Good Luck, Pilgrim

As stated in my last post, we were playing a waiting game. My husband had pneumonia and we had a vacation and two races coming fast! Hubby seemed to be doing better but before we knew it, the day of our trip had arrived. At first we were going to keep the kids at home since it would be cutting it close to pick them up from preschool and then make it to the airport on time. Then we came to our senses and realized that preschool is exactly what they needed to keep busy while we finished last minute packing for this trip.

We spoke to my brother about picking us up at the airport since he decided to rent a car. He landed in Los Angeles, I think, and we landed in Santa Ana at the John Wayne Airport. He landed much earlier then us that day. Also my brother loves John Wayne. He thought he might come in the airport for a bit but decided against it since we landed earlier than expected. We actually didn’t see anything particularly John Wayney at the John Wayne Airport.

I can’t remember what kind of car my brother got but it was definitely a SUV. It was the perfect fit since we had a lot of luggage and people. We brought the kids Mifold car seats which looked like a dream come true on the website but as I watched my kids squirm and wiggle around I wondered if the makers thought that the child would sit perfectly still in these things. If you don’t know what they are, they are super slender and small booster seats that you can fold and even carry in the child’s backpack. They are also supposed to be legal and safe for certain ages and/or weight of the child. We discovered after our trip that we had the seat too far back for the kids to sit comfortably. Something we will correct for sure the next time we use them.

We didn’t really plan any rest days in our trip. Thursday we planned on checking in the hotel and going to the Expo. We decided to stay at the Howard Johnson and use a roll away with my brother as opposed to the Marriot right across the street that had bunk beds for kids and two queen size beds for the adults. It would have been nice to have individual beds for everybody, but our room worked out fine with the roll away and two queens especially since it was about eight hundred dollars cheaper.

After we checked in we walked to the Expo. It gave us an idea of how far we would have to walk for the parks and the races. We had a chance to use the shuttles, but decided it wasn’t worth it. It just seemed whacky that they would only take us two blocks to the start of downtown Disney instead of all the way around to the Disneyland resort. That was something I would say was in favor of the Florida races. Their shuttles take you all the way to the main stage area.

The Expo was alright. We visited a few vendors and got some free samples like Go Go Squeeze Applesauce. The NesQuik Bunny didn’t have anymore milk, but we did get a picture with the Bunny. Baby Girl won a little backpack from the Angels baseball team. I’m not sure what to do with that since we are Royals fans. I guess we will just let her play with it.



Our blurry photo of us with the NesQuik Bunny


After the Expo we started to hunt for food. We found the Rainforest Café and the kids were in love. They told us the wait would be an hour and a half but my husband decided to join their dining program. They cut our wait to thirty minutes. T-Rex Café is included and we have one of those in Kansas City that we visit every once in a while since it is a little far up North for us. The kids fell asleep during dinner. I mean our bodies were still on Central Time so we were tired. My husband almost decided to leave our individual umbrella strollers at home since the kids are four and half. Boy was he glad we brought them after carrying them all the way from the Rainforest Café to the Howard Johnson. My brother volunteered to carry Baby Girl while I carried our souvenir cocktail glasses and other goodies we bought at the Expo. By the time we got back to the hotel the kids were awake and watched the fireworks at the park from our balcony. It was a pretty awesome view! Then we all went to bed.

Friday was a park day. We did Disneyland after my husband and brother got their second free breakfast of the day. Friday was Veterans day. They got up early and went to Denny’s for breakfast one. We met them at IHOP for breakfast two. They talked about leaving the park for lunch but it would have been a big hassle so we stayed in the park to eat. It was quite the ordeal. We looked a Café Orleans and it was packed. We tried to look at the Disneyland app and everything was booked. Then we happened upon The Golden Horseshoe. It looked like there was some wiggle room in there.

My husband and brother got in line while me and the kids tried to find a table upstairs. We came across one little and I mean little table. I tried to fit five chairs around it. I got them around it, but they were all touching. I knew with all the food we would have it would be cramped. The guys were in line so long that the people next to us left. I grabbed their empty table. I saw a few bigger tables downstairs empty out but I thought by the time I grabbed all our stuff and the kids it would be claimed by someone else. So I stayed put. I got the stink eye from a few people that came up to look at tables. I wished the guys could get through the line faster at that point. We saw a show while we waited. Soon Little Man was telling me he needed to potty. I looked on the Disneyland app for the closest restroom and saw the guys heading my way with food. They started to feed Baby Girl and I took Little Man to the restroom. When I got back they were not sitting at both tables but they had some of our stuff on the other table to free up room on the one they occupied. So I sat at the other table and ate. Unfortunately the person taking my husband’s order did not hear him say he wanted two salads. He was only charged for one and given one. Even though they got it wrong, they told him he would have to go through the whole line again to pay for another salad! Seemed like they could have just taken his money there and given him another salad like he asked. So Hubby and I shared the one salad. Thank goodness I had snacks in my bag!

I had a print out and such of what to do at Disneyland, but we kind of winged it anyway. We spent most of our time in Tomorrow Land and Fantasy Land. At first I had wished we had gotten their earlier to sign the kids up for Jedi training. Then the kids saw the show later in the day and said they would have been too scared to do it anyway. We did get them on the Matterhorn because they were the right height, but little did we know how scared they would be. Little Man did okay with me holding his hand, but Baby Girl was trying to lay down and wiggle under her restraints in the seat. Hubby had to yell at her to get her to stop and sit up where she would be safe. The seats were individual so he couldn’t just lean over and help her. We revisited the discussion we had earlier about theme park rides and safety after that.

The rest of the day went fine with the exception of missing strollers. Yup, that again! If you read about our trip to Florida you know about the stroller drama. Luckily after much searching and asking around we found them. Some worker moved them for one of the parades. Then there was the one little trip to New Orleans Square because Little Man LOVES the Haunted Mansion ride. That was where we had our little adventure with lunch. We did end the day back in Tomorrow Land for the special Disney credit card character visit. It was Darth Vader just like they had in Florida for the special character visit. If you don’t know what this is, it is special character visit for people that have a Disney credit card. The cool thing is that this Darth could talk and they said he would sign autographs, but like a dope, I forgot the kids’ autograph books. Darth tried to talk to them about the dark side and they both looked a little scared. I think the conversation went about as well as it did with his own twins!

After seeing Darth Vader they wanted to stand in line to see Chewbacca. The line wasn’t too bad. When we got in there Little Man gave Chewbacca a hug along with Baby Girl! Now Baby Girl has no problem hugging a character. Little Man, on the other hand, will hardly even get in a picture with a character without me there and he HUGGED Chewbacca. Later I saw a picture of us all looking very surprised. I’m not sure what happened there that surprised all of us. Maybe it was because this Chewbacca could also make sounds. They must have upgraded their costumes or something since our trip to Florida or the California characters are just more advanced.


I guess Chewbacca did something pretty awesome.

We ended the day going to Mimi’s Café across the street from our hotel. My husband and brother went to find a CVS since Little Girl was coughing a bit. My daughter fell asleep and my son needed to potty while I was waiting for our table. Talk about a panic moment. I took a deep breath and asked the hostess where I could leave the umbrella stollers out of the way to go to the bathroom. She directed me to a little corner of the waiting area in front of a cabinet. Baby Girl was a little wobbly getting up and getting to the bathroom but she did it. By the time we got back, they called our name for our table and there was still no Hubby or brother. The waiter was sooooo nice and helped me with the strollers while I directed two tired and half asleep kids to the table. When my brother and husband showed up we decided I would take the kids across the street to sleep while they stayed to eat.

Hubby brought me back some food. I looked at the menu before I left the restaurant and had him order it for me. I believe it was a Quiche Lorraine because bacon sounded really good at the time. I got a salad as well. The kids were asleep when they got back in the room. I had my stuff ready for the next day’s race. It would be the first of two races that were are only half the distance as the Goofy we did in January. I don’t think we went out to watch the fireworks that night. We heard them but we were all too tired.


Pneumonia Sucks!

Does that really have to be said? I think most people would agree that pneumonia is not cool. Well my husband has it. It started off in early October around my birthday. He didn’t feel good but he still took me out for dinner and a movie on my birthday that Sunday night. He was supposed to go with me and the kids to the local farmstead the next day to show our little girl how to fish. They got a free pole rental with our membership and the farmstead closes for winter right after Halloween. He didn’t feel up to going and we just stayed home. It was Columbus day which was a holiday for his office. I was a little worried, but then I got really worried when he didn’t want to go to the Boulevard Brewery for the MS 150 appreciate dinner. His parents were at our house all set to babysit, but he just felt too bad to go.

He stayed home the next few days but didn’t go to the doctor until that Wednesday. I made the appointment for him when he said his throat hurt so bad he felt like he couldn’t swallow. He had also been having night sweats but no real temperature until then. I thought he could have the flu or strep and I didn’t want the kids to get it. He went in and they said he was negative for all of that. They gave him some antibiotics and sent him home. That night was the night Flying  Saucer did their John Lennon glass. He was going to go with me, but he still felt too bad. John Lennon’s birthday is on the same day as mine and Flying Saucer does a pint glass every year on their pint glass night. I try to remember to go but their establishment around my birthday, but it is in a part of town we do not frequent. I was willing to go just for a bit by myself. Hubby said he okay with staying home with the kiddos. I went for a short while and then came right back home.

Hubby was feeling worse and went back to our doctor later that week. They did a scan on his chest and said he had pneumonia. They gave him a follow-up appointment unless he felt worse and then he could come in earlier. He took the medicine they prescribed. There was no change in his symptoms and to top it off he seemed to get a lot of side affects like hives from the medicine. It was not a fun time for us! He went back to the doctor and they gave him a breathing treatment and a prescription to get a nebulizer. Hubby tried to go with us to Night of the Living Farm. It is a fun little Halloween night at the local farmstead with costumes, hay rides, dancing, crafts, etc. He did okay. I was afraid being out would make him worse. I think he was just sick of being sick and missing stuff.

It took us about a week to research our insurance and see where was the best place to get a nebulizer. By that the time we were ready to purchase it, my husband was at his absolute worse. There were so many doctor’s appointments and follow-up appointments. It kind of gets all jumbled in my head now. I know he called at one point and our doctor’s office told him  there was nothing they could do for him but he could come in if he wanted. They also suggested the hospital. I agreed that maybe we should try the hospital. I had just bought some new essential oils and tried that on him too. Nothing seemed to work.

I didn’t mention our trip to California for the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge, but I kept on the training schedule if not for anything but to keep fit and keep my stress at bay. I just knew we were no longer going or he wasn’t going to do the races.

I finally ordered  a nebulizer online and hoped that it would get to our house soon. It was on its way when my husband had his worse night ever. He only took a week off work at the beginning of his illness. The rest of the time he was going to work and doing most of his regular activities. We went out to eat at a local family restaurant because they had a really good deal that night. He was not feeling good at all. I put the kids to bed when we got home while he stayed downstairs trying to take some medicine to stop coughing and gagging. He tried going upstairs to bed, but he was so loud he was afraid he would keep everybody awake. He could not stop coughing. So after a night of staying downstairs with hardly any sleep, he decided to go to the hospital.

I had planned on taking the kids to Boo at the Zoo, but of course his health was at the top of the list. His mother took him while I stayed with the kids. I kept feeling like I should have went instead. They admitted him not because of the pneumonia but because of an enzyme that deals with his heart that was out of whack. He has a family history with heart disease so I guess it was good his mom was there to give them more background information. After he was admitted she came to our house and watched the kids while I brought him some things from home and took care of him.

He stayed in the hospital for about four days. The hospital was okay with kids on that floor. I remember when I was little there were certain family members I was not allowed to visit because of my age and what part of the hospital they were staying. It was nice to have the kids see him. I think it really helped him as well. We live super close to the hospital so I stayed at home at night with the kids. I did take the kids to Boo at the Zoo the day after he was admitted. It was great for everybody because the kids had fun at the zoo while Hubby got to watch all the ball games he wanted in peace and quite. We also stopped by the hospital on the way to the zoo and on the way back from it. The kids loved showing off their costumes. We had Elsa from Frozen and Chase from Paw Patrol.

There was one scary incident while he was in the hospital. They wanted him to walk around and he didn’t want to lug his IV. They took it out and put it back in when he was back in his room. I took the kids Koala Crates (little subscription boxes with crafts in them) to his room since this month’s activities were low key and not messy. Hubby was in the middle of helping my son stuff a toy snake when he realized he was bleeding everywhere. His IV was not done right. He figured out how to stop the bleeding, but his medicine and all was leaking on the floor. The nurse finally came in and fixed it. It was freaky at first, but all was fine. The kids didn’t freak out or anything. I was freaked but I guess I didn’t show it like I thought I was since the kids were fine.

My brother called while Hubby was in the hospital and asked if he should cancel his flight to California. My brother was going to help us with the kids and visit some old friends of his. This was really the first time I mentioned our trip to Hubby. Hubby told me to say that he were going unless he was dead. I asked him what he planned on doing and he said we would see when we get there. He said at the very least I should still run it without him.

When Hubby was let out of the hospital he still wasn’t one hundred percent. He heart seemed fine, but he was still coughing a lot. He was a lot better considering how he felt when he checking into the hospital. Our nebulizer was at home and he had more follow-up appointments. They cleared him for exercise, but they probably didn’t have a half marathon in mind. All he can do now is take the medicine, do the breathing treatments, and wait and see what will happen.