Our Return To The Royals 5K

We did the Royals Charities 5K back in 2011. It was so much fun. They had a great goody bag. There was a regular Royals shirt along with a Royals 5K shirt. There were coupons for free or discounted admission to a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. Then there was one or two vouchers to a Royals game. The course ended at home plate. That was so cool. You got to see yourself finish on the “Crown Vision.” When we were done we saw that some goody bags were not claimed. The race was selling them for one dollar! We bought enough bags to take my in-laws and their kids to the corn maze and pumpkin patch. We went not too long after the race. We made a day of it and had a blast.

Not long after that race I got pregnant and had the twins. We knew the race wasn’t stroller friendly so we just skipped it the last few years. This year we made our return to the Royals Charities 5K. It was still fun, but there were quite a few changes.


There was no goody bag. You get your Royals 5K shirt, your bib, your vouchers for a game and that is about it. I read an article somewhere about the disappearing goody bag. It made sense. The more people you have run a race, the more expensive it is to get a great goody bag. If you want to keep the cost of a race affordable you have got to sacrifice some things like a goody bag.

The race did not end on home plate, but you still got to run around the outside of the field making a full circle before ending in front of the stadium. I’m not sure if the number of racers went up because this event isn’t as new as it was before or if it was because the Royals went to the World Series last year. Basically there was just a LOT of people there this year.

My mother in law and father in law were going to stay with the kids, but they were sick. My sister-in-law and her kids stayed the night with us instead. We took her oldest with us the Chiefs game the night before and then the run the next morning. He is running track at school this year. It was so funny. We kind of wished we could have just stayed overnight instead of driving out there and back again the next morning. We were basically the last to go to bed and the first to get up that morning.

When the race started I felt like I was doing pretty good, but then the “moose guy” passed me. So for those of you who are not Royals fans, we have a player named Moustakas. Whenever he goes to bat we all holler, “Moose!” I think some announcers and players from the other team thought we were booing when we first started to do it. Anyway last year when we were at one of the World Series games a guy was in the stands with these huge moose antlers! So I’m running along and this tall skinny guys passes me which is fine. But it is the “moose guy” and I’ll be damned if he didn’t have those moose antlers strapped to his back like a backpack! I wished I had gotten a picture of him.

A little bit later on the course this elderly couple passed me around the first mile. I was feeling pretty low about my pace, but I kept on going. I gave all the military personal a high-five that was near the water stop. That was fun. I started to feel a lot better about my pace when realized I was doing about a ten minute mile when I got to mile two. That is fast for me! As I mentioned before we ran on the outside part of the bases. I had to dodge people stopping to take pictures. I was annoyed at first, but then I realized it was to be expected. It is a good view if you have never been down there.

When we went down the tunnel into the field someone mentioned how much that was going to suck going back up it again. I actually let that get in my head. I was running around the field thinking about that. It was hot in there too. It did suck, but I powered through it. Regardless of the “moose guy” and the elderly couple, I’m still proud of my time. It was 32:28. One of these days I’ll do sub 30 I hope.

It has been a few days since I actually did the run and I was looking up some things. I ran across another blog about the race. I think the guy/gal might be a lot younger than me from what I understood in his/her post. This person ran a 26:48 and stopped to get all these great pictures! There was even a picture of the “moose guy!” I’ll try to get more pictures for you if I can. I’ve gotten real bad about that in my “old age.”

Side Note: I wrote another post before this one. My half-sister and half-brother lost their dad. The post seems very personal on a lot of levels and not just the obvious one. I’m debating on publishing it or not. Maybe just getting it out of my head onto something I can read will be good enough.