Four On The Fourth For Murica’s Birthday

Another race at the butt crack of dawn. Since it was the Fourth of July and usually hot, the temp was just right at that time of the morning. My in-laws stayed the night and were back at home with the kiddos. I always seem to be real nervous before I get to the race. I know it isn’t nerves about my performance since the race was only 4 miles. I think I get nervous because I worry about just getting there. I guess I’m worried my husband or traffic or something will make us late. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, my husband is real bad about being on time for things. That makes me worry about the Disney races. They are so early in the morning it will be so easy to oversleep or just drag butt.


The woman’s shirt is super cute.

There were no waves or anything for this one. It actually looked like there wasn’t that many people there. I thought I started okay, but man a lot of people passed me! I just kept thinking that maybe I would be passing quite a few of them toward the end. I did pass a few people but I don’t think I passed as many people that passed me earlier. It all kind of reminded me of this scene from an old Goldie Hawn movie. She plays a woman who coaches boys football in high school. She encounters several obstacles and prejudice while at her school. The kids didn’t want her as a coach so they destroyed something of hers. I think it was a watch or something from when she ran the Boston Marathon. So she challenged the boys to outrun her. If I remember right, she said if she was the last one running then she stayed and if they beat her she would leave. I remember all those boys passing her super fast on the first few laps. She just had a steady pace. I kind of fancied myself to be like Goldie Hawn’s character with the steady pace. Since I didn’t pass that many toward the end, I would have to say my pace was really slow. If her character did Boston, she was by no means slow. She also won the challenge of course. It would be mush of a movie if she lost. She told them they owed her a new watch. I couldn’t find the clip but you can enjoy the trailer.

I didn’t do as well here as I did in the Trolley run. I was about 4 minutes slower. My husband reminded me that the Trolley run was almost all down hill. There were medals at the end of this race and root beer floats. We didn’t stay long. The later it got, the hotter it got. Also my husband needed to pick up something from the grocery store. I about froze in the refrigerator section since I was still in my running clothes and covered in sweat. I over pack when we travel and I don’t pack enough for local races. I didn’t bring any extra clothes to the race because I usually don’t want to have to run back and forth to the car or keep up with them. I wonder how that will all balance out for the Goofy Challenge.


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