Random Thoughts And Being Anonymous

Well the Waddell Reed race was the last big race before the Goofy Challenge and I’m very worried about my husband’s training. He has not been running during the week like he should and he only started doing the long runs with me on the weekends after he finished the MS 150 in Kansas. I should be worried about my training. This challenge is no joke and I don’t really consider myself a “real runner.” At least it doesn’t come easy to me like my husband, but even he needs to train or he won’t finish the challenge.

We’ve done two big weekends of running together. I thought they both went pretty well. My mother-in-law and father-in-law have been very supportive by watching the kids for us while we run. I would normally take them with me and let them play at a playground along the way, but it is starting to get really cold. The last training run we went on my husband let me know how much he dreads them. He really wanted a group to run with instead of just the two of us. I tried to find some groups. We already belong to a few running groups, but they are not doing the same thing we are doing. I don’t see any of them taking back to back long runs like us. I’m sure it would have been nice to find a local group doing the same race, but  I just didn’t find anything like that. We only have two more big weekend runs before the big race. I hope he can suck it up and just deal with running with me. I couldn’t help but get my feelings hurt a little bit. I know I’m slower than him and we are mostly on our own on the run, but we are together every now and then on the walk breaks. I try not to take it personal and look at it as two different running styles.

I mentioned in one of my other posts how I was glad this blog was still anonymous. I say that because one of the moms from my multiples groups who has a blog had an incident on her vacation a few months ago. They have not had a family vacation since her quadruplets were born in 2011. So they took a nice little road trip out West. She had strangers try to take pictures of her kids and some lady actually figured out what hotel they were staying at and showed up to see the kids. CREEPY! I mean really who takes pictures of someone else’s kids? I would never do that unless they were wearing a cool Halloween costume or T-shirt with a cute saying and only if I had the parent’s permission. I had a friend who had a quad stroller with her twins in it and some kids she was taking care of at the time. Someone took a picture and posted it to a mom group on Facebook. I can understand that a little because the stroller is very interesting to see, but she should have gotten permission to take the picture. My friend found out when someone she knew on that mom group sent her a copy and asked if it was her. Thankfully the picture did not have anyone’s face in it. Now don’t even get me started on the lady that showed up at the hotel. That is just super creepy! What is wrong with people?

The mom with the quadruplets started her blog to let her friends and family know how they were doing. She has kept it going as kind of like a baby book/record her kids can look back on, read, and enjoy. She has done some writing as a guest on other blogs and mom websites. She has a much bigger audience than I do and so much more exposure. So I don’t think I’m in any danger of anybody stalking our twins, but still, I’m good with this being anonymous for now. I’ve been toying with the idea of posting pictures of us if/when we cross the finish line. Twins are so much more common now. I mean quadruplets are a lot more rare, but come on people, it is still rude and creepy to take pictures of another person’s kids. Ugh!

I am still searching for a job I can do at home, but the job search is not going well. I thought I would have more time but it seems like I have less and less. I was so proud of the fact that I wrote that one blog post only a day or so after the race, but then I didn’t get it posted until about two weeks later. It is just so weird. It seems like no matter what I do, I just don’t have time. Writing these blog post seem to go okay as long as I remember what I was thinking on my run. Anyway we are getting closer to the race and I’m getting excited.


Waddell On

So I finally started a post about a run we did without a week passing. Now reading and revising is another story. We did the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Half Marathon or also known as the Kansas City Half Marathon. This course was awesome if you are from out-of-town and want to see some of the sights of Kansas City! Actually it is awesome if you are a stay at home mom and LIVE in Kansas City but you don’t get out much to see the sights.


We didn’t have a good start to this one. My husband rushed to get our packets at the expo so he could get back home, change clothes, and then rush back out to the Royals game. I decided to skip the game because I was already tired and didn’t wan to be out that late the night before the race. I took my kiddos to a cute little Halloween event at a local farmstead instead. We went to something called, “Night of the Living Farm.” They wore their costumes, got some candy, and rode the “Not So Scary Hay Ride.” They have another hay ride that is for the bigger kids. Anyway I thought that since I would want the kids home at a decent hour for their bedtime it wouldn’t be bad for me either. We had fun. They went as Woody and Jessie from Toy Story. The costumes were store-bought and it was chilly so they had their Royals clothes on under it.

Our morning ended up being super crazy. Both kids ended up in our bed after some accidents in their bed. My in-laws stayed the night and I had to wake up my mother-in-law to sleep in our bed with the kids before we left. My husband had some new gear to negotiate. Then we forgot his armband for his phone. He also wanted to login to Stub Hub to see about some Royals tickets, but I told him NO. We were already running late.

I was freaking out so bad. He hadn’t checked on where we needed to go for parking so I had to navigate. I hate navigating for him. He gets so impatient even if I’m waiting on my phone to login or respond. As if I have control over how fast or slow that happens. We parked where the map advised. It ended up being almost a mile away from the start. I know because I measured it (more on that later).

We walked real fast to the start and everybody was already in the corral. We couldn’t find the bag check. We asked a gentleman at the medical tent, but he didn’t know. I asked a runner and he directed us across all the people in the corral to another white tent. We made it over there without much fuss. The older gentleman kind of made fun of the fact that I used the hole in the little tag on the bottom of my bib to pin it to my shirt when the tag was meant for my bag check. He made some smart remark to my husband about how he was sure I was good at something or good for something. It was early, I was tired, I can’t remember. I do remember telling him that I was a mother of three-year old twins and that I hope I was good at that. That took him back a bit. I didn’t say it to him in a mean way though so it was all good.

When we got back to the corral we only had like a minute or two before the start so we kind of got in where we could. I looked and saw we were with the ten minute mile group. Hubby is faster than that but not me. He said I would be fine where I was. The start was at the Crown Center which has some lovely fountains and buildings. I started out following the 2:15 pacer group for a bit and lost them around mile three or four. We made a loop in front of the World War I Memorial. Soon after that there was a great band and a line of people to high-five in Westport. Somewhere between Westport and the Plaza I started to think about this post and the name of the race. Funny how thoughts jump in your head when you are running. The name of the race made me think of this video I saw when I was pregnant with the twins. “I’m Sexy And You Know It,” was fairly new when I was pregnant and these lovely people did a spoof called, “I’m Pregnant And I Know It.” I loved it. So there I was running, singing in my head, “Waddle waddle waddle waddle waddle, yea!” Then I saw the six mile flag. I have to admit that I thought we were at mile four or five maybe. I was so stoked to see six. It was just so loud that I couldn’t hear my phone call out the mileage.

Just when I think that Westport had an awesome cheering section, we get to the Plaza and it was great there as well. There was a band there and lots of people cheering us. It was kind of slow going after that. The 2:20 and 2:25 pacers had already passed me and I was really starting to wilt a mile nine. I get to about mile ten and guess whose voice I hear? If you read my post about Rock The Parkway and the fun pacer that was there, then you probably know. Yes, it was Crystal. I wished I had lined up with her at the beginning. She is so much fun! When we got to the next mile marker I had expected everybody to scream, “Woooo!” there, but they screamed, “Lets go Royals!” instead. It was awesome. I found my second wind and stayed with her and the 2:30 group for a while. It was especially nice that she mentioned it was pretty much down hill the rest of the way (I guess I forgot to mention this was a bit hillier than I expected). She told one story along the way about her husband who is an amputee and the time he didn’t listen to her about training for the marathon portion of the Iron Man he did. Then after mile eleven or twelve I heard her and the other pacer talk about how hard the last bit was because it was very straight, you can’t see the finish,and it just feels so long. They were right. Then on top of that we got passed by the marathon winners. I heard a lady say something like, “nothing like getting passed by the marathon people.”

I had not even turned the corner for the last bit when my phone said I had done thirteen miles. I had noticed around mile seven or so, when I could actually hear my phone announce the mileage, that it was off quite a bit. By the time I finished my phone said I did thirteen and half miles. My finish time was 2:31:25. I just kept thinking that I need to find Crystal and ask if she can help motivate my husband to train for the Goofy Challenge. Hubby signed us up for Rock The Parkway again at my suggestion. I hope she does that one again.

The after party was really cool. They had a great band with picnic tables and couches in front of them on the lawn near the Crown Center. We had a chicken sandwich and a Boulevard Wheat beer. It was a bit chilly, but I was a happy camper. We measured the walk back to the car because we were actually supposed to do seventeen miles that day and not just thirteen. We were only a mile or two short.

I think I might want to do this race again. Hubby and I got home okay. The kids came back with pumpkins they picked out at a church my in-laws took them to, to look at scarecrows and their “pumpkin patch.” We were supposed to go to the game, but we were too tired. Hubby sold our tickets and we watched the game with the family. If you watched it you know the Royals won! We had a nice southern supper after the kids woke up from nap. It was my father-in-laws birthday and I was happy to hear him say that he had a good day when he left our house. I was worried about intruding on his birthday, but I think the kids excitement over the pumpkin patch and the Royals win really helped.

PS – I have a post about some random thoughts coming soon and oh yeah, the Royals won the World Series!!!!