Official Goofy Training and Random Thoughts

So today is the first official day of Goofy training if you are following the Galloway plan on the runDisney website. I ran with a local group last night called the Mud Babes that run on wooded trails. Well I meant to run with them. I showed up late and ran by myself which was fine. I was in a bad/stressed out mood anyway. I probably would have been real grumpy. The run helped a lot with all that. I ran for about 4 miles. So I probably won’t run today. I just have so much I need to get caught up on right now. That is also why this is going to be short.

I do remember thinking what a wimp I was being last night by worrying so much about tripping and messing up my legs or ankles. I was fine when I ran, but the funny thing was that every time I did a short walk break I would trip. I caught myself every time, but it was enough to get my heart rate up even more.

I did get some time earlier in the week to look at an old write-up I did for my first half marathon, Pike’s Peak Ascent. Man, do I feel old. That was 10 years ago! I do have to laugh about the part I wrote in it about being a social runner. I am so not a big social runner. I mean I can be, but I have no problem training on my own. I’ll probably post it soon since the Pike’s Peak Acsent and Marathon is coming up in August.

Oh, I went to a Rolling Stones concert not too long ago. I remember posting something about one of their songs here. They didn’t play that song or one of my other favorites, “Paint It Black”. There are a few observations I made while I was there.

  1. Mick Jagger still has the moves
  2. The Rolling Stones have a very, very, very diverse audience
  3. I know more Rolling Stones songs that Buffet songs (I used to be in the Parrot Head club).
  4. 20 something year old drunk and high dudes + 50 something year old high ladies = entertainment

It was a good show and we enjoyed it. This summer has been so busy and I imagine it is only going to be busier with all the training. The twins turned 3 a few weeks ago! I am thanking my lucky stars that the training didn’t start until after that. Also we are not just Goofy training in this house, since the little ones turned 3 and have shown some interest, we got some potty training going too. Whew! That is a lot of training. Wish me luck!


Trolley Run

We did the CCVI Trolley Run at the end of April. It was the second of our Sweet 16 Challenge. I had never heard of it, but apparently it is a pretty popular race. Our Parents as Teacher Educator told me before the race that she walks it every year. I don’t remember how many people ran. There was definitely a lot of people there that morning. We parked at the end on the Plaza and rode one of the several buses to the start. The website says, “Over the years, the Trolley Run has become the largest timed four-mile run in the United States, and the first major run in Kansas City to use chip technology for race results.”

It was kind of cool and a little cloudy that morning, and of course it started at the butt crack of dawn. I was glad my mother-in-law and father-in-law were able to stay the night and wake up with the kids. Our kids are not really early risers. Of course that means when I get them to preschool in the Fall I’ll have a hard time getting them up and out the door.


Before you start wondering how my in-laws are able to watch our kids so much, I think I mentioned they moved to Kansas City. Maybe I didn’t. I’ve been trying to remember everything I’ve written without having to read it myself. I barely have time to write much less go back and read what I wrote months before to refresh my memory. So just to save myself some time, my in-laws are selling their house in Fayetteville, AR and moving to Kansas City. They are already staying in a duplex and have purchased a condo type thing for seniors. They just wanted to be closer to all the grand kids since my sister-in-law lives in Roeland Park, KS. I am very lucky and grateful to have them all live close enough and be so willing to watch the twins when we need it.

So back to the race. I did my best time for 4 miles! I did it in about 40 minutes. Although I’ve been told it is mostly a down hill course. They had us split up in waves. I think my bib was yellow and I remember passing a lot of green bibs. The Hubby wore a yellow bib too though. I can’t remember how they had the waves split. I do remember that we wore our race shirts from the St. Patrick’s Day race. Hubby asked if we were going to wear the Trolley Run shirt to the Fourth of July race and so on. I said, “Sure. Why not?”.

I also remember a couple that had some funny shirts on that day. I think it said something like, “Fear The Bacon,” or something similar. I remember someone was cooking bacon and giving it out along the course. I didn’t see the “bacon couple” getting any. I thought they would for sure get some. I was tempted. I remember the Bloody Marys on the St. Patrick’s Day run. I ran by them thinking it was another water stop. When the guy said it was Bloody Marys, I did a bit of a U-turn making sure not to get the way of my fellow runners. He laughed and handed me the cup. I kind of wished someone had one that morning.

My in-laws took the kids to their church with them. So they were not going to be home for a little while. The Hubby and I decided to do a quick brunch and Bloody Marys since I mentioned having a craving for one from the previous 4 miler we did. We were already in the car and driving away from the Plaza when we saw on Google that Tomfooleries Restaurant & Bar was supposed to have a good one and it was on the Plaza where we just were! We tried to find something else since parking was bad and we already left our choice spot. There was a Barley’s Brewhaus on our way home so we stopped there. The Bloody Mary’s were alright and the brunch was pretty good. Hubby wanted some sausage type thing. I got a California omelet and asked to have bacon added. I love my veggies, but bacon makes everything better. We really should have shared a meal, but his meal just didn’t sound appetizing to me at that moment.

I can’t remember if it was later that day or a day or so later that I saw one of our friends in our running group on Facebook with his family at the Trolley Run. I hardly ever have time to look at my news feed. I usually just check my notifications and whatever happens to be at the top of my news feed when I do it. Well I smacked the palm of my hand to my forehead when I saw his post. Of course they would be at the run. CCVI stands for Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired. His sweet little girl was born with bilateral congenital microphthalmia with cyst. The picture on the post was so precious. I think she is maybe 2. He was holding her hand crossing the finish line with his pregnant wife holding her other hand. I think we are going to try to do the run again next year unless something major prevents us. I hope to do it with our friend and his family. It is a really fun run and for a really good cause.