More To Add

I mentioned a whole list of things that haven’t gone well this year in some of my previous post. Unfortunately, things have not really improved much. I don’t want to recap because it is just too depressing to go down the list. I will tell you what is new and shine some silver linings like the fact that Hubby finally did his CCVI Trolley make-up run.

First I’ll give you a little background since my last post. My grandmother has not been doing well. She is in her ninety’s. She is a tough bird. She can’t walk real well anymore. My cousin is a nurse and lives next door to her. She asked Mammaw to move in with her and her family a while ago. It was so nice of her. They have always had a very special relationship. It also helped out my sister.

My sister wasn’t having a good time with bills. She did not like the idea of moving back home, but her job has her on the road all over the United States. So it isn’t like she is stuck in “Small Town USA.” She gets out, explores, works, has fun, etc. Plus the internet connects people in ways we never had in the past. So she sold her land in Mississippi and moved back to Arkansas. She is paying Mammaw rent and taking care of the place while Mammaw lives with our cousin. It makes me feel a little bit better that my sister is there for Mammaw and Mom especially since Dad’s death. I know my sister’s job has her out a lot, but to at least have one person there to check on Mom every now and then is great. I know my cousins still live there, but they have their hands full. I mean you can only ask so much of someone even if they are family.

We saw everyone back in May at Dad’s funeral. It was a good visit even if it was under really sad circumstances. We should still go back as soon as we can to see Mammaw again. Things keep popping up each weekend. I feel like we are just going to have to choose something to cancel soon and go.

We did a video call recently. My cousin was home and showed Mammaw what to do. She “talked” with my kids. They love the faces and filters on the app. I was worried she was getting annoyed with them playing with the phone while trying to talk. My cousin assured me that Mammaw enjoyed seeing them.

This weekend is the zoo run. It is because of all this other stuff we’ve scheduled that Hubby has waited so long to do his make-up run. Well that and the broken ribs after his horrible bicycle accident. He was able to do the Royals 5K and then he did some of the MS150 bike ride last weekend. It was crazy that he hasn’t done any cycling since his wreck and he jumps on his bike and does about eighty miles. I thought he would run with me the next day to get it done, but he was sooooo spent after that bike ride. He waited until we could run with the Garry Gribble store group.

It was a crazy busy day Wednesday. For the kids it was school, martial arts class, and then church with the grandparents. When we came back from one of our outings, I smelled a bad smell in the house. Our cat hasn’t been doing too well. He is about fifteen years old. He has some age related conditions that has me either cleaning pee, puke, or poop. So I thought maybe it was the cat. I went looking with a rag and cleaner in hand to search for the source of the smell. I did find something and cleaned. So I thought I had cleared up the problem.

Then I needed to put something in the basement. Our basement had some damage recently that we are trying to repair so when I smelled what was like rotten eggs I thought it was mold or something. It wasn’t until I spoke to Hubby about it a few minutes later that it hit me that it could be gas! I freaked a little internally and called the gas company.

At first I thought it was a false alarm because the gas guy wasn’t picking anything up with his tools. I had turned off the gas to be safe. Then he turned on the gas to our water heater and there was a small leak there. We are okay to be in the house with the gas off, but we’ve gotta get the water heater fixed or no hot water.

My mother-in-law graciously offered to take the kids to martial arts class since she was taking them to church later anyway. Hubby and I got a game plan for that night and the next few days to get things fixed. We went ahead with the Garry Gribble run. Hubby got his four miles in for his make-up run. It was hot and muggy. I mean no breeze at all. Thank goodness I already turned in my time because it was not a good run for me.

We got super quick showers with what hot water was left in the tank and then grabbed a bite to eat before going the grandparents place to get the kids. They ate before church. I asked if she could give them a bath and we would bring the PJs. We timed it just right. They were ready to get out of the tub when we arrived. Everybody was cleaned up and ready for bed when we got home.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting used to things going crazy or maybe I’ve just learned to roll with it. Wednesday was a little intense at times, but it seemed to all work out okay in the end. Maybe writing about it helps too. Now we just need to finish our basement repairs including the hot water heater and find time to get to see my Mammaw in person. Until then we will take one day at a time. Maybe that could be that title of my new country music song (see previous post for the inside joke).


Waving At Your Fat

I think I have mentioned that I belong to several running groups. One of the groups I joined is a virtual running group. I belong to the Whovian Running Club. It is a club that runs for good causes and it’s members are all fans of the British science fiction TV show Doctor Who.

I’ve been a fan of Doctor Who since I was a kid. Our PBS station in Arkansas would play reruns. They mostly showed the Tom Baker era. That is when Baker played the part of the Doctor. This show is awesome! I mean if you wanted a show to just keep going, you come up with a character like the Doctor. He is an alien that looks like he is human, but he has two hearts. He doesn’t die. When he is badly injured he just regenerates. Brilliant! I mean say you have an actor that leaves the show for whatever reason. Does the show die? No! You just get another actor to play the same character and add their own little quirks because he is an alien after all. You can do that!


The front of my hoodie and medal

I first joined the group back when they did not run with a phone app called Charity Miles. They just ran and you bought a medal. It was all on the honor system. We got our first medals, but the second medal we decided to purchase never came. I loved the design of the Hello Sweetie medal. “Hello, Sweetie,” is something one of the beloved characters says on the show. Dr. River Song is a smart and sassy character. I tend to like the sassy ladies. I like to thing I’m kind of sassy. Anyway, there was some drama over the admin who was running the show. There might have been some laws broken. I’m not sure. There sure were a lot of mad people. I wasn’t very happy myself. There was also a lot of angry Facebook posts.

Another group of ladies offered anyone who had purchased a medal to join a new group. They promised that this new group was legit and planned on staying that way. It has lived up to all of those promises. We never got our Hello Sweetie medal, but they did give us another medal instead.

Since then the group has had several running challenges and formed some sub groups to get people involved in some friendly competitions. The sub groups are based off of the companions the Doctor has had. That or spin-off shows. I loved them all. It was a hard decision, but in the end I chose Donna which was Catherine Tate’s character. She was the companion that I related to the most. She was like most people you might meet, but she was sassy. She was also very special, but she just didn’t know it.

So with everything going on here in the real world there wasn’t very many virtual races I could afford to run. Then this cute little medal popped up with this cute little kid. How could I refuse?


The back of my hoodie

This particular medal was with RODS, Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome. There was a cute picture of a little boy name Charlie that was trying to get to his forever home. So I just had to do this one. Charlie is cute and the medal is cute. I love Donna and the episode with these cute little aliens made from human fat (Adipose) was one of Donna’s episodes, Partners in Crime. That is what is on the front of the shirt and on the medal, a little Adipose. I love it when she says, “I’m waving at fat!” It was just meant to be.

I didn’t make any particular day my special Adipose 5K because my regular runs are little over a 5K. Now one might think that makes it trivial for me, but it doesn’t. I mean just because I didn’t say that August 27th was the day and took pictures and posted it doesn’t mean it wasn’t special. Every run I do is special. I’m lucky because I can get up and run for a healthier me. It is a time when I can reflect. It is a time to center myself and be a better wife and parent. I also always use my Charity Miles app when it works (Charity Miles is having an issue with the Oreo update. So I have missed logging my miles for the last few weeks). That is how I make every run special. I figure as long as I do the distance, get the medal, and use my Charity Miles; it is all good.

I love this medal and the shirt is so soft. I can’t wait for the cooler Fall weather to wear it. Whovian Running Club did a Timey Wimey event to open up old races to give people a chance to get medals they might have missed. There were a lot of cool ones, but I just couldn’t do them all. Congrats to all that did and got to be a Key Holder.


Forever Royal

It is that time of year again. We did the Royals 5K. This was Hubby’s first time running since he had his horrible bicycle accident. He was also not feeling well at all. I’ve been so scared that he is going to get pneumonia again. I thought maybe he would walk it and then go to the walk-in clinic at our doctor’s office after the race. Let’s just say that did not happen.

My mother-in-law and father-in-law came over as usual for these things. Actually for early morning races they usually spend the night. They did not for this one. They probably wanted at least one night in their own bed. They had just gotten back the night before from a trip to Colorado they took with my father-in-law’s sister and her husband.


We met our brother-in-law and nephew inside the stadium. Our nephew wanted to run the race with a friend, but the friend had not signed up yet. He signed up at the race. Hubby picked up our nephew’s race packet, but they probably could have gotten it on their own since they were there in time and before us. We chit chatted a bit before the run. We talked about race times. It sounded like Hubby was going to try to run. It made me nervous since we aren’t sure about his broken ribs and he has only slept in our bed a handful of times since the accident. Laying straight down still hurts a bit. He has been sleeping in the recliner most nights.

We lined up a bit ahead of what my pace would really be, but I wasn’t feeling too guilty about it because a family including a grandma was lined up in front of us. Now don’t hold this against me, but they definitely looked like walkers. I am no “spring chicken,” and I know people old enough to be my grandparents that kick ass when it comes to running. When you’ve been running long enough, sometimes you can just spot the walkers and has nothing to do with age or weight.

The start was pretty good. The weather was good. They only had one small water stop in the middle. There was only one family that cheered us during the course. There was nothing flashy like a marching band or even the Moose Man. Speaking of which, what happened to the Moose Man? It was just a 5K. Well it was a 5K that still allowed you to do a lap on the outfield. If you read any of my other posts you know I gotta get my high fives. KayCee (the guy that puts up the W for Royal’s wins) was giving them along with people dressed as hot dogs with Mustard, Relish and Ketchup. Leaving the stadium and going up the ramp is the only time I walked the race other than when I got water.

I finished about five minutes faster than I thought I would. I finished in 30:06.38. Hubby finished in 28:22 being sick and healing from broken ribs! He didn’t go to the clinic after the race because he said he actually felt much better. Unfortunately that feeling did not last long. His eye was red and swollen Sunday. He went to the doctor that Monday. He got some medicine and some eye drops. The kiddos and I are still okay. Meaning we haven’t caught it yet.

I hope Hubby can do his make-up for the Trolley Run soon. That zoo run is sneaking up fast. We still haven’t heard anything on the Star Wars Light Side race yet. So we are free from any race commitments after the zoo run, but if you know us, we will be signing up for more races soon.


Make-Up Time

I did my make-up run for the CCVI Trolley Run the beginning of August. I did it without Hubby and without really thinking that I would even do four miles at all that day. My original plan was to set aside a weekend for both my husband and I to run. I was worried my husband wouldn’t do it at all unless I do it with him. Then he had a horrible bicycle accident.

We haven’t had a great year. It has been kind of rough. First my husband’s cousin went into coma and then my father died. Fortunately my husband’s cousin has recovered wonderfully. Then a little over a month later we were at a Royals game headed to the outfield with our kids. Bubby and Sissy raced away from us to the stairs from the top-level. The stairs are concrete and they zig zag down at least three flights. Hubby went past Bubby and caught up to Sissy to hold her hand. I was in the process of catching up to Bubby when I saw him flying head first down one set of the stairs! They had both stopped racing when we told them to be careful and not run on the stairs. I’m not sure how he ended up falling.

Talk about a parent’s nightmare! I won’t go into all the emotions I went through, but just know I was happy he was alive and crying by the time I reached him. I wanted to just hold him and console him. I didn’t even see the HUGE knot on his head. My husband did and rushed us to First Aid at the stadium. We spent four innings in there waiting for the doctor to check him. Hubby held the ice on his head while I read him and his sister some small books I always carry in our backpack. It really helped calm him. The doctor finally came and checked Bubby. The doctor felt like Bubby would be okay since he never lost consciousness. He had a scrape on his chin, his neck and his knee. That was it other than the knot that looked SOOOO much better after the ice. He was up for playing mini golf in the outfield and grabbing some food before we went back to our seats to see the fireworks.

I got some emails weeks earlier from my husband’s Garmin that goes on his bike. He made me his emergency contact. Bubby’s scrapes were barely healed and it had been less than a week since his tumble when I got a text from Garmin that Hubby was in an “incident.” I was on the phone immediately. I knew he had his cordless headset on when he rides. So if everything was good he could still answer his phone to talk to me real quick. He answered, but all was not well. He told me he was okay for the most part but that he would call me back later.

He called me back from the emergency room and told me to call his parents to watch the kids and grab him some extra clothes. My mother-in-law and father-in-law came over to watch the kids while I went to get Hubby at the emergency room. My father-in-law went with me in case Hubby had a hard time walking. It was a good thing too. Hubby looked terrible. He had road rash all over him. His shoulder looked like someone slapped a piece of raw meat on it. His helmet was broken and it looked like it left bruises on his bald head. He ended up with broken ribs and no head injury. We didn’t leave until almost midnight. We had to go to an all night pharmacy a little ways out of our way. Hubby had no food or water even though he had been cycling pretty hard and probably needed some water. The hospital didn’t want him consuming anything in case they needed to do surgery. We stopped and got him a hamburger and brought it home. He was so tired and in pain. His parents left after we got him settled in the recliner to sleep. He said laying down straight hurt too bad and he could not sleep in our bed.

I took the kids to vacation bible school the next morning. When I came back home my husband showed me a comment on his cycling group page made by the sister of lady that was involved in Hubby’s wreck. See Hubby and the rest of his group were probably going about twenty-five mph down a hill when Hubby’s bike chain slipped. He went down and two ladies right behind him could not stop or swerve. They ended up running him over (probably how he got his broken ribs) and got injuries of their own. One lady mostly just had road rash and some swelling. The other lady got a bad gash around her eyebrow from her sunglasses. The lady with the cut got stitches which were done by the ER doctor. She somehow got an appointment and already had a plastic surgeon fix them that morning. Her sister posted a picture of the results and then made a snarky comment about how my husband caused the wreck and had not reached to those injured.

Now if you know ANYTHING about cycling you know that when you ride in a group and a wreck happens it is very possible more than one person is going down. A lot of times these wrecks happen to no fault of the riders. That is if they are not doing something stupid like turning in front of someone without signalling. I mean I don’t ride and I know this. Also this was barely within twelve hours of the incident. Hubby made a comment to the lady with the head injury in the same thread BEFORE her picture was posted. The lady with the cut asked how he was doing. He replied he was okay but that he was sorry his accident caused her and the other lady to go down as well. I guess her sister didn’t see that! I guess a comment in Facebook first thing in the morning after Hubby had been in the hospital most of the night and on pain killers just wasn’t good enough for the “protective sister.” Can you tell this woman is NOT on my good side?

Anyway a lot of my husband’s cycling buddies are definitely setting up their emergency contacts on their Garmin. Come to find out I called Hubby before he could even make it off the pavement. A friend picked up Hubby’s phone for him as he was getting off the ground and told him his wife was calling. I looked back at the text and emails Garmin sent me that night. Garmin even gave me his coordinates.

So this all leads up to why I decided to turn in my run and let Hubby heal and decide when he is ready to do his make-up run. I usually run three times a week in different areas. I am totally addicted to Jeff Galloway’s training plan. I still kind of follow it. So if we do another Disney race, I have no problem jumping back into things. I ended up doing a really good run one morning. I usually only get in a little over three and half miles, but this particular morning I got in four miles. I did about a ten minute mile which is really good for me. I talked it over with Hubby and he said to go ahead and submit it.

If Hubby ends up needing someone to run with him, I will run with him. That is probably how it will happen. He is not much of a solo runner. He’ll have to do it soon though.

So nothing exciting happened on my run thankfully. We’ve just had a very rough summer so far. This post is already a bit long and the run of not so good things didn’t really stop there. Seriously I mean I sometimes feel like we are living a bad country music song. My Dad would have totally appreciated that joke.


Our Five Year Olds Are Going To Pre-K

I don’t know if I want to give you an example of what was said to me. It was all so hurtful. A friend of mine recently gave me a very strong and harsh opinion of what he thought about our kids going to pre-k instead of kindergarten this year. I was very upset and did not know where such a strong reaction surfaced from him. I later sent a message and told him how hurt I was. He has since apologized and mentioned he wasn’t himself that day. It still hurt and made me search for other opinions about pre-k.

My initial search did not have many results. We felt pretty good about our decision up to that point. So why was one person’s opinion shaking me up so much? Yes, he is a friend and I cherish my friend’s opinions. However he hasn’t been around our kids that much. We know them better. Our choice was not made lightly. I’ve heard the issue discussed a thousand time in several of my mommy groups. It all came down to deciding what was right for the specific family. I mean sending them to kindergarten at a public school would certainly help with our finances quite a bit.

Speaking of public school, our preschool is at a church. Some might think they want us to stick around to help their finances. I don’t feel like they are after money. They have a whole education center. They go from preschool through eighth grade. We actually got information in the mail on their kindergarten program even though the preschool teacher recommended pre-k. I’m sure they automatically do it for students who are eligible.

Now that I’ve mentioned last year’s teacher, I’ll also mention that the preschool teacher before that recommended pre-k. Of course we listened, but since we had a whole other year, we kind of kept her opinion on the back burner. That is until the teacher this year recommended it. Both teachers feel my kids are smart. The three-year old class teacher said they needed some work on gross motor skills. She said we needed to work on cutting, drawing, threading, etc. Basically we needed to do a lot of crafts. I’m not the kind of mom that crafts really. Worried that my kids were suffering because of something that I lacked, I subscribed to a monthly craft box called Koala Crate. We recently upgraded to Kiwi Crate. I feel it helps and the kids love the crafts.

Before I spoke to the four-year old class teacher, I sent a message to our old Parents As Teachers Educator. If you are not familiar with the program here in Kansas it is a program where the school district sends out an educator to your home and helps you monitor the child’s progress and development. It is just another set of eyes to help you. We LOVED our educator. Ms. Dorothy was awesome. I asked about kindergarten round-up at the public school and if I should go since we kind of decided to do pre-k. She gave me some information about our school. She said it wouldn’t hurt to check things out and learn more. She also added that if we did do pre-k that was fine because she did not know of anybody that ever regretted it. I even kept the email to refer back to if I needed it. I wanted ALL the information to make the right decision for my family and our needs.

I went to kindergarten round-up and didn’t read or see anything I didn’t already know. A few weeks later I had a conference with my kids’ current teacher. She still said pre-k would be a good idea. My husband and I talked it over we realized it might be the best fit for us. That doesn’t sound super confident, I know, but how can you ever be one hundred percent sure? We also discussed the fact that we both have Fall birthdays. We spent most of our kindergarten year (you know waaaaay back when) as six-year olds. Our kids have a summer birthday. Our kids would always be either one of the youngest or one of the oldest in class. I have also known children to skip a year or two if they really want to later.

I became a little obsessed with what every body else was doing after the incident with my friend. It seemed like a nice mix of people on my Facebook page were doing what we were and others went ahead and started their kids in kindergarten instead of waiting. Of course each family is different. My husband, who was for kindergarten at first, could not understand why my confidence was wavered by one person’s opinion. I guess it is the kind of topic that can spark some intense emotions like breastfeeding or co-sleeping.

One of my mommy groups had a get together and I told a few of the ladies how I felt. One lady said she chose to wait a year with her kids. She actually said the same thing that our PAT Educator said. She said she did not know of anybody that ever regretted it.

As stated, I tried to find blog posts or other opinion articles on the topic and came up a bit short. Maybe my Google skills aren’t that great, but I decided to do my own blog post about it once the deal was sealed. Shall I tell you how I felt better about my decision? Well . . .(drum roll) I asked my kids what THEY wanted. I know, that is so unheard of isn’t it?

Sissy said she couldn’t wait to get to kindergarten, but she was also excited about pre-k. I told her should could go to kindergarten now and skip pre-k. She said that she didn’t want to skip pre-k. I asked her if she was sure. I told her she could start kindergarten now as a five-year-old. As the year goes the other kids would be turning six and she would still be five. She wouldn’t be six until the summer. Then I also said that she could go to pre-k this year and start kindergarten as a six-year-old. As the year progresses the other kids would also turn six. My son summed it up and asked her if she wanted to be younger or older when she started school. She said she wanted to be six. I asked my son, who was of course listening and helping me explain things, what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to stay with Sissy.

So we are still good to go to pre-k. I suppose if I’m still blogging in the next few years I can let you know if I regret it or not. I’m sure some twin moms are wondering about my son’s response to stick with Sissy. There is only one pre-k class at our school. So I can’t separate this year. I guess that issue will come up next year in kindergarten. Don’t worry we will once again weigh all the facts and make a decision that we feel is best for our family.


Drip, Drip, Drip, Boom!

So we lucked out doing three half marathons in Kansas City area in the Spring without getting completely soaked. Well we weren’t so lucky for the Four on the Fourth this year. Rain was in the forecast for the morning but luckily it wasn’t for the evening because you know, fireworks.

My in-laws stayed the night as usual when we do one of our early morning races. I just knew we were going to be late because Hubby had a hard time getting out of bed. Of course we weren’t late. We were fine. We parked where we normally do and casually walked to the start. I took the kids to get our race packet at Gary Gribbles the day before so we didn’t have to worry about that. I brought my race shirt with me because I’m not real fond of tank tops. I had hoped to switch it out after the race if there was a chance.

Hubby commented that he didn’t think there would be much going on after the race since it was going to rain. We bumped into one of our kiddo’s classmates and his mom. She had him and his little sister in a double stroller to do the race. We chit chatted about kids’ birthday parties and then lined up for the race.

It was already sprinkling a bit but as soon as the race started, so did the rain. I’ve never been afraid to run in the rain. I started my love of running with the hashers in Little Rock. If you don’t know what the hash is, it is a “drinking club with a running problem.” Some kennels (chapters) are more into running than others. Little Rock is big into running. They run on anything: trails, asphalt, drainage ditches, thick bushes with thorns, poison ivy, etc. They will run in anything as long as it is safe. I’ve run in rain (without lightning), snow, sleet, etc. So, yeah, I wasn’t really phased by the rain much.

It really started to pound on us when I was about around mile two. I also started to lose sound in my wireless headset. I just got my LG headset replaced because of the warranty and now it was getting soaked. I so hoped I could get it dry and save it. This was also the first year I dressed up for the race. We did Disneyland’s super hero race back in November. We did the Gauntlet Challenge. So we did two races. One race I had a Captain America shirt on with my white running skort and the other I did in a Spider Man shirt and black leggings. So of course I wore my Captain America outfit again. the problem was that my skort has a lot of fabric and I’ve tightened the waistband a bit since I’ve lost weight. The rain was really weighing my skort down. I wrung it out a few times. Thankfully I had the waist tight enough that it wasn’t going anywhere. I saw a few people around me that had to keep pulling shorts and such up because how the rain was weighing down their clothes.

I didn’t see any people taking pictures for the race, but I saw a few camera crews. I guess a bunch of people running in the rain on the Fourth of July is a good news story. I haven’t looked up anything on it yet. I just tried to smile even though I probably looked like a drowned rat.

My time was better last year according to my Facebook post. My time this year was 42:13. Last year it was 40:34. I was also apparently wearing the same running skort when you look at last year’s photos. Of course I didn’t get any photos because I was too busy getting drenched. I also didn’t see any on the website site. Usually a race will still have photos because the photographers usually have a bag or something over their cameras, but I guess it was raining too hard. Although by the time I got to about mile three it started to let up quite a bit. We even stuck around long enough after the race to get sunglasses and water bottles for the kiddos. They had Baby Girl’s favorite color, pink, and Little Man’s favorite color, purple, for the sunglasses. We also got our root beer floats.

It started to rain hard again as we finished our root beer floats. We decided to leave. I didn’t get a chance to exchange my shirt, but at least I had it with me to change into something dry in the car.

The kiddos were not real happy that our neighborhood kids’ parade was canceled. Well it was actually rescheduled to the next Saturday. Hubby was upset that his results were not listed. I did have a bit of an issue when we went to pick up our race packets.


I should have not only asked to double-check my husband’s registration, I should have asked if I could have a men’s shirt. I’m not a fan of tanks. I think they let you trade it in later at one of the running stores or something, but we’ve had a series of bad accidents lately. 

I walked into the store to get our race packets during a slow time. A walked up to a young lady and she helped me get my bib. The gentleman beside her heard me give her my name and he started typing. He told her not to worry about my Hubby because he got his bib done. When he handed me my husband’s bib it had WXL on it. My bib had WL on it. I know mine meant woman’s large for my shirt. So I turned to the gentleman and told him I meant to get my husband a men’s XL. He looked back at the computer and said that it told him it we got a woman’s XL, but he would be happy to change it on the bib. I should have known then that there was an issue. I should have had him pull it up again.

That was the second time in a week that I had a gut feeling that I should have done something and did not. I had taken the kids and some friends to the Crown Center. We did Kaleidoscope and they gave us a ticket for free parking for three hours. When we left there was a gentleman standing there helping people with the parking machine. When I handed him our parking ticket and the pass he entered both and then said we owed eight dollars. It only took off three dollars! I was surprised, but my friend grabbed some money and handed it to him. He put it in the machine and gave us change. When I got home I was upset that I didn’t say anything. Then I thought maybe he was running a scam. I’m not sure he would benefit from it since he did everything through the machine and didn’t seem to pocket anything. If anything he made money for the parking garage.

At least this was fixable. Hubby gave me a screen shot from his Strava. I emailed the nice people at Four on the Fourth and explained the situation. I gave them his bib number and my bib number. They emailed me back first thing Wednesday morning and said it was fixed. I checked the website and sure enough it was fixed. They were super nice and fixed it super quick. Issue resolved. Wish I could still make the Crown Center issue right. I think it is more about me being hard on myself. Being an introvert isn’t a bad thing unless you let it. You have to speak up when you know something isn’t right.


Another One With The Chiefs

We did the Chief’s 5K again. The route seemed the same. It didn’t seem as hard probably because being “forewarned is forearmed.” I mean we knew they would probably run us up the roundabouts in the stadium. The Hubby and I were fine this time. We agreed on the time to leave home for the race and everything seemed to go a lot smoother than last year. The only thing was that my in-laws were out-of-town at the time.


The start of the race

We decided it was smart to have a paid back up babysitter and not just family. You know in case our family might actually have their own stuff to do every now and then. My mother-in-law and father-in-law were on a trip with our nephew out West. I can’t remember what my sister-in-law had to do that night, but we got our neighbor’s girl to watch our kiddos. We use her every now and then. The kiddos love her.

The packet pick-up was right before the race. They did not have any other time or day. So we got out there waaaay early. We chilled out a bit before the race. Hubby wanted to do a bit of shopping at the store but it was closed. We thought they would be open for the special event. They might have made a bit of money if they had been open. I mean there are a lot of Chiefs fan out and about the stadium.

The start was a little late this year. We are not sure why. The water stops were a little far and the second one seems too close to the first. I don’t remember that last year, but I did the first one and skipped the second one. Usually you get one stop at each mile but the first stop was at least a mile and half in the race. The second stop was close to mile two so you only ran about half a mile before you get to another water stop. I think a lot of people skipped it.

We saw they had the margaritas out this year and got those. We get them during the Chiefs games a lot of times. They were nice and cold. They had a lot of the same party games like Jenga which all seem to be a hit. There was a bit of a kink getting out of the stadium though. We didn’t see any locker room tours going this year. I think the locker room tours give them at least two exits out of the stadium. Since they didn’t have that, they only had one place open to exit. So we actually had to wait in a line to get out of the stadium. Before we waited too long someone opened another exit and let us out of the field.


The line to get out of the stadium

We got some take out and headed home. Last year we ate out at a restaurant but of course Grandmamma is free and a babysitter isn’t. It was all good though. I’m sure we will do the run again.