Soarin’ and Slidin’

So after the Doctor Strange 10K our family park day started off with breakfast at Mimi’s Café. They had a deal where my brother and husband still got a discount on breakfast the day after Veteran’s Day. It was a good breakfast. The adults had different mimosas. I think I had the triple berry mimosa. My husband and brother had the mango mimosa and the white peach. We sampled them all but I drank most of the triple berry. I had never eaten at Mimi’s before this trip and I have to say I think it is pretty good.

We got through security a lot faster than after the race and got in line for the parks. The lines were shorter because it was Disney California Adventure and not Disneyland we wanted to enter. DCA had also been open for a little bit. Once inside we started off waiting in line for the special credit card customer, character visit. My brother went off to see about Soarin Over California fast passes. The park had been open less then half an hour and yet the return visit for the ride was after 8 PM! He got them anyway. The line for the character visit took a while which surprised me. It is supposed to be a special thing for Disney credit card customers but it seemed just as slow as other character lines.

We got to the front and was told that Stitch was there but he was leaving and would return later. The next character was Daisy Duck. I told them that was fine. I knew my kids would be fine with Daisy. About that time I saw people behind me had on Stitch hats. Yeah, they were not happy when they saw Stitch leave. My kids where excited to see Daisy. Baby Girl ran up to her and gave her a big hug. Little Man did not want to have much to do with her. Hubby was a little surprised that he would hug big ol’ Chewbacca but not Daisy. We got a good picture with just us and Daisy and one with us, my brother and Daisy.


Proof that my son did in fact hug a character.

We had a good time. The kids kept talking about riding the mermaid ride that we did at the Magic Kingdom. I didn’t think they would have it in California but sure enough it was at DCA.

Lunch wasn’t too much of a struggle, it just wasn’t that satisfying. We went to the Corn Dog Castle. I got burned out on corn dogs way back before Hubby and I were married. A friend of ours worked at an arena in Oklahoma and would give us all the free corn dogs we wanted. We went to some football games and other events in this arena. So we ate a lot of corn dogs. On the bright side, everybody else except my son was happy. He is a very picky eater. We found some snacks in my bag for him and rode some more rides.


The kids on one of those spinning rides that make me sick.

We finally made our way to Mickey’s Fun Wheel about around dusk. The line wasn’t too unbearable. Mickey’s Fun Wheel reminded me a little of my favorite ride as a kid. My hometown hosted the county fair every year. There was a ride called the Rock O’ Planes or as we called them, “Squirrel Cages.” This apparently sparked some of the same memories in my brother because he mentioned it while we were on the ride. Everybody seemed to think this ride was pretty fun except Hubby. He got pretty pale. We both agree the rides like teacups that spin around horizontally make us sick, but I’m good on rides that swing or flip vertically. I’m still not sure if he didn’t feel good because he doesn’t like those kind of rides or if it was because of his pneumonia. I tried to ask but he never would give me a straight answer. Just to be clear this ride doesn’t flip you. You can choose a stationary cage or one that slides and swings a little. We got on the one that swings.

We missed Woody because I wanted to ride the Fun Wheel. I felt bad about that. I thought he would still be there, but he was gone. We only got to ride a handful of the rides that we wanted to, but again the two hour difference was still taking its toll on us. We got so tired we didn’t use our Soarin’ passes and ended up giving them to someone on our way out of the park.

The kids seemed to be wilting again. My brother and Hubby needed some provisions. So when we got back to the hotel, they went out in the car while I got the Littles ready for bed. The Littles seemed to hit a second wind for some reason. It was probably good that they did because Hubby came back with spaghetti from a nearby place. One order was enough to feed all four of us. I think Hubby felt better about carbing up as well. Not long after our dinner we got the kids to bed.

My brother used to live in California. So he went out to meet up with some of his friends that night. I got up to go to the bathroom around midnight or 1 AM. He wasn’t back yet. I started to get a little worried. Call it the mom in me, but I was worried he was in an accident  or something. I sent him a quick message for peace of mind that he was okay. He never replied, but thankfully it wasn’t too long after that I heard him come in the room. I was able to sleep much better after that.


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