Where Is The Middle Ground?

I had a friend once tell me when I was single that we are all assholes with issues. We just need to find an asshole with issues that mesh with our issues. It really stuck with me, obviously.

So now that I have found my asshole with issues that somewhat mesh with mine, we have two little assholes that will have their own issues someday no matter what we do. Now I keep seeing these posts about parents and their kids getting kicked out of restaurants and airplanes. Is this a thing now or has it been going on a while and I’m just noticing it since I have toddlers?

There are a few articles and videos I’ve seen recently. I really like this article and this one as well on the same incident. Then there was the video I saw about a singer asked to leave the airplane because her toddler was fussy. As far as I know we are not flying United to Disney for the race, but still I am a little concerned. My kids are not usually super fussy, but anybody can have a bad day.

Seriously, will we get kicked off the plane because my daughter cries for a minute or two if she wants to sit next to me instead of my husband? Will we get asked to leave the plane if my son gets scared and cries because he wants to sit in my lap? It takes a little while to talk to and explain to a toddler why they cannot do something. Will some impatient person complain and ask for us to be kicked off the plane because his two minutes of peace and quite were interrupted by the “little monsters” with the “horrible parents”?

I understand that there is a spectrum here for both sides. There are the parents that let their kids go nuts and there are the parents that restrict every single thing they do. There are people who complain about everything and then there are people who never complain even when they should. These are all exceptions and NOT the rule, I know.

I know there is a middle ground, but like I said, we all have our good days and we have our bad days. As parents we hope and pray that the bad days come when we are in the safety of our own home and not around judgy strangers. We do the best we can. Sometimes we have a genius parent moment when we’ve packed just the right toy or snack to settle our little one down even before the tantrum occurs. Then we have those days where we overslept, we were in a hurry, and we are about to have a tantrum ourselves. I just hope this doesn’t happen on our plane if we happen to have a complainer on the plane. I guess even a middle ground person having a bad day as well could foul things up a bit. Sometimes when two people are having a bad day, it just doesn’t mesh well together.

I have several more months until our trip. I can get a packing list and try my best to have a genius parent moment in case we are in a situation where a tantrum might occur. We flew with the twins once when they were a little over one years old. Anytime they got fussy I had Cheerios to munch on and I breastfeed (under a blanket to avoid those complainers, of course). So I guess we will see when the time comes.


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