Excited, Scared, And Worried

Our vacation is only days away! I’m super excited. I finally got the fast passes done (I should have done them sooner, but more on that later). I think my foot is better, I’ve printed permission forms, we got our magic bands, and I’ve got some of our clothes together to pack. Oh and I’m only five pounds away from my goal weight!

We did our dining plans months ago along with our room. We knew we needed to do that as early as we could. The thing that really freaked me out was the “new” fast passes. I almost hired an agent just so she would do our schedule and fast passes. I say new because the last time I went to Disney the fast passes were only at the kiosk near the ride itself. I didn’t really like the idea of having every little tiny detail of our trip so planned. I mean I don’t really like weekly meal plans because my husband and I sometimes will do something on the fly like surprise the family with take out or maybe something just doesn’t fit the mood we are in right at that moment. I was very worried about the whole process. I had hoped that my mother-in-law or husband would sit down and help me with it. I kept waiting but every time we planned on getting together something came up and we didn’t do it. So this week I sat down and finally did it. Then I realized you only get three fast passes on your account and any others are from the old kiosks at the park. Then I also realized it was something else I should have done as soon as I could because some of the rides like Toy Story Mania are no longer available. My mother-in-law at least printed off a recommended schedule of things to do and see. I tried to get the passes as close to that as possible. So we will see how it goes when we get there. Our trip still has plenty of room for spontaneity and screw ups (like mine)!

Now for my foot issue. The last weekend we had to do two super big runs back to back, I hurt my foot somehow. I ran the shorter of the two runs with my husband outside while my in-laws watched the kids. We both have a little bit of a cold but not enough to stop us. I listened to music. I actually thought it was a decent run considering everything. Then later that day after I had been sitting down for a little while, I noticed a dull pain in the arch of my left foot when I walked around the house. It would go away after walking for a bit, but it would show up again when I got up from the sitting position again. I ran in my older shoes and then I was going to do the big run the next day in my newer shoes. My foot was hurting bad enough and we were all feeling a bit run down that we decided to not do the other long run the next day. I really struggled with that. I hope we can still make it on the big race day. I’ve been doing all the other training runs no matter what. I hope missing this one isn’t going to break me. However I’m really worried about my husband now. He didn’t do it either. I bought new shoes and a special sock for my arch. My foot feels much better now. I hope my decision to skip that one run was a good one. I just kept thinking that if I push it and injury myself even more, then I might not be able to run the race at all. Right now I still have hope that both of us can finish.

I have had nightmares about oversleeping the day of the race. The race starts at 5:30 AM. They want you on your transport on the way to the race by 4:00 AM. They want everyone funneled in by one parking lot. I mean you can be disqualified if you try to enter your corral through some other parking lot. I keep having this nightmare that we are in our room and I open my eyes and the alarm clock reads 5:30 AM. That would mean we totally missed the race. I would hate for that to happen. My husband thinks I overreact a lot, but I hope he doesn’t mind if I set up more than one alarm clock for our race. I mean most races start at 6:30 AM or 8:00 AM, but 5:30 AM is waaaaay early. It is going to be so hard to get up and get there in time. A lot of people wonder why I didn’t just go ahead and do the Dopey Challenge instead of the Goofy and get it all out of the way. Well there is an incentive NOT to do the Dopey right there. The 5K is the only one that starts at 6:00 AM. It is going to be hard enough to wake up two mornings in a row like that, but to do it four mornings in a row; CRAZY! Again some of you that don’t run might not understand me calling get up early crazy as opposed to running all that mileage as crazy.

I’ve been watching my calories along with the training this time. I still kind of sorta eat what I want, but I do a lot more portion control. When I reach my calories on my phone app, I stop (or at least I try to). Eating out really destroys my calorie counting. For one thing not all menus or websites have the calories. So I have to just guess. The only time I can really enjoy going out to eat is when I’ve done a long run that day and burned some major calories. My excitement for my weight isn’t just weight loss from having the twins. I actually lost all that weight breastfeeding them. They are not kidding about breastfeeding burning calories! I’ve never been so hungry in my life! I probably would have lost a lot more weight if I had eaten better than I did during that time. No, this weight goal is the same weight I was before I moved in with my husband and moved to Oklahoma. Funny thing is that I was still trying to lose weight even back then. It reminds me of a meme I saw that said something like, “I wish I was the weight back when I thought I was fat.” Anyway I gained twenty pounds after moving in with my husband. Then I lost ten of it before our wedding. Then I gained ten of it back after the wedding. I kind of held that weight for years. I might have gained another ten going on a long weekend trip to New Orleans to see the Razorbacks play in the Sugar Bowl. I ate a lot of good food down there! I lost the ten pounds when we got back home. Then there was the twins. I gained fifty pounds and lost it surprisingly quick breastfeeding. My first marathon I didn’t really lose any weight. So this phone app has really helped along with doing more speed training. I have lost fifteen pounds so far. I hope I get the other five off before the marathon, but then again there is some good food in Florida too.

I’m going to have my phone and tablet. I’m not sure if I’ll want to try to write a blog post on either of those while I’m gone. So you might have to wait until I get back to see how we did in the race. I might actually post some pictures with our faces in it. I haven’t decided yet. We will see how long the adrenaline lasts. It would be awesome if anybody reading this could wish us good luck and not just on the race. I’ve also had nightmares that my husband and in-laws start fighting before it is all said and done. I mean this is a long trip to a bunch of theme parks with two three-year-olds. The three-year-olds might not be the only tired and cranky ones there. We will have to be careful to not only watch the kids but to watch ourselves as well. We just need to be sure to play it smart.



A Shout Out To My In-Laws

Nobody close to me knows I do this blog except Hubby, two friends who write blogs, and now my mother. I was the one who informed all of them. My in-laws do not know. I did want to write a post about how much I appreciate them watching our kids on weekends when we did the really long runs and any races we attended. It is super nice that they are so supportive. I’m writing this with the full knowledge that they may or may not ever read this.

My in-laws are pretty active. I mean I know people their age that are more active but that is only because I belong to specialized running groups and such with people older than me. For the most part, people I know their age or older are not as active as my in-laws. I can only hope that I am in good enough shape as they are to be able to play with my grand kids the way they play with our kids.

My husband’s family has a history of heart problems on both sides. There was a time when Hubby was moving around to different cities for jobs and he wasn’t so active. My in-laws were really worried about him and his health. I think they can appreciate anything that gets my husband out and moving. They are also supportive of his cycling but I think they feel the same way about it as I do. We love that he is active as long as it doesn’t interfere too much with his time with the family (mainly the kids).

My in-laws are going with us to Disney. So they will be watching the kids while we do the big race. I hope this trip is as wonderful as I see it in my head. Right now Hubby is really stressing me about the training. He isn’t very confident about our finish. I think I can do it. Will I do it with a PR? Heck, no! I mean I’ve read even if you are a super fast runner to not expect a PR at a Disney event. I mean there are just too many distractions with all the cool characters and stuff on the course. How could anyone do a PR on an awesome course like Disney? He hasn’t done any of the weekly runs. He has done really well on the Saturday long runs. It is the Sunday long runs that he has cut short but only by about maybe two miles or so. I know he can’t do that on race day, but I think he can finish in the allotted time they have given. My in-laws seem positive as well right now. I just hope we can keep that positive vibe going when we are tired, jet lagged, and overwhelmed with amusement park crowds. If we can keep the vibe going maybe it will rub off onto my husband.


Weird Weather And Crazy Stuff I Now Say

About this time last year we went to Branson, MO to check out the lights and the Christmas festivities. My husband bought season passes to Silver Dollar City and said all we needed to do was go twice and it was worth it. Well between his bike rides, Royals games and what not we did not go in the Spring, Summer OR Fall. I had one weekend where we had some free time to go late in the Summer, but Hubby is a bit of procrastinator and he wait too long to get a hotel room. So we didn’t go that weekend. November rolled around, we looked and sure enough the only weekend that popped up was the same one from the previous year.

Thankfully all we had to do was seven miles that weekend. Oh yeah, that brings to mind the crazy things I now say. I say things like, “We only have to do seven miles,” or “We’ll only be running about two hours or so,” or how about, “We’re just going to do a ten miler today.” I mean I caught myself typing in the last post this line, ” It is great! I don’t dread them all that much.” I was referring to dreading training runs. So I had to follow it up with this to somewhat explain, “People who do not run will think that last sentence was crazy, but I know the rest of you get it.” Seriously. I would have laughed at someone talking like this five years ago. I don’t think I even talked like this when I trained for Pike’s Peak. I mean the thought of running for over two hours doesn’t even phase me anymore.

Anyway, the weird part is that it’s December, right? So the temperature was in the freakin’ seventys! What is up with that? I mean I shouldn’t complain too much because I hate being cold, but I think the crazy jumping back and forth between temperatures is how my family now has this mild cold. You know the kind that doesn’t get you down too bad except for the fact of how freakin’ long you have it.

This time last year at Silver Dollar City, it was misting, cold and miserable. This year was totally different. The first day we went it was warm and a little cloudy. It was actually not too bad to be at an amusement park. My in-laws went with our companion tickets since Baby Boy and Baby Girl are still free. We went and saw Rudolph, Clarice and Bumble together. Then my mother-in-law and father-in-law took the kiddos to some shows so Hubby and I could ride some of the scarier rides. It was fun. My husband and I are just big kids at heart. I saw some really cute kiddie rides and we meet back up with them to get the kids on them. They definitely take after us. They loved it! They even wanted to ride the scary stuff, but of course they are not big enough nor am I comfortable enough letting them.

The next day my in-laws stayed at the hotel while we took the kids. We did a few kiddie rides and other things we didn’t get to do the day before plus we bought quite a few mementos. My mother-in-law said she thought we already gave the kids Christmas when we got back and showed her our loot. It really wasn’t that bad. Plus we got to see Santa that day. I was a little bummed that the kids were not going to see the Santa at the Multiples of KC breakfast with him. It ended up being planned the same weekend as our Branson trip. Then my mother-in-law saw they had a lunch with Santa at Silver Dollar City. We jumped on it. It was soooo worth it. The food was great and we had Santa to ourselves. Well at least with only a few other kids as opposed to long lines of other kids.

That day was pretty cloudy and we originally thought it was going to rain. We thought about taking the kids in the cave, but we didn’t have time. The next day it did rain. My in-laws entertained the kids while Hubby and I found a nature trail and a few gravel roads around where we were staying to try to get our mileage. We shortened it by a little less than a mile. It wasn’t cold yet, but boy did the temp drop that afternoon. We thought about going to the cave after the kids napped or going out to eat just the two of us. We didn’t do either. I think we were tired not just from running but this little cold we have. We are trying hard to shake it while doing our training and not making it worse. It is hard with this crazy weather.

I was happy we got our training in and our money’s worth out of our Silver Dollar City season passes. It’s crazy we did it all in one weekend. I still didn’t get pictures for the blog. I got plenty of personal pictures to remember the weekend. The kids were a little cranky at preschool when we got back home. I think it was due to the lack of sleep. We will have to be careful about sleep and naps while at Disney.

Anyway we only have one big training weekend and then we have the real deal! We got our magic bands in the mail and I’m super excited. I’m getting emails about the race weekend. I just hope this cold goes away and we (or anybody else in the family) doesn’t get injured between now and the race. Oh and there is getting to the airport in time, making sure the kids don’t have a temper tantrum that gets us booted from the plane, getting our race packet, making sure we get to the resort okay, AND making sure we get up in time to make it to the race. Oh yeah, we have to also make sure to keep our pace so we are not picked up and have to drop out of the race. So yeah, I’m excited . . . and nervous.


Turkey Day And Training

So I had this post ready in my head called, “Turkey Day And More Randomness.” I had it all in my head Thanksgiving day when we ran our shorter “long” run. Of course I didn’t get to my computer that day because it was well Thanksgiving and we had family over at our house. I had some random thoughts about either training or kids. I can’t remember. I think I wrote a blog post about this problem.

Anyway I love the training program that Galloway has provided. It is on the runDisney website. It is so much better than the program I followed for my first marathon. This one is not just for avoiding injury but burn out as well. I mean the other program I followed had you running a long run every weekend that just got longer and longer. I dreaded it. This one you run two weeks at pretty much the same mileage and then you do two back to back long runs to simulate the actual race weekend. It is great! I don’t dread them all that much. People who do not run will think that last sentence was crazy, but I know the rest of you get it.

So two weeks before Thanksgiving we did one of our two long runs. We’ve been dropping the kids off at my mother-in-law and father-in-law’s house and running some form of long run on two different routes back home. They bring the kids and the car back to our house. It has been great. They have been so supportive. The first run was pretty good. We hit our mileage just fine. Well we had to go past our house and then back up again. The second day, I missed my mileage by about a half a mile or a little more. The Hubby missed a little more than that. He was getting blisters and cut through the neighborhoods. We actually ran the course backwards a little ways for a marathon/half marathon that was taking place at Corporate Woods that day. It was nice to encourage the people toward the end. However the closer we got home the closer I think our mileage was to theirs. It was funny though. I kept thinking in my head that they probably thought we were out for only a three miler or something like that when we were aiming for twenty miles. I almost signed us up for that race, but I decided to save the money for our vacation part of our trip.

Now that brings us back to Thanksgiving. The weather here has been awesome. Thanksgiving morning was no exception. It sprinkled on us a bit, but it was really a great day for a run. Hubby and I got our miles in and we also got to eat Thanksgiving without much guilt. Now the next day we were supposed to do twenty-three miles. It was raining and cold. The rain came after we got home Thanksgiving and kept going for several days. So I did my run on the treadmill that day. I missed my mileage by about two miles. I mean I caught up on all my shows that my husband doesn’t like to watch with me. I caught up on my YouTube stuff I hadn’t seen yet. I was just running out of patience. I mean there is only so much you can do on a treadmill. Don’t get me wrong. I am super happy that we have a treadmill that allows me to run in the comfort of my home on days like that, but well it is still a treadmill.

My husband didn’t do his second long run that weekend. We did the one long run this past weekend. I am kind of concerned about the long run this weekend too. We are planning a trip and if he doesn’t run “with” me, he won’t run at all. I put with in quotes because he is faster than me at the beginning but then at the end of the really long runs I’ll pass him and be alone while he cuts through the neighborhoods to get back home. It is all because he doesn’t train like he should and he knows it. It really frustrates me because he knows how important this is to me. I mean I was willing to do this alone. Now I have to motivate and worry about two of us. It makes training very stressful.

Someone remarked that we only have thirty-three days until the big race weekend. I’m sure I won’t get this published today, so it will actually be closer once this is published. I am getting excited. I realized that I have had this blog for some time now. It hasn’t gotten much traffic, but it has been a nice little outlet for me. Now if I could just get to the computer in time right after those long runs when I have a blog post all lined up and ready to go, I’d be golden.