Official Goofy Training and Random Thoughts

So today is the first official day of Goofy training if you are following the Galloway plan on the runDisney website. I ran with a local group last night called the Mud Babes that run on wooded trails. Well I meant to run with them. I showed up late and ran by myself which was fine. I was in a bad/stressed out mood anyway. I probably would have been real grumpy. The run helped a lot with all that. I ran for about 4 miles. So I probably won’t run today. I just have so much I need to get caught up on right now. That is also why this is going to be short.

I do remember thinking what a wimp I was being last night by worrying so much about tripping and messing up my legs or ankles. I was fine when I ran, but the funny thing was that every time I did a short walk break I would trip. I caught myself every time, but it was enough to get my heart rate up even more.

I did get some time earlier in the week to look at an old write-up I did for my first half marathon, Pike’s Peak Ascent. Man, do I feel old. That was 10 years ago! I do have to laugh about the part I wrote in it about being a social runner. I am so not a big social runner. I mean I can be, but I have no problem training on my own. I’ll probably post it soon since the Pike’s Peak Acsent and Marathon is coming up in August.

Oh, I went to a Rolling Stones concert not too long ago. I remember posting something about one of their songs here. They didn’t play that song or one of my other favorites, “Paint It Black”. There are a few observations I made while I was there.

  1. Mick Jagger still has the moves
  2. The Rolling Stones have a very, very, very diverse audience
  3. I know more Rolling Stones songs that Buffet songs (I used to be in the Parrot Head club).
  4. 20 something year old drunk and high dudes + 50 something year old high ladies = entertainment

It was a good show and we enjoyed it. This summer has been so busy and I imagine it is only going to be busier with all the training. The twins turned 3 a few weeks ago! I am thanking my lucky stars that the training didn’t start until after that. Also we are not just Goofy training in this house, since the little ones turned 3 and have shown some interest, we got some potty training going too. Whew! That is a lot of training. Wish me luck!


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