Laissez Le Bon Temps . . . Meh

I think I mentioned before how happy I am that we signed up for Rock The Parkway again. It is a nice way to keep up the momentum. I am really enjoying my running again. Of course we had tons of mail to read when we got home. That is snail mail AND email because I don’t keep up as much on my email while I’m on vacation. Does anybody? Anyway, I saw an email for the Mardi Gras 5K here in Kansas City. It looked like fun, but Rodney wasn’t very interested. So I asked if he would mind skipping a bike ride that one Saturday to watch the kids so I could run. He agreed.


I kept the masks and beads for the kiddos


Now fast forward a few days later and he sends me a link to a Facebook group running from a sports store in Westport, Run 816. They were going to do a run and then tap a keg of coffee stout beer. Well now, that is right up our alley and we both put down that we wanted to run that day. Then my husband realizes it is the same day as my Mardi Gras 5K. As luck would have it, the Mardi  Gras 5K was earlier in the morning in Power and Light District which isn’t that far from Westport. I could run it and then we could meet up for the Run 816 event. That day was not good for my mother and father-in-law though. Hubby really didn’t want to drive two cars. So we finally asked my sister-in-law if we could drop the kids off at her house to play since it was on the way to both races. She was game! So Rodney volunteered to work the Mari Gras 5K while I ran it and then we would head to Run 816 when I was done.

Thank goodness both runs were not at the butt crack of dawn. The kids got up and were super excited about staying at Aunt Rhonda’s house. They had been there a few days before and played outside with their cousins on their old swing set. The weather was actually nice enough for them to do that. So we dropped them off with no incident.

Rodney checked in for the volunteer position but he was a lot later than the rest of the volunteers due to the fact that we had to drop the kids off and I was with him. There was no way the rest of us were getting up that early. It was fine though. He sat at the computer and helped register late comers for the race.

I was really surprised at how small the race was. I mean it wasn’t too terribly early in the morning and it was a Mardi Gras run. I mean a lot of the people that were there were dressed up for Mardi Gras. They were having fun with it as one should. There isn’t much to say about the race itself. It was an out and back type thing. We got beads at the water stops. I think there were two water stops. I did notice that the two mile marker was a little early compared to my Garmin. When I finished the race I thought I might have made a PR but then I looked at the distance. We ran 2.92 miles. Meh.

I saw Hubby right away at the end. He was talking to the guy that volunteered with him at the computers. I think his name was Greg? He sounded like he was addicted to challenges. He talked about signing up for several Rock and Roll marathons. I have to admit I like some of the challenges I’ve seen. I saw that Go Girl Run Half Marathon Challenge and I’m tempted. I told my husband I might do it next year or sometime soon. I really have no problem with little challenges like that as long a they do not involve another full marathon.

Anyway we headed into Power and Light to see what all was there for the after run party. There wasn’t much to say about it either. I can’t really remember, but I think there was red beans and rice, cookies, coffee, and oranges. I don’t think there was your usual bananas. I think the only think I grabbed was a cookie. Meh.

I probably wouldn’t run it again. It might have been more fun if I had more friends sign up and run it with me. There are of course lot of restaurants and bars to hang out in with your friends in Power and Light. There were several other Mari Gras events planned for the Power and Light District that day, but we did not sign up for any of them. We had free beer waiting for us.

We jumped in the car and headed for Westport. I changed my sweaty clothes in the car. Hubby had some running clothes on under some warmer stuff he wore to the Mardi Gras 5K. I felt pretty good and I was ready to go. They already had the keg tapped and I was curious. I got a small sample before the run. I don’t know if I mentioned how I do NOT like coffee. It is the in your face taste I don’t like, but I like the smell of coffee beans. I can also handle some beers with a little coffee flavor. This was one of them. It was pretty good.

When the time came, we went outside wherethey briefed us on where the run would take us. They had maps in the store and signs along the course so nobody would get lost. It was really great! The run was nice and scenic as well. We ran near the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and saw the sculptures outside. We ended up doing 3.12 miles. I still felt pretty good afterwards.

When we got back we had more beer. We wondered if the store was a chain. Rodney recalled seeing a picture on Facebook of a friend of ours in Arkansas with a Run 501 shirt. The area code for some places in Arkanas is 501 and the area code for some places in Missiouri is 816. We thought if it was a chain it was a cool little concept to just use the area code of the city for the name of the store. We were told that wasn’t the case though. Run 816 is not apart of any chain.

We had a good time chatting with some people that have done some Disney runs. We were wearing some of our Disney gear and so was this other lady. She did her run at Disneyland. Since we are thinking about doing a Coast to Coast medal, we picked her brain a bit. We also talked to some Mud Babes that I had meet at a handful of runs I attended over the years. Mud Babes are apart of a running group in Kansas City called Trail Nerds.

I started to think about it and the most fun run that day was the one that was free. I spent $35 to only run extra mileage. Westport isn’t very convenient to where we live. I would probably run with them again for a special event like that. It was nice. So hey, it is kind of how the saying goes, “Sometimes the best things in life are free.”




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