Royal Champs

We have a few races that we have done in the past that were fun. We get reminder emails from several of them. The Chiefs 5K is one and the Royals 5K is another. We saw that the Royals 5K route still went around the field, so we decided to see if we could do what we did last year. When we asked my my mother-in-law and father-in-law if they could babysit, they told us they would be out of town during this race. My sister-in-law’s oldest son ran it with us last year. We thought he would like to do it again since he is running track and he is a huge Royals fan. We asked my sister-in-law if she would watch our kids while we took her oldest with us to the race. She said sure and made a few suggestions like a sleep over for everybody at our house instead of us meeting at their house. We didn’t plan anything solid since we had some time to work out the details.

Well long story short, the race crept up on us and our nephew never signed up for it. As race day got closer, we weren’t so sure he was interested after all. That and my sister-in-law ended up working the morning of the race. We finally decided to go with plan C and hired our neighborhood babysitter. My kiddos adore her. They had a blast with the babysitter but I’m skipping the run part of my blog. Don’t you hate that?



The one and only picture I got after the race.


I should have taken a picture of the dark and dreary clouds that was around the stadium that morning. I’m sure you’ll find a blog with more/better pictures than mine. There I go comparing myself again, but it’s true that I am pretty bad about getting out the camera. I guess I can blame the fact that I’m always trying to get a PR.

At least it wasn’t too cold and believe it or not, it wasn’t too humid either. The clouds actually cleared up during the race. I wondered if “Moose Man” would be running it again and pass me with those damn horns strapped to his back. I say that in the nicest way possible. I mean good for him for being in such good shape that he can run with big moose antlers strapped to his back. Just as I was thinking all this, we happened to pass his souped up moose ride with the big trailer and music blaring. There was a man in the back of the trailer manning the equipment, but it didn’t look like “Moose Man” to me. My husband thought it was, but I thought it was a friend manning the ride while “Moose Man” ran the race. Now for those of you that do not know the “Moose Man,” he is a fan of Mike Moustakas. We all yell, “Moose,” whenever Moustakas takes the plate. “Moose Man” comes to the games with two giant moose antlers. He also has a really sweet ride that represents his favorite baseball player.

Anyway, my time was pretty good for me. I missed all the water stops. They only had one table for each stop and on one side of the road. I always seemed to get stuck on the other side of the road before I realized there was a water stop. Oh well, at least my time was good. My time last year was 32:28. My time this year was 31:22.93. I still didn’t break the thirty minute mark, but I got close!

We didn’t stay long after the run. We got our usual snacks like bananas, chocolate milk, and water. I got a muffin too. Hubby wanted to go ahead and use our ticket vouchers from our race packet for a game to avoid long lines at the stadium. I picked up our packet the day before and left the vouchers at home. Hubby was not happy.

Oh, can I talk about the packet pick-up for a minute? I have never seen a packet pick-up line that long in my life! Not at Disney, not anywhere. Oh and it was at the Hyvee on 135th street. Now if you are not from Kansas City, that doesn’t mean much. There were a lot of people running this race and that grocery store does not seem very centrally located to be convenient for a lot of people. It was okay for us, but I can’t imagine people that lived and worked further up North. They were offering free World Championship hats to the first few people that picked up their packet. Well, I needed some groceries and thought I would take the kids and kill two birds with one stone. It was at least an hour since they first opened the packet pick-up so it wasn’t like I thought I would get a hat. I found a shopping cart that looked like a race car, put the kids in it, and we waited in line outside. I didn’t want to shop first and then get my packet. I didn’t want to chance the line being longer then because I was going to buy ice cream. So we stood in the heat waiting. It was pretty hot, and  Baby Girl said as much. A guy in line in front of me joked around about spraying the kiddos down with a water hose that was in front of the store. We were fine as soon as we got in the store. Our shopping took about an hour and half. By the time we left the line was nonexistent. I mean nothing. So I guess we could have waited to do it after the shopping. Oh well. Lesson learned.

All and all it is still a good run. We will probably do it again next year. We will see. Hubby is getting less and less happy about getting up early to run. He is so much more into cycling now.