Ninja Warrior Goofy

My husband and I like to watch American Ninja Warrior. We’ve been watching it for many years. I think we started watching it from the very beginning. I’m not sure but I know not many people knew about it and it was not aired on any major TV network when we started watching. We have even seen a few of the original Japanese episodes. We were a little bummed that we were out of town when they came to Kansas City this year. We recently started watching the new season and I had a scary thought while watching some of the contestants wipe out after the first or second obstacle.

I just couldn’t imagine training so hard for something to only go out so fast. It would be so heartbreaking. Then I realized that is kind of what I am doing now with the Goofy Challenge. I am not comparing the physical aspect or anything. I think those obstacles would be much harder to tackle than running. I’m just comparing the disappointment in having a goal for so long and then not reaching it. I mean the Goofy Challenge and American Ninja Warrior both have the danger of not even making it to the event. One could always get injured training. Heck you could get a real bad injury doing something like walking down the street. I mean one good pothole and boom! You are down. It could happen. With the Goofy Challenge being in January during flu season, you could get really sick before the race. I’m not sure how many people still go and spread their germs to everyone else. I don’t recall anybody doing American Ninja Warrior sick. There might have been some. I’ve seen people try to complete it after getting an injury on the course.

Then there is the danger of something going wrong during the event. For the contestants of American Ninja Warrior it can be over a lot quicker. I mean one bad day on the stepping stones and you are done within seconds. Now running a half or full marathon would take longer, I would think. I mean unless someone gets injured on the course right away, they wouldn’t pick you up until a little ways in for being behind the cut-off time. I read the comments from the last race. People were so disappointed to have to ride back to the beginning.

I guess there is a bright side. If you don’t get injured before you even make it to the event, there is the excitement of the event itself. I’ve never been to a live American Ninja Warrior event, but I’m sure the contestants are getting to know each other and get wrapped up in the whole atmosphere of being there. Then there is the Goofy Challenge. I mean come on, it’s Disney World. If you weren’t too thrown off by the disappointment of not making it and looked around, I guess you could appreciate how far you got. I’ve seen some contestants on American Ninja Warrior be excited to just . . .well be there. Those contestants are always fun to watch on TV.

As we continue to watch this season of American Ninja Warrior, I will try to learn from those that see the upside in what they do even if they don’t get to press that buzzer. I mean I hope I will make it to the Goofy Challenge and finish all the races. I just think I need to prepare myself for disappointment just in case. As far as the show goes, I will be cheering hard for the ladies. Last year was so awesome for the women. The above clip is from 2013. I wish they had a highlight clip of all the ladies that went big in 2014. Instead I’ll leave you with the first woman to make it up the warped wall, Kacy Catanzaro. I hope all the ladies from last year do it again this year.


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