The End Of Our First Series

We did the last race of our Sweet 16 Series a few weeks ago. I meant to write this sooner but I had another one of those birthday thingys. Well I had a weekend or two in between the race and my birthday, but we had a five mile training run followed by a fifteen mile training run right after that. The Royals are doing well and we’ve been lucky enough to go to some games. The kids have had the school brown bear back to back (I mentioned they were in preschool, right?). I was in a wedding and went to the Missouri Multiples of Moms Convention. Long story short, we’ve had some busy weeks.

The last race was the Run For The Orangutans. It has also been referred to as “The Zoo Run.” It was the same weekend as our local Multiples consignment sale. I wasn’t on the board this year and decided not to sell either. So all I did was shop Friday night and then run Saturday morning. I was really excited about this race. We were running through the zoo. I have told my husband if you walk both loops in the zoo (Africa and Australia) it is three miles or more. I believe I was right!

12119508_10156161448185790_536114625_oWe started a little ways down the road next to the Starlight Theater. Then the rest was all in the zoo. The first part was on the employee service road. So we didn’t see many animals then, but it wasn’t long until we were on the regular zoo walk ways. I don’t think the giraffes were out that morning yet but I saw the zebras. The tigers were watching us and looking a little restless. I think I remember seeing more animals but since it has been so long I can’t remember!

I saw only one guy in costume. He dressed like an orangutan. He must have been hot in that costume! I wished I had a picture of him though. After the Royals race I thought I would try to take more pictures. I am such a slow runner and I’m always trying to have a good PR. I just don’t “stop to smell the roses” I guess. The orangutans were up at the glass as we came by and I saw several people veer off course a little to go take a selfie. I knew my time was only okay and I just didn’t do it. I did get a picture later after the race of the demolition of one of the older buildings that hasn’t been in use for some time.

12044004_10156131771745790_292379530_oMy sister-in-law has lived in Kansas City for twelve or more years. She told me a year or so ago that this building was never in use since she has been coming to the zoo. She told me she heard they used to have monkeys in it. They stopped using it for some reason and there it sat. I’m excited to see what they put here since they remodeled the orangutan habitat. The orangutan habitat is awesome, but again no picture. These two pictures are the only ones I took that doesn’t have my family in it. I’m still happy making this an anonymous blog. I’ll tell you more about that later. In the end I was happy with my time seeing how I sacrificed pictures for it. It was 42:14. It wasn’t better than my Trolley Run time, but my husband keeps reminding me that race was all downhill.

I’ve been critiquing myself a lot lately on my blog. This is still mostly a journal for me. I know my grammar isn’t perfect and I could use more pictures and pizzazz. I just don’t have the time. I’ve been looking for another job, organizing the house more, training for the Goofy and well my most important job of all . . . taking care of my kids.

When I read that other blog on the Royals 5K race I skimmed over a lot. It was nice of that writer to try to draw the audience a picture of the event, but I’ve been a bad reader recently. I skim all the colorful crap to get to the real “meat and potatoes” of the article. I do that with everything now. I’m not sure if it is laziness or just that fact that if I take the minute it takes to read that then I won’t be able to do the next thing I need to get done during nap time. You Moms out there know what I’m talking about here. I’ve also been told that I write a lot like I talk. I have so many friends that already think I’m long-winded. I’m used to “cutting to the chase.”

So there you have it. The Run For The Orangutans was a lot of fun. I think I wouldn’t mind doing the Sweet 16 Series again, but I will admit my husband and I were kind of bummed we didn’t get a medal for it. We felt like we would have looked a little cooler and had bragging rights with two medals around our neck at the zoo. We had already received an email stating that our pint glasses were shipped to the wrong address, and that they would not be at the Zoo Run. The email still mentioned going to the tent for the after party. When we got there they said there was no medal just the glasses. So we really didn’t need to visit the tent at all. My husband and I could have sworn the registration email said something about a medal, but now that I looked at it again, it just said a special prize. The lady at the tent said they settled on pint glasses since everybody does medals. Oh well, we still had fun and we still have bragging rights.

We stayed to have some fun after the race. My mother-in-law brought the kids after we ran. She didn’t stay because she had to babysit my sister-in-law’s kids and they’ve done the zoo so many times. They wanted to go to the Renaissance Fair. My husband and I planned a nice day with the kids at the zoo. It seemed like a good idea at first, but by the time we made it to the car I believe my husband and I were more tuckered out than the kids. I think we all took a nap that afternoon.