I Want To Find My Nerdy, Running, Mommy Tribe

Spoiler alert: If are nerdy like me and not up to date on some shows or movies that are in my tags for this post, you might not want to read the last paragraph. I don’t really think I give any spoilers, but if you would rather be safe than sorry, just don’t. 

I’ve been reading more and more posts and memes as well as watching videos about moms feeling out of place. They don’t feel like they fit in with most of the mom groups out there. You know why? They feel like they don’t fit in because of a dirty house or because they don’t make every meal from scratch. They feel like they don’t fit in because don’t feel like they have it together. I’m sorry, but . . . Are you kidding me???!!!

I’ve come to the point that I don’t really think any mom has it all put together. Sure I’ve been envious of some of the homes I’ve visited. I’m sure the mom picked up and cleaned before we arrived. I mean who knows what state it was in before we got there. So yes, some moms can cook their butts off, but does that really mean every other facet of her life is perfect? I’m sure it is not.

So you might be asking if I’m so enlightened to the fact that nobody is perfect do I feel like I fit in super great to just about any Mom group? The answer is No! I mean we’ve all got dirty houses, stress, kids that are still learning manners and acting . . . well like kids! What I’ve had a hard time dealing with is more to do with my personality and likes or dislikes. I’ve found some moms who don’t look down on a beer or a glass of wine here and there, but most of them like candles, coffee, and shows like The Bachelor or Gray’s Anatomy. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Not at all. It’s just not my cup of tea. I diffuse oils, drink tea, and I like shows like Doctor Who, Supernatural and Walking Dead.

In case you haven’t noticed from the majority of the posts here, I like to run too. My old running group that I love and met my husband through mostly has people who have no children or their children are grown. Hubby doesn’t really like me running with them a whole lot since the group likes to have a lot of beer after each run. I’ve got along real well with a lot of other running groups that have moms, but since Hubby never knows when he’ll get a chance to do a bike ride, I usually set aside evenings for his stuff. That leaves me with running . . . well whenever I can which usually isn’t with my big groups.

Not only am I a mom, but in case you couldn’t tell from the name of this blog, I also have twins. There are all kinds of mom groups for that. I’ve joined a few on Facebook and one locally. Then I run into that whole quirky nerd thing that not a lot of the ladies in these clubs do. I mean I get on-line and find thousands of nerds just like me (go figure), but it isn’t so easy out in the “wild.” I mean Doctor Who is known all over the world now. It amazes me sometimes. Then I go to a twin mom group meeting and maybe one or two people even have a clue what it is.

So yeah, I don’t care about your messy house. I don’t really care for rude kids, but I can handle normal kid tendencies. I mean sometimes you gotta just deal with the fact that kids are being kids. Sure, I don’t mind talking about breastfeeding, potty training, what is easiest to cook for dinner and how annoying our spouses can be at times. I also want to know about any fun runs, hikes, or camping ideas for the family. I want to talk about what is going to happen with Rick Grimes, when will River Song meet her “second wife,” what is doing on with Dean Winchester, how are we bringing back my favorite marvel heroes, and what is Dumbledore going to do about his brother?


This Southern Girl Hates Cooking!

My mother and grandmother are very good cooks. They cook those good ol’ southern recipes along with some wild game. My mom has made all kinds of homemade breads, rolls, and cakes. She can make and decorate birthday cakes and cupcakes. She can make pies. She can cook all kinds of fish (especially ones we normally caught). She can cook all kinds of store-bought and wild meats. Out of the things we have hunted or caught I’ve eaten bass, crappie, venison, squirrel, quail, and duck. I’ve eaten a few other interesting things like snake and alligator but those were prepared at local fish fries and not by my family.

My Mom had a one woman kitchen. She wanted to do it all herself. Anytime anybody tried to help her, Mom would trip up over them and get aggravated. She always walked and cooked at a very fast pace. If you were in the kitchen then you had to be seated at the table and out of her way unless she specifically asked for help. That isn’t to say, I didn’t get to help out at all.

Mom showed me how to do a few things. I can cook. I just really don’t like to. My Dad wasn’t bad a cooking either. He grilled, of course. He also made us homemade pizzas with the Chef Boyardee kit. He was also good with breakfast especially pancakes. My brother has made many Thanksgiving dinners for his family. I bet he has made Mom’s homemade bread recipe a million times. His oldest son has had a few jobs in the kitchen/food industry. I just think sometimes the joy of cooking gene must have skipped me.

When I was single I used to eat very simple meals or microwave pizzas or dinners. I did like making Mom’s chili recipe because it was fairly easy. I didn’t do much else until I started dating my husband. I made a big boo-boo when cooking spaghetti one night. He was late and I wanted to keep the noodles warm. So I left them in the warm water! Of course the noodles got too soft and it was like eating mush. Lesson learned. I tried a few recipes that said it was easy but the ingredient list was like a mile long. Easy? Ha! I’ve gotten to where I quickly pass up recipes if the ingredient list is a certain length. I do this even if it is just spices because who has all those spices and when will you ever use them again except for that one recipe?

I think the main thing I hate about cooking is how tired I am after I’m done. I’ve been so tired that I didn’t even want to eat! My back also hurts A LOT! The older I get, the worse it gets! It’s probably my posture, but I just get so tired just standing there chopping or stirring. Then there is the mess. I often liked the idea of the spouse that doesn’t cook, cleans. Well that doesn’t always work out great around here. My husband will put dishes in the dishwasher and put the leftovers away, but he doesn’t wipe down counters or hand wash pots and pans. That is my job whether I cook or he cooks. So I make putting away leftovers his job ALWAYS!

Don’t even get me started on chopping. I HATE chopping with a passion. I know. I know. You can buy pre-chopped veggies, but sometimes those are sooooo expensive. I have a food processor, but I don’t think it always chops the way things need to be for certain recipes. I always hated watching some cooking shows tell you how super easy their recipe is when they have everything already chopped and measured in little bowls to just throw in for the show. I understand they are taping a show and only have so much time. We love watching the Next Food Network Star. So I get it, but when I do the recipe on my own, I have to add any where from a half hour to a full hour just for prep time. It never takes me as long as they say. It is always much much longer. It just frustrates me so much.

Now I know some people are like, “but the way your family acts when they eat your food is sooo worth it.” Ha! My kids are in the picky eater phase of life. My husband is picky too. You know those shows on Food Network where you see a chef or home cook bust their butt to make something only to have a judge rip them to shreds and put them in tears. I’ve had that happen a many of times. I don’t think I’ve ever made anything just totally disgusting. I might have made something a little too salty or a little too spicy. It’s just soo disheartening to be tired with a bad back, place the food you spent hours cooking in front of your family, to only have it rejected in such a spectacular way. I’ve had kids pretend to gag and just flat-out refuse to eat. My husband has made faces and just digs in the fridge for something else to eat.

Don’t get me wrong. I still cook. I used to love to bake. I would make cheesecakes and pies for my family for Christmas when I was very poor and straight out of college. They would complement me and tell me how much they love it. My Husband, kids and extended family love my lasagna. I also still cook chili among other favorites. I’ve also been dabbling in stratas and bread pudding.  My kids don’t eat crust from their bread when I make them sandwiches. So I’ve been trying to figure out how not to waste so much food by turning them into stratas or bread pudding. I haven’t found anything really super great yet.

Oh and in case you were wondering my kids ate everything as babies. I started them off with breast milk and then switched to homemade baby food. I mashed sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, etc. They ate great as babies. It was around the terrible twos or threenager phase that they got super picky. I’m not even sure how it happened. It was like all of a sudden food they liked they now hated. Now I get it. I’ve read website after website and I belong to a zillion mom Facebook groups. I know my kids are not the only ones in this area. I realize almost all kids go through this. I’ve also read that they will eventually grow out of it. I think they are actually. Slowly but surely. I mean they are now six years old. So it’s taking a little time.

I’ve definitely cooked more the last year and half than I have the first five years of my marriage. I won’t count when the kids were babies because I mostly made baby food and not grown up food. I do believe practice makes progress. I realize some of my complaints can be fixed with some tweaking. I’ve just got get to it. I’m sure I’ll get better. I’m just not sure if I’ll ever like doing it.


What I Am Learning Running In The Snow And Ice

I’ve read a bit here and there about running in ice and snow. I’ve read Runner’s World articles, articles on the internet, and posts here and there on Facebook running groups. Of course wearing layers is a must. If you just go running wearing one layer of the warmest thing you have you could get too hot and not have a way to cool down without freezing you bottom off. So layers are key. You can take one or two off or put them back on if you get cold again. That is if you have a way to run with them. I like to tie a light jacket or long sleeve shirt around my waist sometimes.

Now I don’t want to mislead you into thinking I’ve done this a lot. Before this winter I could probably count the number of times I ran in any weather below 39 °F on one hand. I ran in the snow once or twice in Little Rock with the Hash. I trained with Hubby for the Goofy in the cold, but it wasn’t ever really THAT cold that particular winter. Also the Goofy was in January. So we kind of stopped training as much after that. We didn’t need to pick up our training again until a little bit before the super hero run at Disneyland in November. So that was actually warmer training weather. There was also that Rock The Parkway run that was in sleet and snow. Oh, I was miserable during that race! I just decided that I would try to run faster and the way I needed to do that was outside.

Last winter I kept up with my running but I did almost all my winter running on our treadmill. I watched shows on my tablet which made it less boring, but I didn’t work on my speed at all. This winter I decided to do speed training on the treadmill with music and no shows. Then the other runs I would do outside to see how I was doing. So far so good. I just had some issues one day when most of the snow and ice had not melted off the trails.


Frozen Face

The articles I read about layers also mention traction for your shoes. I mostly read these articles on the Trail Nerd’s FB groups. They like to get screws and safely put them in their shoes. I mean you have to get just the right size so you can still get traction but you don’t end up with the sharp pointy end through your shoes and into your foot. Stores sell these things that fit over your shoes that you can take on and off, but a lot of those can be expensive. I believe they are called traction systems. I totally forgot about this bit of advice until I was out on a run this November. I about busted my butt at least five times on one run. I zig zagged here and there to try to avoid falling and still get my six miles in that day. Oh, and Kansas City had the second coldest November ever this year. So yeah, it’s been cold here.

I also forgot that I had buffs in my closest. The first day I ran in freezing cold temperatures I just about froze my face off. In case you don’t know what a buff is, it is a piece of fabric you can wear as a hair accessory or over your face to keep it warm. You might see some people wear those that makes the bottom part of their face look like a skull or some other face. I don’t have one, but I think they look kind of cool.


My face is much warmer

I think I’m actually getting used to running in the cold so much so that I don’t need as many layers as I used to. I ran in 20 °F weather one day. Instead of my usual long sleeve T-shirt as my outer layer, I wore a fleece. I was just so afraid I would be freezing. Oh …My…Gosh! I just about burned up! I was so happy to get home and shuck a few layers to stretch.

Oh and one last thing that I just decided to do on my own. After I stretch I’m a little cold and ready to jump in a hot shower. Before I do that I like to drink warm antioxidant tea. I like warm herbal tea anyway (it might shock you to know that this girl born and raised in Arkansas doesn’t like ice tea . . . I know. Right?). So drinking antioxidant tea makes me feel warm and good before that hot shower. I do have to watch my water intake though. I don’t drink sodas. So I always thought I was good with my water intake. I find drinking anything but hot tea or hot chocolate hard to do in the winter. So I’ve just gotta be more aware and drink more water.

My Hubby went running with me the other day when he had a day off from work. He kept asking what he should wear. Thankfully the ice and snow was melted off the trail, but it was still hard to tell him what to wear. He actually likes the cold more than me and he gets hotter faster. Still it was nice to feel like the veteran winter runner. Now I just got to figure out the shoes on the ice thing. Do I want to do screws or fork over the money for something less permanent on my shoes?


Can We Talk About ASMR For A Minute?

You might be wondering what the heck is ASMR? Well it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It is a tingling sensation you feel on your skin. It is usually felt in the scalp and upper spine. It is the result of certain audio stimulus. Why am I talking about it? I am talking about it because I’ve had this response to certain sounds ever since I was a little kid. I am so happy to finally know what it is and know that I’m not alone.

I used to think this sensation I had was a weird quirk of mine. I’ve always had this kind of response to certain sounds and the way some people talk. I had a doctor growing up as a kid that had a low soft voice. My Mom would almost always have some kind of question or conversation with my doctor as he would be checking my heart lungs while standing behind me. I’m not positive this is ASMR related, but his voice would tickle my lower back. I would squirm and he would apologize for this stethoscope being cold. I was a little embarrassed to tell him what was really happening. I finally told him one visit when I felt bad after he admitted to purposefully warming up his stethoscope for me. He didn’t have any information or anything to say about it. Of course this was the 80’s and ASMR was not even a term you could look up yet. He just made sure not to talk to my Mom while standing behind me.

Now like I said that experience may or may not be ASMR related. It doesn’t matter because I do in fact get the head tingles. I just didn’t know it had a name or anybody else had it. I get these newsletters from different mom groups and such. One of them had an article about it. I could not stop searching Google and Youtube. I find something new every other day.

It made me feel less creepy about this one video I keep watching over and over about coloring you hair. I don’t really watch it for the advice so much as how the girl is talking in it. It was just so relaxing. It was a one time kind of thing for her though. She didn’t sound like that in any of her other videos. Now I know what to look for, I have a huge variety of videos to watch.

The role play can make me feel a little weird. Then I put myself in the shoes of the person doing the video. I mean what are they supposed to say or do for thirty minutes or a whole hour? It makes sense to do a little role play especially the hair salon. I’m always telling my stylist that I might fall asleep. People already associate relaxing with spa treatments and hair cuts. So yes, I can see why those videos would be popular. There was a local access channel in Little Rock, AR, way back when, that showed this guy cutting hair in his salon. I would just sit and watch the whole show just to relax because he talked with such a low, soft, calming voice.

Now the more I read about ASMR I find that a lot of people associate Bob Ross and his painting show with it. My Mom used to watch Bob Ross, but it was for his painting. I wouldn’t say he gave me the head tingles. I did like the sound of his brush on the canvas though. I also discovered that this term, ASMR, has only been around for about eight years. I wondered this as I wondered where these videos have been all my life.

I keep reading more and more about it. One thing I can tell you is that I’m hooked. I listened to a video the other day after fighting with Hubby. I was short fused and the kids were being kids. I felt like I might snap at them so I let them play while I watched a video. I could feel my fast beating heart immediately calm. I didn’t even have to watch the whole thirty minutes. I just needed about ten to fifteen minutes and I was good. I came out so much more calm and better able to handle the kids AND Hubby. I am really grateful to have found this.


What Is Talking In Absolutes?

A long time ago someone said something to me that I knew was not one hundred percent true. I’m sure this person had my innocence and best interest in mind. This person told me that ALL men were only after one “thing.” I knew this wasn’t completely true because I had a father and a brother that I admired. They were good, decent men. Unfortunately as a young woman dating I grew up to experience a real truth which is that SOME men only want one “thing.”

There were so many more things said to me in absolutes that I knew were not true. Quite a few of them were stereotypes. Now if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say absolutes consider the above statement about men. It is an all or nothing kind of thing. A black or white world. I would like to think my world has many more colors including all different shades of grey (and I’m not talking about popular books either).

Here is where SOME of the posts my news feeds on social media have been bothering me. I have been seeing SOME posts using a lot of absolutes. People from this particular country are ALL criminals or sell drugs. So let’s make it harder for them to enter our country. People from this particular religion are ALL terrorists. So let’s keep them out of our country too. ALL Democrats are really violent a-holes and not the bleeding heart tree huggers they want the world to know. Or ALL Democrats are “snowflakes” or “libertards.” ALL Republicans are greedy, racists, sexist a-holes. Or ALL Republicans are “conservasses.”

You see I have several friends on both sides of the aisle. You know what? I don’t agree with either side all the time. I like and respect MOST of my Facebook friends. I hope I have never made an absolute statement about someone on social media because I know how it feels to be categorized and pushed into a lump of people who I do not agree with at all on SOME topics. Just because I might agree with them on one small point does not label me. At least that is the way I feel. It just really makes me sick and want to scream at the person making the post, but I’ve seen how that goes.

So how about you? Do you think it is an all or nothing world? ALL women tell the truth? ALL women lie? ALL men are guilty? What ever happened to the word “some” or “most?” I kind of like using those words. I feel that they are a lot more accurate.


The Potter Family

A few months ago Hubby saw that there was a very good price for a Halloween 5K. He got an email and showed it to me. It was for the Nebraska Furniture Mart Halloween 5K. He asked if I thought the whole family could do it. It didn’t take me long say, “Heck, Yeah!” I mean we know that the kids can do a 5K now and I love Halloween. So I jumped on my computer and signed us up.

Fast forward a few weeks and here comes the rain that we missed all Spring and Summer. I mean buckets of it. I was so worried that it would be cold and rainy during our run. Luckily the rain seemed to stop. Little Lady reminded me how the rain came for our Running With The Cows Half and stayed away for our Mother’s Day run which was exactly what I wanted. I was hopeful. The forecast for race day looked cloudy but no rain.


The kids already knew what they wanted to dress as for Halloween. They requested to be Harry and Hermonie from Harry Potter this year. At first look it seems like a pretty basic costume. The main thing is the robes. I didn’t go all out and try to get the Gryffindor symbol on everything. That cost quite a bit extra. The only thing we already had was black dress pants for our boy. We have at least one suit for him which unfortunately has been worn a lot to funerals. Everything else I had to buy new. At least I thought the white button up shirts could be worn year round if they chose to. I bought my Little Lady a grey skirt and I skipped the grey sweaters. I mean they didn’t always wear the sweaters in the movies. So between Amazon, Target, and Walmart I got everything we needed. Oh, we also had glasses and a wig. Although those turned out to not work so well. The glasses are too googly and we can’t get the lenses out of them. The wig makes Little Man look like the “fifth Beetle” or the “fourth Stooge” according to my Facebook friends. We did spring for wands though.

The packet pick-up for the race came around pretty quick. They decided to do it at the store. Nebraska Furniture Mart is near a shopping area in the metro called the Legends which is a little ways from us. We decided to get up earlier to get our packets on race day. There isn’t really anything out there that we travel to see.  We pretty much have everything we need close to us.

The kids and I got up and promptly got dressed. I worried about them getting too cold or too hot. We did different combinations of leggings and such. Hubby just slept. It was quite a chore getting him up and out of bed. When I told him we might miss the costume contest he put the pedal to the metal. The kids decided that we should match them. So Hubby dressed as Serious Black in jail attire. I was Professor Trelawney. Hubby already had the old fashion jail uniform from Halloween many moons ago. I also had the stuff for Trelawney from another Halloween way back when. When we got to the parking lot outside the store we got our packets and then lined up for the costume contest. There wasn’t many people there.

Getting our race packets

When we first lined up the little girls from Girls on The Run were so happy to us. They knew exactly who each of us was supposed to be. The award for funniest costume was someone with underwear over their running clothes. I guess they were Captain Underpants. The award for scariest was Beetlejuice. This guy went all out. I mean he was definitely a really good Beetllejuice. When they huddled for the overall award we kept hearing, “Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter!” It was a little surprising that they gave the over all award to a dog that was dressed in Wonder Woman stuff. The dog was cute though. Then we saw they had two other bags. They gave us and another family each a bag because they loved our costumes as well. We were the Potter family and the other family was the Incredible family.

We stopped and got pictures done before we headed to the car to get our bibs pinned. Little Man was not amused. He could not stop frowning. The funny thing is that as soon as we got to the car he was all happy and talking about how everybody loved our costumes. Little Lady was having a blast the whole time. It wasn’t long after we got everything pinned we heard the kid’s race start. Our kiddos were doing the 5K and not the kids run. So they waited with us. I later saw that some kids did both races. Maybe we will do that some day if the kiddos want to. It wasn’t that long until we lined up in the street outside the store for the start of the 5K.

Hubby and Little Man took off as Little Lady started to have issues with her leggings. She was wearing some warm hand me down leggings from her cousin. At home they looked like they fit, but I guess once she started running it felt like they were riding down her bottom. I know that feeling. I lifted her skirt to check out how bad it was. They looked like they were in place. I guess it was just uncomfortable for her. She kept walking and getting frustrated. An idea finally hit me. I took one of the safety pins from my bib to pin-up her leggings. It worked but she just wasn’t into running at that point.

At first I was annoyed, but after I asked her some questions I discovered she didn’t really like the cold. It wasn’t very cold, but cold enough I guess. We walked most of the race. There were two turn around points where we waved at Hubby and Little Man. He looked happy unlike Little Lady. She got fired up when we saw the people cheering toward the end. I got her to high-five a few people. Then we ran all the way to the finish.

I told Hubby later on how she was pumped up by the people cheering, and he said Little Man was the opposite. He said a lady came catching up to them and cheered “Harry” on to the finish. He said she was very nice, but he didn’t seem to appreciate it much. She was running the race too and crossed the finish line with them. He is just so much like his mommy. I was more introverted when I was little too. What’s funny is that I actually responded to a Hogwarts Running Club post a day or two earlier in our local FB group. A lady named Chelsea, I think, was the one asking who all would be running it besides her. I said we would be running it, and I told her how we would be dressed. She said she wasn’t dressing up for it. I posted one of our pictures to the same thread later and she said she was the one that ran across with Hubby and Little Man. I went back and forth with her discussing her interaction with my boys. I tried to tell her to not take my little guy’s response personal. He had a blast. He just gets a little embarrassed when attention is called to him sometimes.


We did okay. Little Lady asked to be in front of me for the finish. I checked our chip timing. She finished in 49:31 and I was 49:32. Hubby and Little Man were 44:30. We got muffins and water at the end. They were giving out individual medals while we got our food. We went back to the car and ate. We got a ten-dollar off coupon in our packet for the store but we had to spend forty-nine to get it. I didn’t think it was a good idea since we didn’t have something already in mind to get. I was right. I forgot Nebraska Furniture Mart sold TOYS!

Boy! Were we in trouble. It felt like we were in the store forever. The kids wanted toys. I saw some cool games like Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. Hubby got the smaller travel size game instead of the big board game. We got the Little Man some kind of Jurassic Park toy which was pretty cool. We got Little Lady a pretty pink doll that we thought was about almost half the price it really was. More about that later. We thought we still had to spend something to get our discount. So we looked at movies and found the Jumanji sequel. I was so happy to leave. Hubby wasn’t real happy because he didn’t get anything. I think he either couldn’t decide on something or it was too expensive even with the coupon.

Hubby mentioned something about how the total price seemed higher than what we thought as we were walking out of the store. When we got to the car we noticed the price on the doll was a lot higher than what was listed. I went back in the store and took a picture of where the doll was hanging with a whole bunch of other dolls just like her. I waited in line at customer service and explained the situation. The lady asked if I could get a close up picture of the SKU to see if it matched. So I did. She saw that the SKU did not match. She showed me a picture of what the doll really looked like for that price. Well I felt a little duped seeing how there wasn’t just one doll on the rack under that price but several. Usually places with good customer service give you that price, apologize for the mix-up, and go and correct the issue so another customer won’t run into the same thing. Did that happen? Nope. She just stared at me. I then told her she needed to have someone move all the dolls so it would not happen again. She just thanked me and told me to have a good day. Oh well I guess.



We decided to go to IHOP for my free birthday pancakes and get scary face pancakes for the kids. Let me just pause here and mention a few things I hate about some coupons since this was the second time I used one that day. I hate when a coupon says it expires in X amount of days from the date it was sent. I would much prefer a clearly marked expiration date. I guess they do that in case there is a hiccup with the email or something, but it is just so much easier for the customer to have that date. I also hate it when a coupon says you have X dollars off but only if you spend X dollars. I mean they are fine if you already have something in mind to purchase, but to purchase something just because (like we did) is not a good thing.

Anyway, we got our pancakes. Well Hubby got a sandwich and the rest of us got pancakes. What was weird is that the waitress wanted me to forward my email to the store instead of verifying my email on my phone. I just thought that was strange. I’ve never had that happen until now. We ended up being away from our house most of the day. I was soooo happy to get home. I think the kids might have found another run they want to do again.

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Batteries Drained

Wow! What a weekend. We planned to do the zoo run since we signed up for the Sweet 16 Challenge ages ago. Then we found out about the Billy Joel concert a little after that, but at the time we didn’t think anything of the fact that it was the night before the run. Then of course we had a Chief’s game scheduled on Sunday the same weekend. Now I think I’ve mentioned before that I am kind of on the border of the introvert and extrovert spectrum. Well, I’m probably a little more on the side of introvert. I’ve gotta tell you that a weekend like that can totally drain me. I’m not just talking about the physical aspect of the race. I’m talking about all the going out and around town with all the people. I was so spent that I really wanted to do absolutely nothing when Monday rolled around.


Sunset at Kauffman

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m usually at home alone (looking for another job since the kids are in school full-time now). So I like getting out once and awhile with other adults. I was excited about Friday. My mother-in-law and father-in-law usually spend the night before an early morning race to watch the kids anyway. This weekend was kind of a twofer. I grabbed the kids and headed over to my sister-in-laws where the rest of the family was. My kids ate dinner there and my mother-in-law and father-in-law took them back home to bed. Hubby met me over there right after work. We took our oldest nephew and met his dad close to Kaufman Stadium. His job had him out there anyway. We grabbed some Pepperjack’s phillies and headed to the stadium.

It was kind of cold. We ate in the parking lot as if we were tailgating. Quite a few people were doing that. I had a feeling of worry that I wouldn’t know many Billy Joel songs except the hits. I felt that way when we went and saw the Rolling Stones a few years ago. I actually learned that I know more Stones songs than Billy Joel songs. It was a good show though and we had awesome seats. We were right in front of the stage! It lasted a while and I was tired. I noticed a lot of women in cute shoes. I wore cute shoes to a Black Eyed Peas concert once and I about died. I wore really comfy loafers to this concert and my feet still hurt. I don’t know how these other ladies do it.


All the phones during one of his slow songs.

The next morning came fast. Even though the race didn’t start until 8:30 AM. I knew we needed to be there fairly early because traffic around the zoo for this race is . . . well like a zoo! I was excited to try out my new Sparkle Skirt in the race. I bought it a few weeks ago. I did a regular run in it and I really loved it. I got mine with a BibBuddie just to see how it did in a race. The pockets are so big in the undershort. I was going to try to run with my phone in one of them instead of in my arm band. I was showing my pockets to my husband when he jokingly told me to shut up. I think he was jealous.

We got there in plenty of time. The traffic wasn’t too bad. We parked and stayed in the car to stay warm for a while. I put my bib on when we finally decided to get out to walk to the start. They always put the start a little ways away from the zoo in front of Starlight Theater. I was worried that my bib might fly up and my number wouldn’t show for a picture or something. I decided not to stick any pins in the bottoms holes and try it as is.

We walked to around the ten minute mile mark group and I think that is where we stayed. I heard some ladies talking about the Mt. Rushmore Half Marathon. I turned and had to ask if one of them ran it. The one lady said no, but she wants to do it next year. I told her Hubby didn’t want us to do it this year since it was the first year. He wanted them to work out the kinks before we went. We talked about a few other races until the “National Anthem” started. We walked up as each wave went out ahead of us. There weren’t many. Then we were good to go. I have to say that I was passing quite a few people at the beginning. It amazed me since I was so tired. I was doing real well and then this guy kind of irked me.

When you sign up for the run there is a notice that at some points of the run the trail gets a little tight like a real trail run. It is because you are actually running through the zoo. Well during one the turns where it gets tight I was leaning into it a bit. I realized this and I purposefully tried to go out from the turn so I wouldn’t crowd anybody on the inside part of it. Apparently this guy in a neon green shirt didn’t think I was out enough for him. Did he say, “Can you please move over a bit?” No “Can you please give me a little more room?” Nope. He said using a rather rude tone, “Can you give me some room?” So, yeah, I gave him some room and blew past him.


You can see Dixie straight ahead.

Now I’ve got my eyes set on beating him. Oh, this was after I actually stopped to take a picture of the giraffes and zebras. This year’s run was dedicated to the giraffes which are my son’s favorite. We even adopted the baby giraffe, Dixie, that was born this past winter. We got a little stuffed giraffe wearing a little purple sweatshirt (my son’s favorite color). We got a birth certificate and some cute photos. I mean she really is a cutie pie. Her dark tufts of fur on the top of her head is so adorable.

Anyway this green shirt guy wasn’t running THAT fast. However he also wasn’t stopping at any of the water stops. I felt pretty thirsty so I just had to stop. That started a back and forth thing between us. Oh, and I was sure to give him pleeenty of room when I passed him. I ran all of the race except the water stops and one or two hills towards the end. Even with doing all of that I could still see green shirt guy. I didn’t beat him, but I wasn’t too far behind him either. My time was pretty good for me with all that stopping and such. I finished the four mile race in 42:20. Hubby finished in 39:00.


My bib never flew up as far as I know. I mean I have pictures. I’m pretty happy with my skirt. It did ride down a bit with my phone weighing it in my pocket, but it didn’t go down far. I didn’t notice any more sliding down during most of the race. I loved the fact that I have two pockets, and when I got warm, I just took off my arm warmers and put them in my other pocket in my undershorts. I mean how awesome is that!



We got home and my in-laws were ready to take the kids to their school carnival. We made it home in time to them ourselves, but we still needed to shower and what not. We told them we would relieve them soon. My mother-in-law woke up not feeling good, bless her heart. We got cleaned up as fast as we could and met them at the school. They took off home to get her some rest. My kids were having a blast with all the inflatables, games, and prizes. The day didn’t end there. Nope. Hubby and I decided to take the kids to IHOP for lunch. We mostly at breakfast items because Hubby and I hadn’t really eaten anything yet except some wonderful Shatto milk at the zoo run. We had a cinnamon roll too at the run, but it was just okay. Did we rest after IHOP? Nope. We took the kids to see The House with a Clock in Its Walls. It was a cute movie. I like Jack Black. He can be pretty funny.


I had planned on making a blue cheese bacon potato salad for the tailgate the next day, but we didn’t have all the ingredients. I was dead-dogged tired too. Hubby was supposed to go grocery shopping after the movie. I was then going to make the potato salad as well as dinner. Well none of that happened. I think we ate leftovers and decided to give money to the person who was doing most of the food the next day at the tailgate.

The kids were supposed to go to their grandparents to go to church with them while we went to the Chief’s game. My mother-in-law was still sick. So we took the kids to my sister-in-law’s house to stay with her and her two kids. Our brother-in-law and oldest nephew (yes the two from the Billy Joel concert) were supposed to go with us, but they wanted to sleep in a bit. We told them we would meet them at the game later and we left the kids there with their aunt and other cousins.


It was a good tailgate. I probably had a little too much of the adult beverages. I also forgot sunscreen. I was a nice warm day, but once we got in the stadium it was soooo hot! Our seats were in the sun and we got fried. So yeah, if it hadn’t been that I normally do laundry on Monday I would have just went back to bed once I took the kids to school. Talk about a crazy weekend.

Note: Sparkle Skirts did not compensate me in any way to say any of the things I said about their product. I just really like their skirts. They make men’s shorts too. I bought Hubby a pair that should be in any day now.