All Day Running In Green

I think I mentioned that we signed up for the Sweet 16 again. If not, then we signed up for the Sweet 16 again. As you may or may not remember, the first race on the list is the Westport St. Patrick’s Day four miler. We did not take the kids this time. My mother and father-in-law stayed over and watched the kids the night before so we could have a date night. Then they took the kids to Wonderscope the next day while we did the race. We went and saw “Dead Pool” on our date. Meh. I liked “Ant-Man” better.


We actually ended up staying out most of the day after the race, but I’m jumping ahead here. We didn’t do the packet pick-up Friday. So we got there early enough to get it the morning of the race. Hubby also decided to sign us up for a family membership with the Kansas City Track Club. We got some hats and a T-shirt with our new membership. We saw one of our hasher friends, Don, but he didn’t hear us when we tried to get his attention. We took our stuff back to the car and got ready for the race.

It was the same course as last year, I believe. It had rained earlier so even though Friday was really nice and warm, Saturday was a bit nippy. I kept my eye out for the Bloody Marys since I remember them from last year. Sure enough, they were in the same spot. Only the Bloody Marys were really bad this year. They were warm temperature wise. I really do not like warm tomato juice or Bloody Mary mix. Yuck! They were also a little too spicy. The spice might have went over a little better if they had ice in the cups. I don’t know. They were also handing out free beers. Next year I guess I’ll just go for the beer.

We actually saw our hashing buddies head into Kelly’s. We stopped and talked to them and followed them inside. Some of us drank a Guinness or two. I’m not sure why but my husband bought a round of Fireballs. Now I don’t normally do whiskey. It just isn’t my thing. I’m okay with Crown because it has that nice vanilla flavor that I like in rum. Fireball tastes pretty good but there is something in it that makes me feel really bad later. No, for the smart alecks out there, it isn’t the alcohol. I know a regular hangover. There is something different in Fireball and I don’t know what it is unless it is the cinnamon. I took the shot because I thought just one wouldn’t do much harm. Boy, was I wrong!

Anyway, we left Kelly’s to find brunch somewhere and saw a gentleman with a pony keg of Flying Monkey beer on his back. He ran with it in the race. Apparently he did a good job of not shaking it up too much. We had brunch but, I can’t remember the name of the place. These three nice people let us sit at a table with them there since it was packed. They wanted to know our thoughts about running and drinking beer. We proceeded to tell them about hashing. Now if you don’t remember what hashing is, it is a “beer drinking club with a running problem.” There were some girls promoting Jamison while we were there and we got some free shirts and buttons.

Now Hubby and I had not really planned on going to the hash run that day. I hoped that we could do it since we don’t get to much anymore. He called his mom just to be sure things were okay. She said they were still out and about playing with the kids so they were okay with it.

We went to the hash run. I think we only did a little over two miles. It started and ended at a bar/restaurant. The three people we sat with at brunch actually attended. My husband and I got a funny picture of us by some artwork/graffiti on the run. It was a good time. Thankfully I did not have a bad hangover or one of those weird Fireball hangovers. I think I want to do the St. Patrick’s run again next year but I want to run it in a green dress. I don’t know if we will get a chance to do the hash run again after the race. We seem to do those “once in a blue moon.”