yellow brick road” at the finish. I was definitely tired and walking more the last three miles.

I also found it funny that some people were being so careful about getting their feet wet. I just powered through a few puddles. I did not splash anybody. That would have been rude. I guess that is something else I am used to doing coming from a hasher background. I ran a lot of trails with wet feet in my time. I have run through ponds, rivers, and ditches. One time someone set a trail that had us in a ditch for almost three miles! The bushes and trees were too thick on the sides to just follow it. I was not happy with the guy that set that trail. I wasn’t mad so much about my feet being wet as I was about the possibility of falling and busting my behind. It was summer and the ditch was mostly moss and algae as opposed to water. I have always found the bright side of running with wet feet to be that at least my feet will be nice and soft when it is all said and done.

All and all it was a pretty good run. I did better than I thought I would. According to my Map My Run app I did 13.4 miles. I guess I was a ways away from the start. It also said I did a 12:19 average pace. My official race results were emailed to me which was super nice. That said I kept a 12:12 pace. That is huge for me. I know some of you fast folks might think that is slow, but I’ll take it. It makes me laugh to think of an interview with Kara Goucher talking about how slow a 10 minute mile pace felt to her while she was pregnant. I know she is a professional and all, but shoot I’d love to have a 10 minute mile pace.

Since the theme of my post seems to be about things that make me laugh or put a smile on my face, I have to say seeing the twins at the end was super awesome. I’m sure my face must have lit up when I saw them. My husband and his parents brought them. I am so grateful to them for bringing the babies. I gave Baby Girl and Baby Boy a big kiss. That was the real highlight of my run.