Weird Weather And Crazy Stuff I Now Say

About this time last year we went to Branson, MO to check out the lights and the Christmas festivities. My husband bought season passes to Silver Dollar City and said all we needed to do was go twice and it was worth it. Well between his bike rides, Royals games and what not we did not go in the Spring, Summer OR Fall. I had one weekend where we had some free time to go late in the Summer, but Hubby is a bit of procrastinator and he wait too long to get a hotel room. So we didn’t go that weekend. November rolled around, we looked and sure enough the only weekend that popped up was the same one from the previous year.

Thankfully all we had to do was seven miles that weekend. Oh yeah, that brings to mind the crazy things I now say. I say things like, “We only have to do seven miles,” or “We’ll only be running about two hours or so,” or how about, “We’re just going to do a ten miler today.” I mean I caught myself typing in the last post this line, ” It is great! I don’t dread them all that much.” I was referring to dreading training runs. So I had to follow it up with this to somewhat explain, “People who do not run will think that last sentence was crazy, but I know the rest of you get it.” Seriously. I would have laughed at someone talking like this five years ago. I don’t think I even talked like this when I trained for Pike’s Peak. I mean the thought of running for over two hours doesn’t even phase me anymore.

Anyway, the weird part is that it’s December, right? So the temperature was in the freakin’ seventys! What is up with that? I mean I shouldn’t complain too much because I hate being cold, but I think the crazy jumping back and forth between temperatures is how my family now has this mild cold. You know the kind that doesn’t get you down too bad except for the fact of how freakin’ long you have it.

This time last year at Silver Dollar City, it was misting, cold and miserable. This year was totally different. The first day we went it was warm and a little cloudy. It was actually not too bad to be at an amusement park. My in-laws went with our companion tickets since Baby Boy and Baby Girl are still free. We went and saw Rudolph, Clarice and Bumble together. Then my mother-in-law and father-in-law took the kiddos to some shows so Hubby and I could ride some of the scarier rides. It was fun. My husband and I are just big kids at heart. I saw some really cute kiddie rides and we meet back up with them to get the kids on them. They definitely take after us. They loved it! They even wanted to ride the scary stuff, but of course they are not big enough nor am I comfortable enough letting them.

The next day my in-laws stayed at the hotel while we took the kids. We did a few kiddie rides and other things we didn’t get to do the day before plus we bought quite a few mementos. My mother-in-law said she thought we already gave the kids Christmas when we got back and showed her our loot. It really wasn’t that bad. Plus we got to see Santa that day. I was a little bummed that the kids were not going to see the Santa at the Multiples of KC breakfast with him. It ended up being planned the same weekend as our Branson trip. Then my mother-in-law saw they had a lunch with Santa at Silver Dollar City. We jumped on it. It was soooo worth it. The food was great and we had Santa to ourselves. Well at least with only a few other kids as opposed to long lines of other kids.

That day was pretty cloudy and we originally thought it was going to rain. We thought about taking the kids in the cave, but we didn’t have time. The next day it did rain. My in-laws entertained the kids while Hubby and I found a nature trail and a few gravel roads around where we were staying to try to get our mileage. We shortened it by a little less than a mile. It wasn’t cold yet, but boy did the temp drop that afternoon. We thought about going to the cave after the kids napped or going out to eat just the two of us. We didn’t do either. I think we were tired not just from running but this little cold we have. We are trying hard to shake it while doing our training and not making it worse. It is hard with this crazy weather.

I was happy we got our training in and our money’s worth out of our Silver Dollar City season passes. It’s crazy we did it all in one weekend. I still didn’t get pictures for the blog. I got plenty of personal pictures to remember the weekend. The kids were a little cranky at preschool when we got back home. I think it was due to the lack of sleep. We will have to be careful about sleep and naps while at Disney.

Anyway we only have one big training weekend and then we have the real deal! We got our magic bands in the mail and I’m super excited. I’m getting emails about the race weekend. I just hope this cold goes away and we (or anybody else in the family) doesn’t get injured between now and the race. Oh and there is getting to the airport in time, making sure the kids don’t have a temper tantrum that gets us booted from the plane, getting our race packet, making sure we get to the resort okay, AND making sure we get up in time to make it to the race. Oh yeah, we have to also make sure to keep our pace so we are not picked up and have to drop out of the race. So yeah, I’m excited . . . and nervous.


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