A Shout Out To My In-Laws

Nobody close to me knows I do this blog except Hubby, two friends who write blogs, and now my mother. I was the one who informed all of them. My in-laws do not know. I did want to write a post about how much I appreciate them watching our kids on weekends when we did the really long runs and any races we attended. It is super nice that they are so supportive. I’m writing this with the full knowledge that they may or may not ever read this.

My in-laws are pretty active. I mean I know people their age that are more active but that is only because I belong to specialized running groups and such with people older than me. For the most part, people I know their age or older are not as active as my in-laws. I can only hope that I am in good enough shape as they are to be able to play with my grand kids the way they play with our kids.

My husband’s family has a history of heart problems on both sides. There was a time when Hubby was moving around to different cities for jobs and he wasn’t so active. My in-laws were really worried about him and his health. I think they can appreciate anything that gets my husband out and moving. They are also supportive of his cycling but I think they feel the same way about it as I do. We love that he is active as long as it doesn’t interfere too much with his time with the family (mainly the kids).

My in-laws are going with us to Disney. So they will be watching the kids while we do the big race. I hope this trip is as wonderful as I see it in my head. Right now Hubby is really stressing me about the training. He isn’t very confident about our finish. I think I can do it. Will I do it with a PR? Heck, no! I mean I’ve read even if you are a super fast runner to not expect a PR at a Disney event. I mean there are just too many distractions with all the cool characters and stuff on the course. How could anyone do a PR on an awesome course like Disney? He hasn’t done any of the weekly runs. He has done really well on the Saturday long runs. It is the Sunday long runs that he has cut short but only by about maybe two miles or so. I know he can’t do that on race day, but I think he can finish in the allotted time they have given. My in-laws seem positive as well right now. I just hope we can keep that positive vibe going when we are tired, jet lagged, and overwhelmed with amusement park crowds. If we can keep the vibe going maybe it will rub off onto my husband.


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