More Frustrating Than Strange

So of course we got up at the butt crack of dawn. That is just the Disney way. I think you can pretty much expect a 5:30 AM start for every one of their races. I was a little nervous because we not only had to walk to the Disneyland resort from our hotel, but we had to find our corral in time. I’m always nervous before a race. I think it is just the thought of being late and missing it. I was pretty much ready to go that morning, but Hubby took at little longer as usual.

My mouth was dry but I knew I needed some food. I grabbed one of those Belvita breakfast cookies/crackers to take with me. I figured I would get some water at the main stage area and eat it then. Hubby was coughing up stuff on the way there and said the taste of the medicine from his nebulizer was making him sick. We took a short cut through a parking lot and that is where he threw up a little. I was already worried about him. That made it worse! He asked for one of my cookies to take the taste out of his mouth. I opened them up and gave him one while I went ahead and ate one as well. I guess just the act of chewing even something as dry as a Belvita cookie helped me get enough saliva so I didn’t have dry mouth anymore. I had another cookie. I saved the last one for him in case he needed it which he did right before we got to the main stage area.



Another one of our blurry pictures at the main stage area


We took a picture in front of one of the signs in the main stage area. We were excited. We got a small cup of water and followed the crowd past the porta potties to the corrals. I was actually in a corral ahead of Hubby for once. I submitted our Rock the Parkway Half as proof of time and if you read that post, you’ll remember I was surprised to make it in before him. He always stays in the corral with me even though I’ve never asked him to. So this time I went to his corral. I was worried about him and I wanted to show my support. So we waited for the start in corral C.

The costumes were great. Lots of Doctor Strange characters were there since it is the Doctor Strange 10k. They showed us a trailer from the movie since it was just recently released. We saw the movie right before we flew out to California. We liked it. I believe they had a pasta party and a showing of the movie in Downtown Disney the night before the race. We did not go because we were too pooped to pop after Disneyland and it wasn’t exactly a movie that was good for the Littles.



Doctor Strange from a distance


There were of course more costumes than just the characters from Doctor Strange. I, for example, was dressed at Captain America and Hubby was Thor. He later said that he was glad he was Thor because it pertained to the Doctor Strange movie. He made a cameo appearance in it. I don’t think that is a spoiler if you still haven’t seen it. My personal favorite was the guy I saw during the race dressed as Stan Lee. He was hamming it up and having so much fun. I loved it. I tried to point him out to my husband. I said, “Hey! Look! Stan Lee!”

He looked at me even though the guy was right in front of him and said, “Stan Monkey?”

A lady ran by us and looked at Hubby like he was crazy and said, “STAN LEE!” I think my husband thinks that it is funny to do that to me.



Picture in Radiator Springs with the sunrise. Hubby was starting to blame his phone for the blurry pictures.


The first part of the course was outside the parks. If I remember right we entered Disney California Adventure first by the way of Radiator Springs. The real sunrise coming up over the fake desert mountain range was actually quite lovely. We tried to get a picture but the person we asked to take it got it a little blurry. Hubby kept blaming his phone, but whoever we asked to take our picture at mile three did a fantastic job. It is one of my favorite pictures. Then there was also the profession picture from Disney when we entered Radiator Springs. It was pretty good. And speaking of pictures, it was awesome that they used the Disney PhotoPass which is the same system they use for the rest of the pictures around the park. It made buying the photos so much easier! It was a much better experience than buying the photos from our Florida trip. I had to buy our Disney photos from Disney PhotoPass and then our race photos from Marathon Photo. Marathon Photo was the worst! I had such a horrible experience with them. It was so cool to just enter the code for the race into my Disney PhotoPass and then poof! They were ALL there! Seriously, I can’t use the word awesome enough.



Disney Photopass picture in Radiator Springs




Much better picture with same camera phone at mile three


So our day after the race was supposed to be at Disney California Adventure. It was cool to run through and scope it out first. Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree was running when we ran by it. Also Mickey’s Fun Wheel was running. I thought it was just a regular ferris wheel but then I saw that some cages were sliding! How cool! I knew right away that I wanted to ride that. I’ll tell you more about our visit to that park later.



Mickey’s Fun Wheel


I tried to get pictures of the characters, but again I didn’t want to wait in line. So I got some blurry fly by pictures of them. I missed Spider Man. They had him kind of hidden by tucking him around the corner off course. We ran though the Disneyland castle. I still can’t get over how much smaller it is than the castle in Florida, but it is still nice. We tried to get a picture in front of it with one of the Disney PhotoPass guys but a runner dressed as Doctor Strange decided to grab his cape and pull it out for a dramatic picture. I’m sure if you can see any part of our face in his picture you’ll see our annoyance. Although I had my fair share of accidentally messing up someone else’s photos during the half. Of course I’ll tell you all about that later as well.


Doctor Strange’s cape is in our way.

Hubby told me he wanted me to run my own race and not worry about him. He actually stayed ahead of me through the first four miles. He stopped at mile markers and other areas to pose for pictures with me. The last two miles I pulled ahead. I stopped at one mile marker and waited a bit for him. I almost started off again until I spotted him. I pulled ahead again but he punched it at the finish line and passed me. He is so competitive sometimes.


Hubby crosses the finish line before me.

We got our medals and posed for our pictures. We got our goodies which was a box full of energy bars, chips, and Go Go Squeeze applesauce. We had bananas too. I was so happy he seemed okay.



Our finisher photo


When we followed the crowd out we ended up on a street corner which confused us a bit. I saw a sign for Downtown Disney and knew we usually walk through it to get back to our hotel. Hubby asked the security guard the quickest way back to our hotel and he confirmed Downtown Disney, but boy was he wrong!

We started back okay. Since the run also went through Downtown Disney they had a corral type system so pedestrians could cross certain sections without interfering in the race. They had a rope close one lane while pedestrians filled a little section of the road marked off in tape. Then they would open up the side of the corral behind the pedestrians to let the runners through it while the pedestrians in their little marked off section walked across the closed side. We did that several times until we hit one that was for going to Starbucks only. The other direction went through the main waiting area for the parks. If you have never been to Disneyland there is a big area for lines to form to go into either park. To enter it you have to go through security, but leaving you are fine. This waiting area was between our hotel and Downtown Disney. Going through Downtown Disney was mistake one. We were about to make mistake number two.

Hubby was starting to get cold and Starbucks sounded good to him. We crossed over and he ordered his drink, but I didn’t order anything because I don’t like the taste of coffee. We waited at least twenty minutes before they had his drink! When we went back out to head to the hotel it was super crowded. We hit Magic Hour for Disneyland! Ugh!

Foot traffic was at a stand still. All of a sudden we saw people walking free across the way the race was running. Hubby and I could only guess that the back of the race was done and they let people over there through. We were so frustrated! All we wanted to do was go back to our room. Then we got caught up in the lines for bag check to get into main waiting area for the parks. Our hotel wasn’t far on the other side of this backed up mess.

Now let me stop here and say that I could swear the parks in Florida have a no bag line. It makes things run smoother and faster. In California apparently there is no such thing. We all had to stand there and wait. By this time I was really about to lose it. It was just so ridiculous to me. We heard someone say that they were letting runners go through the middle but when we looked over at the middle the lines there were just as backed up as our line. We kept looking around for a line that made sense. The person that said something about the runner line sounded upset, but that didn’t make sense to me. If I wanted to get into the park and had a ton of people without bags that just wanted to get through to the other side and not in the parks, I would not care a flip de do if someone let them through. That would get them out of my line to make it shorter and probably faster. I mean think about it. You’ve got twenty people in front of you and five of them are runners that just want out of the way. Wouldn’t it make your line faster if they had a different line and were gone? That would mean you only had fifteen people in front of you. Makes sense to me.

So the guy checking bags in my line had a pretty wide lane. There was a lady standing behind him just guarding and not checking bags. I was tempted to just walk through up to her so she could easily see I was a runner that had nothing on me and just wanted through. I’m not breaking in line to get to the park because I don’t want to go to the park yet. I just want to go to my room. The guy must have read my mind or actually saw me eyeballing his lane because he grabbed the barrier and moved it closer to him. When I got a little closer I noticed the security lady was looking at me. I told her over the crowd that I was just a runner with no bag and I just wanted to get through. Her response was that everybody had to stay in line. Basically she was telling me I was SOL. I was really pissed at this point. I mean they don’t have a shuttle that really takes you anywhere close to the main stage area much less back to anywhere close to the hotels unlike Florida. It all just seemed like a big FUBAR. When I got through I actually did something I’m ashamed to say was very childish. I said Hallelujah right next to the lady that told me to wait. Hubby was a little more diplomatic and asked how we could avoid this issue the next day. She told him we would have to walk extra mileage around one of the parks instead of through them.

My brother was a little surprised it took us so long to get back when we finally made it back to the room. I had added him to email tracking through the runDisney system. We told him our story of what happened, got showered and ready to head back to the park for another day of fun.



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