Pneumonia Sucks!

Does that really have to be said? I think most people would agree that pneumonia is not cool. Well my husband has it. It started off in early October around my birthday. He didn’t feel good but he still took me out for dinner and a movie on my birthday that Sunday night. He was supposed to go with me and the kids to the local farmstead the next day to show our little girl how to fish. They got a free pole rental with our membership and the farmstead closes for winter right after Halloween. He didn’t feel up to going and we just stayed home. It was Columbus day which was a holiday for his office. I was a little worried, but then I got really worried when he didn’t want to go to the Boulevard Brewery for the MS 150 appreciate dinner. His parents were at our house all set to babysit, but he just felt too bad to go.

He stayed home the next few days but didn’t go to the doctor until that Wednesday. I made the appointment for him when he said his throat hurt so bad he felt like he couldn’t swallow. He had also been having night sweats but no real temperature until then. I thought he could have the flu or strep and I didn’t want the kids to get it. He went in and they said he was negative for all of that. They gave him some antibiotics and sent him home. That night was the night Flying  Saucer did their John Lennon glass. He was going to go with me, but he still felt too bad. John Lennon’s birthday is on the same day as mine and Flying Saucer does a pint glass every year on their pint glass night. I try to remember to go but their establishment around my birthday, but it is in a part of town we do not frequent. I was willing to go just for a bit by myself. Hubby said he okay with staying home with the kiddos. I went for a short while and then came right back home.

Hubby was feeling worse and went back to our doctor later that week. They did a scan on his chest and said he had pneumonia. They gave him a follow-up appointment unless he felt worse and then he could come in earlier. He took the medicine they prescribed. There was no change in his symptoms and to top it off he seemed to get a lot of side affects like hives from the medicine. It was not a fun time for us! He went back to the doctor and they gave him a breathing treatment and a prescription to get a nebulizer. Hubby tried to go with us to Night of the Living Farm. It is a fun little Halloween night at the local farmstead with costumes, hay rides, dancing, crafts, etc. He did okay. I was afraid being out would make him worse. I think he was just sick of being sick and missing stuff.

It took us about a week to research our insurance and see where was the best place to get a nebulizer. By that the time we were ready to purchase it, my husband was at his absolute worse. There were so many doctor’s appointments and follow-up appointments. It kind of gets all jumbled in my head now. I know he called at one point and our doctor’s office told him  there was nothing they could do for him but he could come in if he wanted. They also suggested the hospital. I agreed that maybe we should try the hospital. I had just bought some new essential oils and tried that on him too. Nothing seemed to work.

I didn’t mention our trip to California for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge, but I kept on the training schedule if not for anything but to keep fit and keep my stress at bay. I just knew we were no longer going or he wasn’t going to do the races.

I finally ordered  a nebulizer online and hoped that it would get to our house soon. It was on its way when my husband had his worse night ever. He only took a week off work at the beginning of his illness. The rest of the time he was going to work and doing most of his regular activities. We went out to eat at a local family restaurant because they had a really good deal that night. He was not feeling good at all. I put the kids to bed when we got home while he stayed downstairs trying to take some medicine to stop coughing and gagging. He tried going upstairs to bed, but he was so loud he was afraid he would keep everybody awake. He could not stop coughing. So after a night of staying downstairs with hardly any sleep, he decided to go to the hospital.

I had planned on taking the kids to Boo at the Zoo, but of course his health was at the top of the list. His mother took him while I stayed with the kids. I kept feeling like I should have went instead. They admitted him not because of the pneumonia but because of an enzyme that deals with his heart that was out of whack. He has a family history with heart disease so I guess it was good his mom was there to give them more background information. After he was admitted she came to our house and watched the kids while I brought him some things from home and took care of him.

He stayed in the hospital for about four days. The hospital was okay with kids on that floor. I remember when I was little there were certain family members I was not allowed to visit because of my age and what part of the hospital they were staying. It was nice to have the kids see him. I think it really helped him as well. We live super close to the hospital so I stayed at home at night with the kids. I did take the kids to Boo at the Zoo the day after he was admitted. It was great for everybody because the kids had fun at the zoo while Hubby got to watch all the ball games he wanted in peace and quite. We also stopped by the hospital on the way to the zoo and on the way back from it. The kids loved showing off their costumes. We had Elsa from Frozen and Chase from Paw Patrol.

There was one scary incident while he was in the hospital. They wanted him to walk around and he didn’t want to lug his IV. They took it out and put it back in when he was back in his room. I took the kids Koala Crates (little subscription boxes with crafts in them) to his room since this month’s activities were low key and not messy. Hubby was in the middle of helping my son stuff a toy snake when he realized he was bleeding everywhere. His IV was not done right. He figured out how to stop the bleeding, but his medicine and all was leaking on the floor. The nurse finally came in and fixed it. It was freaky at first, but all was fine. The kids didn’t freak out or anything. I was freaked but I guess I didn’t show it like I thought I was since the kids were fine.

My brother called while Hubby was in the hospital and asked if he should cancel his flight to California. My brother was going to help us with the kids and visit some old friends of his. This was really the first time I mentioned our trip to Hubby. Hubby told me to say that he were going unless he was dead. I asked him what he planned on doing and he said we would see when we get there. He said at the very least I should still run it without him.

When Hubby was let out of the hospital he still wasn’t one hundred percent. He heart seemed fine, but he was still coughing a lot. He was a lot better considering how he felt when he checking into the hospital. Our nebulizer was at home and he had more follow-up appointments. They cleared him for exercise, but they probably didn’t have a half marathon in mind. All he can do now is take the medicine, do the breathing treatments, and wait and see what will happen.


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