Another One With The Chiefs

We did the Chief’s 5K again. The route seemed the same. It didn’t seem as hard probably because being “forewarned is forearmed.” I mean we knew they would probably run us up the roundabouts in the stadium. The Hubby and I were fine this time. We agreed on the time to leave home for the race and everything seemed to go a lot smoother than last year. The only thing was that my in-laws were out-of-town at the time.


The start of the race

We decided it was smart to have a paid back up babysitter and not just family. You know in case our family might actually have their own stuff to do every now and then. My mother-in-law and father-in-law were on a trip with our nephew out West. I can’t remember what my sister-in-law had to do that night, but we got our neighbor’s girl to watch our kiddos. We use her every now and then. The kiddos love her.

The packet pick-up was right before the race. They did not have any other time or day. So we got out there waaaay early. We chilled out a bit before the race. Hubby wanted to do a bit of shopping at the store but it was closed. We thought they would be open for the special event. They might have made a bit of money if they had been open. I mean there are a lot of Chiefs fan out and about the stadium.

The start was a little late this year. We are not sure why.┬áThe water stops were a little far and the second one seems too close to the first. I don’t remember that last year, but I did the first one and skipped the second one. Usually you get one stop at each mile but the first stop was at least a mile and half in the race. The second stop was close to mile two so you only ran about half a mile before you get to another water stop. I think a lot of people skipped it.

We saw they had the margaritas out this year and got those. We get them during the Chiefs games a lot of times. They were nice and cold. They had a lot of the same party games like Jenga which all seem to be a hit. There was a bit of a kink getting out of the stadium though. We didn’t see any locker room tours going this year. I think the locker room tours give them at least two exits out of the stadium. Since they didn’t have that, they only had one place open to exit. So we actually had to wait in a line to get out of the stadium. Before we waited too long someone opened another exit and let us out of the field.


The line to get out of the stadium

We got some take out and headed home. Last year we ate out at a restaurant but of course Grandmamma is free and a babysitter isn’t. It was all good though. I’m sure we will do the run again.