Turkey Day And Training

So I had this post ready in my head called, “Turkey Day And More Randomness.” I had it all in my head Thanksgiving day when we ran our shorter “long” run. Of course I didn’t get to my computer that day because it was well Thanksgiving and we had family over at our house. I had some random thoughts about either training or kids. I can’t remember. I think I wrote a blog post about this problem.

Anyway I love the training program that Galloway has provided. It is on the runDisney website. It is so much better than the program I followed for my first marathon. This one is not just for avoiding injury but burn out as well. I mean the other program I followed had you running a long run every weekend that just got longer and longer. I dreaded it. This one you run two weeks at pretty much the same mileage and then you do two back to back long runs to simulate the actual race weekend. It is great! I don’t dread them all that much. People who do not run will think that last sentence was crazy, but I know the rest of you get it.

So two weeks before Thanksgiving we did one of our two long runs. We’ve been dropping the kids off at my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s house and running some form of long run on two different routes back home. They bring the kids and the car back to our house. It has been great. They have been so supportive. The first run was pretty good. We hit our mileage just fine. Well we had to go past our house and then back up again. The second day, I missed my mileage by about a half a mile or a little more. The Hubby missed a little more than that. He was getting blisters and cut through the neighborhoods. We actually ran the course backwards a little ways for a marathon/half marathon that was taking place at Corporate Woods that day. It was nice to encourage the people toward the end. However the closer we got home the closer I think our mileage was to theirs. It was funny though. I kept thinking in my head that they probably thought we were out for only a three miler or something like that when we were aiming for twenty miles. I almost signed us up for that race, but I decided to save the money for our vacation part of our trip.

Now that brings us back to Thanksgiving. The weather here has been awesome. Thanksgiving morning was no exception. It sprinkled on us a bit, but it was really a great day for a run. Hubby and I got our miles in and we also got to eat Thanksgiving without much guilt. Now the next day we were supposed to do twenty-three miles. It was raining and cold. The rain came after we got home Thanksgiving and kept going for several days. So I did my run on the treadmill that day. I missed my mileage by about two miles. I mean I caught up on all my shows that my husband doesn’t like to watch with me. I caught up on my YouTube stuff I hadn’t seen yet. I was just running out of patience. I mean there is only so much you can do on a treadmill. Don’t get me wrong. I am super happy that we have a treadmill that allows me to run in the comfort of my home on days like that, but well it is still a treadmill.

My husband didn’t do his second long run that weekend. We did the one long run this past weekend. I am kind of concerned about the long run this weekend too. We are planning a trip and if he doesn’t run “with” me, he won’t run at all. I put with in quotes because he is faster than me at the beginning but then at the end of the really long runs I’ll pass him and be alone while he cuts through the neighborhoods to get back home. It is all because he doesn’t train like he should and he knows it. It really frustrates me because he knows how important this is to me. I mean I was willing to do this alone. Now I have to motivate and worry about two of us. It makes training very stressful.

Someone remarked that we only have thirty-three days until the big race weekend. I’m sure I won’t get this published today, so it will actually be closer once this is published. I am getting excited. I realized that I have had this blog for some time now. It hasn’t gotten much traffic, but it has been a nice little outlet for me. Now if I could just get to the computer in time right after those long runs when I have a blog post all lined up and ready to go, I’d be golden.



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