No Chiefs This Year

We are finally getting around to doing some much needed repairs around our house. My in-laws celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary and have a trip planned for about two weeks. So we looked long and hard at the Chiefs 5K.

We thought about getting my sister-in-law to babysit, but I believe she wasn’t available. We thought about a babysittter, but when we thought of all the money we need for our home repairs we decided to save the money. We also thought about the kids running it with us. I mean they can do a 5K now. There are usually quite a few kids at the race as well. Then when we looked at how much it was and decided if a babysitter was too expensive then registration for four was definitely too expensive. There was no discount for younger runners. So that is that.

We are passing this year. We might still do the Royals. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll post before and after of our repairs too. Who knows.


Another One With The Chiefs

We did the Chief’s 5K again. The route seemed the same. It didn’t seem as hard probably because being “forewarned is forearmed.” I mean we knew they would probably run us up the roundabouts in the stadium. The Hubby and I were fine this time. We agreed on the time to leave home for the race and everything seemed to go a lot smoother than last year. The only thing was that my in-laws were out-of-town at the time.


The start of the race

We decided it was smart to have a paid back up babysitter and not just family. You know in case our family might actually have their own stuff to do every now and then. My mother-in-law and father-in-law were on a trip with our nephew out West. I can’t remember what my sister-in-law had to do that night, but we got our neighbor’s girl to watch our kiddos. We use her every now and then. The kiddos love her.

The packet pick-up was right before the race. They did not have any other time or day. So we got out there waaaay early. We chilled out a bit before the race. Hubby wanted to do a bit of shopping at the store but it was closed. We thought they would be open for the special event. They might have made a bit of money if they had been open. I mean there are a lot of Chiefs fan out and about the stadium.

The start was a little late this year. We are not sure why. The water stops were a little far and the second one seems too close to the first. I don’t remember that last year, but I did the first one and skipped the second one. Usually you get one stop at each mile but the first stop was at least a mile and half in the race. The second stop was close to mile two so you only ran about half a mile before you get to another water stop. I think a lot of people skipped it.

We saw they had the margaritas out this year and got those. We get them during the Chiefs games a lot of times. They were nice and cold. They had a lot of the same party games like Jenga which all seem to be a hit. There was a bit of a kink getting out of the stadium though. We didn’t see any locker room tours going this year. I think the locker room tours give them at least two exits out of the stadium. Since they didn’t have that, they only had one place open to exit. So we actually had to wait in a line to get out of the stadium. Before we waited too long someone opened another exit and let us out of the field.


The line to get out of the stadium

We got some take out and headed home. Last year we ate out at a restaurant but of course Grandmamma is free and a babysitter isn’t. It was all good though. I’m sure we will do the run again.



Our Return To The Chiefs 5K

So my husband sent me an email and said to sign us up for the Chiefs 5K. I was surprised until I saw that they were returning to the stadium instead of the practice field. The first time we did the Chiefs 5K was with the kids when they were one and half and Hubby pushed them in the stroller. It wasn’t too early in the morning and we had fun ending the race on the field. We played with the kids and got pictures of the them with the Chiefs cheerleaders. We just haven’t been back because Hubby thought it wouldn’t be as fun out on the practice field.

My smaller size shirt.

My smaller size shirt


This time the race started at 8 PM. It was still stroller friendly but we thought the kids should be in bed that late and my in-laws said they would babysit. It was nice to not have to start in the back, but we still got behind quite a few slower runners. I blame part of that on the fact that my husband was poking around in the car for so long.

We forgot packet pick-up again so we went early to get that and put our stuff back in the car. The shirts were a lot nicer this year than the last time we ran the race. Although it did not indicate we were season ticket holders like the shirt we got for the first race we did. I thought my shirt might be too big. I’m not sure if it is because I lost weight or if the shirts ran big. I didn’t want to make a fuss, so I just took my shirt that I signed up for and headed back to the car.

My husband thought people would be tailgating and having fun, but he didn’t seem to want to join in on any of it when we got back to the car. He just kept messing with his phone and fiddling around with other stuff. My frustration turned into a necessity when I told him I needed to go to the bathroom but that didn’t seem to hurry him up any. He finally gave in and came with me after several threats of going off by myself. I was willing to go alone and find him later, but he kept telling me to wait for him. I was worried that the porta potties would be gross but they had a regular bathroom in the building where we got our packets. Once that was all done Hubby wanted to stay at the top of the stairs by the building instead of lining up. Now I’ll agree it was hot out and the car was air conditioined and being in a crowed can be even hotter, but it was a big pain trying to pass all those people at the beginning of the race too. I was just all kinds of irritated by the time the race started. I keep telling him we should just each do our own thing at the beginning and meet at the end in order to keep the peace.

Before we started they sang the national anthem. We turned to look at the flag and the drummers that were there for entertainment couldn’t hear and kept drumming. So these goof-balls standing on top of a bench or something were still dancing and well goofing around a bit. Finally toward the end of the song, the drummers stopped and the goof-balls figured out that everybody was not turned to watch them dance but to look at and respect the flag behind them. They promptly got down and turned toward the flag as well.

When we took off there was quite a bit of a clog. We ran up on the grass a little to pass some people. It didn’t take as long this time to get pass the slower people like it did when we had the stroller. That is of course because we were not in the very back like last time. The course was very different this time. They took us out and around the stadium but about the time my Garmin went off at the two mile mark, we started to head into the stadium. I thought, “Oh my gosh! We are doing 1.1 miles in the stadium! How are they going to do that?” Well they took us in and up what I call a round about on one side of the stadium. Once we got to the top we ran along the back side and then down one level and back another side. Then we ran down another back side.We went up one level on another corner and ran down that side. By the time we made it to the other corner, they ran us all the way back down and across to the outside onto the field. We ended on the fifty yard line like the first time we did the race.

I noticed that we did not get a medal this time. I’m not sure when they stopped doing that since we skipped a year or two. They also had a chip in the bib and timed results. The last time we ran it, it was not timed. My official time was 0:29:36.75. My Garmin said I did 2.82 miles in 0.29:48.4. Hubby and I discussed what could have gone wrong with the distance. I remembered reading this article here. The best we could figure is that maybe the satellites could not reach our Garmins at some points in the stadium.

We hung around a lot longer this time. Maybe because it was night and a little cooler now. We both purchased a Budweiser. Budweiser is not our first choice but they did not have much in the way of choices for the beers. I really liked the cans though. They were red and we thought it had something to do with the Chiefs but it said Royals on it. I was actually one of the few people wearing a blue Royals shirt. I do not have much in the way of red running shirts and on a hot night like that I was not wearing cotton.


We saw some interesting things while we were there. We saw they had Jenga set up at two spots. They had one end set up where you could try to kick a short field goal. The other end had mannequin type things dressed out in Chiefs football gear with pads and all. The head was missing so you or your kid could get a picture. I was so ready to go and get some food. I think I was getting a little “hangry.” Hubby took off his shoes and was just chillin’ walking around in the grass. I already tried to stretch on the field and my legs were itchy from the grass. I was not about to take my shoes off and get my feet itchy.

When Hubby finally decided to leave, we left through the locker rooms because we decided to do the tour this time. I remember when we did the stadium tour several years ago they said it was bad luck to step on the logo in the locker room. I wondered how they did these do it yourself tours with so many people coming in and without a guide to tell them. When we got in I saw it was “fenced” off but I could still see little kids stepping on it.

The logo in the locker room.

The logo in the locker room.

We left our coupon for the store that came with our packet in the car. So I hope we get a chance to use it before it expires. We did stop by packet pick-up again to see if they had a smaller size shirt for me. They were fine with the trade. Hubby went back to the car to get my other shirt to give back to them while I used the bathroom again. He came back after what seemed a long time. The gentleman at pick-up even asked how far we parked because it seemed a while since he left. I asked him what took so long as we walked outside and Hubby showed me he moved the car closer.

After we left we got some food at Old Chicago. We used to go there a lot before we had the Littles. They are pretty family friendly and they are running a deal where kids eat free this summer with a full price entrée. So we’ve been going there a lot again. I guess my in-laws didn’t expect us to go out and eat which seems weird since they know we didn’t have dinner before we left. They didn’t seem too upset when we got back, but we would have been home a little earlier if the service had not been slow that night. We usually don’t have that kind of trouble, but we did that night.

All and all it was a fun run. I felt a little nauseous on the round abouts like I was on an amusement park ride, but it was still fun. I think if Hubby wasn’t testing me and I wasn’t so “hangry” it would have been more fun. We might do it again next year.


Home Of The CHIEFS!

I was never much of a football fan. I did not know much about the game even when I was in band in Junior High and part of High School. Growing up in Arkansas it was pretty much determined that you would be a Razorback fan. That is because that is the big college. It didn’t matter if later on you went to UCA, UAM, Hendrix, or to an out-of-state college. If you were from Arkansas most people expected you to be a Razorback fan. It was just tradition. I say this because I remember a boss I had in Oklahoma got irritated with some Sooner fans. He said he didn’t get why they were so passionate when they didn’t even go to school there. I explained my situation to him and he understood it a bit better. No, he was not a Cowboys fan (the college team, not the professional one). He was a Sooner fan as well.


My first live college game in Fayetteville, AR was when I was dating my husband. He taught me a little bit more about the game and I loved the atmosphere. I even started to watched some games with him at home on TV. Have you noticed I have not really mentioned professional football yet. That is because for the majority of my life I did not know any huge professional football fans. Everybody was so big on college football. I knew a few Dallas Cowboy fans, but they were not what I would call hard-core.

Now that we live in Kansas City, it kind of makes us automatic Chiefs fans. I actually went to my first professional game at Arrowhead Stadium before we moved to KC. We knew a guy who I think got box seats through his work. I looked at my husband and told him it could only go downhill from there. The box seats were so awesome. Now that we live in KC we are season ticket holders, but the seats are nowhere near as nice as box seats of course. We are pretty high up in the stands. I didn’t get to go to many games right after the babies were born, but I got to go to a few last year thanks to my in-laws babysitting here and there. Oh, I can’t forget some hasher friends that watched the babies for us as well.

We thought about taking the babies to an early game, but some friends of ours that have a little one and have season tickets told us why they did not do that. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums. I think they broke a world record only to have it beaten a few weeks later. That is just one of many reasons why we do not want to take our little ones to the stadium yet. When I read that the Chiefs 5K was stroller friendly, that was a big bonus.

My husband and I did the Royals 5K the year before the babies were born. We had a lot of fun and thought it was a good family event. The babies went to a Royals game last year and got their certificates for their first visit. I want to take them to more games this year since they are old enough to enjoy the park in there. We still think it will be a while before they go to Arrowhead. So we decided the 5K would be the only time we would want to take them to the Arrowhead while they are so young.

Holy cow though! I knew my husband was faster than me even though he has not been running at all this year, but dang. He was pushing the stroller the entire time and I still couldn’t keep up with him. He has been doing cycling a lot and he has been doing well with it. I kept up with him for the first mile, but I fell behind after that. I caught back up with him a little after mile two because he was walking. It was really nice of him to wait. I was irritated a first. Like I have said before I hate holding people back when they could do better. He said he wanted all of us to finish at the same time. It was really sweet of him to think of that.

Oh, speaking of trying to keep up with him in a stroller, I have never seen so many strollers at a race. I have also never seen so many slow people in front of runners with strollers. The website for the race said it was stroller friendly, but they wanted people with the strollers in the back. I guess they thought people with strollers would be slower, but boy, were they wrong. People were getting passed left and right by runners with strollers. It was hard for my husband because we have the side by side double jogging stroller. There was a lot of people there too. So we were going pretty slow at the start dodging people.

Here is the funny thing though. I finally broke 35 minutes in a 5K! The Chiefs 5K wasn’t timed, but we both started our Map My Run or Map My Ride for this race. I started mine right before we took off running. My husband started his right at the starting line. When we ended my Map My Run said we did 3.2 miles in 34:56. My husband said his showed we finished in 33 something. He thinks we might have done better than that since we got our medal, water, and walked a bit to park the stroller before he stopped it. Either way that is the best 5K time I have ever had!

It really was a good run for us. We thought there would be more food. I mean they had food, but it was to purchase and not really a part of what you paid for your registration. Your registration got you a medal, water and a power bar. Well there was your packet with a T shirt and some coupons as well. They were also doing locker rooms tours. We had a Groupon for a tour that we did a few years ago. So we skipped that part. We had fun though. We got pictures of the babies with a cheerleader. Baby Girl was a natural. She grabbed a pom-pom and posed next to the cheerleader. Baby Boy wasn’t so sure either about the cheerleader or the pom-pom. I am not sure which upset him, but he had a hold of my leg in the picture. I posted everything to my Facebook page of course. It was a good family outing for us. It is a day I will remember for quite some time.

Side note: After I wrote this I looked up the registration for the Royals 5K. It is not stroller friendly and it starts at 8 AM. The Chiefs 5K started at 9 AM. I don’t think we are going to do the Royals 5K. I am kind of bummed about it too.