The Grump Needs To Run More

I used to read stories about how much people hated the taper before a big race. I didn’t really notice it for the Goofy Challenge because we were at Disney and Universal having fun. We did a lot of walking at the parks, and we still did at least one training run while we were in Florida. It was several loops around the time share, but we made the mileage. I have noticed a change since the race though. We still have Rock the Parkway half marathon coming up but it isn’t a full marathon (thank goodness). It isn’t a huge challenge like the Goofy. I wondered if I was actually missing the super long training runs on the weekends or worse yet the super long back to back training runs!

I’ve been a little moody and the only way to help has been to run. My twins are threenagers which can drive anybody crazy. I just hate it when I yell or get mad at them. They can be very challenging at times, but I know they could be worse. I love it when we cuddle and laugh. I feel like we do that best when mommy has run some stress off that day. I mean really, who LIKES conflict and who doesn’t love a good cuddle? I even read a saying the other day, “I run the crazy away.” I think that is so me.

When I think about my Goofy training schedule I do have to give a shout out to Jeff Galloway’s training program on the runDisney website. I LOVED it! The first marathon I trained for was not fun. The training was so monotonous. I just about burned out before I even got to the race. I was running five times a week with a cross training day (which I normally skipped) and one rest day. The long runs gradually got longer every single weekend. I don’t remember who created the program, but I got it from one my running clubs at the time.

Galloway’s program kept things fresh and I don’t ever really recall dreading a weekend run like I did with the other program. In the beginning, Galloway’s program only has you running three times a week. You have forty-five minute runs every Tuesday and Thursday and then a long run on Saturday. The long run did gradually get longer. Then as we got closer to the race it changed from one Saturday long run to back to back long runs on Saturday and Sunday. Then the next two weeks you only had one moderate run on Saturday all while keeping your forty-five minute runs on Tuesday and Thursday. You had two weeks of moderate runs on Saturdays in between the really hard back to back long runs. It was great! It kept you from getting burned out while still keeping your endurance.

I haven’t been training all that much for Rock the Parkway. I’ve gotten a few six mile runs on Saturdays, but I should probably bump it up a bit before we do the race. If not for the race then at least for my sanity.


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