Ninja Warrior Goofy

My husband and I like to watch American Ninja Warrior. We’ve been watching it for many years. I think we started watching it from the very beginning. I’m not sure but I know not many people knew about it and it was not aired on any major TV network when we started watching. We have even seen a few of the original Japanese episodes. We were a little bummed that we were out of town when they came to Kansas City this year. We recently started watching the new season and I had a scary thought while watching some of the contestants wipe out after the first or second obstacle.

I just couldn’t imagine training so hard for something to only go out so fast. It would be so heartbreaking. Then I realized that is kind of what I am doing now with the Goofy Challenge. I am not comparing the physical aspect or anything. I think those obstacles would be much harder to tackle than running. I’m just comparing the disappointment in having a goal for so long and then not reaching it. I mean the Goofy Challenge and American Ninja Warrior both have the danger of not even making it to the event. One could always get injured training. Heck you could get a real bad injury doing something like walking down the street. I mean one good pothole and boom! You are down. It could happen. With the Goofy Challenge being in January during flu season, you could get really sick before the race. I’m not sure how many people still go and spread their germs to everyone else. I don’t recall anybody doing American Ninja Warrior sick. There might have been some. I’ve seen people try to complete it after getting an injury on the course.

Then there is the danger of something going wrong during the event. For the contestants of American Ninja Warrior it can be over a lot quicker. I mean one bad day on the stepping stones and you are done within seconds. Now running a half or full marathon would take longer, I would think. I mean unless someone gets injured on the course right away, they wouldn’t pick you up until a little ways in for being behind the cut-off time. I read the comments from the last race. People were so disappointed to have to ride back to the beginning.

I guess there is a bright side. If you don’t get injured before you even make it to the event, there is the excitement of the event itself. I’ve never been to a live American Ninja Warrior event, but I’m sure the contestants are getting to know each other and get wrapped up in the whole atmosphere of being there. Then there is the Goofy Challenge. I mean come on, it’s Disney World. If you weren’t too thrown off by the disappointment of not making it and looked around, I guess you could appreciate how far you got. I’ve seen some contestants on American Ninja Warrior be excited to just . . .well be there. Those contestants are always fun to watch on TV.

As we continue to watch this season of American Ninja Warrior, I will try to learn from those that see the upside in what they do even if they don’t get to press that buzzer. I mean I hope I will make it to the Goofy Challenge and finish all the races. I just think I need to prepare myself for disappointment just in case. As far as the show goes, I will be cheering hard for the ladies. Last year was so awesome for the women. The above clip is from 2013. I wish they had a highlight clip of all the ladies that went big in 2014. Instead I’ll leave you with the first woman to make it up the warped wall, Kacy Catanzaro. I hope all the ladies from last year do it again this year.


Rockin’ It

So Rock The Parkway Half was my miracle race in more ways than one. My husband didn’t do much training. Ha! He did like maybe three runs before the race and that includes the Westport St. Patrick’s Day Race. Like I said, he does a lot of cycling so he isn’t totally out of shape or anything. He did a 2:22:38.2 half. He was hurting a little after it was all said and done, but nothing too major. My husband was absolutely amazed by how well he did considering all this. I was even more amazed by my results.

If you think the medal looks heavy, you are right. It's not as big a the Little Rock Marathon though.

If you think the medal looks heavy, you are right. It’s not as big a the Little Rock Marathon though. We will have to do that one some other time.

My issue started the Tuesday before the race. Of course most races like this run on Saturday morning. I had planned to rest on Tuesday except for walking to the nearby church to vote in the most recent election. I came back and didn’t stretch because I walked and it was only a little over a mile round trip. I sat down to my laptop to do some work. It sits on the kitchen bar and I sit on a bar stool. We have an open floor plan which I love. I can work and watch the kids play in every room on our first floor. The issue is that it isn’t real great for my back (you see where I’m going here?). I was sitting at the laptop when I felt a little something in my lower back. I got frantic and start stretching like crazy. Every half hour or so I would lay on the floor and try to stretch out whatever was hurting my back. It just kept getting worse throughout the day. I thought maybe once I got some rest that night I would feel better the next morning.

I was wrong. I was in tears in the next morning! I could find no relief no matter what I did. It hurt to even lay down. My mother-in-law took my kids to a play date while I went to my chiropractor that was just a few blocks away from them. I had been pretty loyal in seeing him when I could since my insurance covers almost all of my visit with him. I “bragged” to my mother-in-law in the car that I usually only take about 10 to 15 minutes on the table. I told her I knew some people he worked on for an hour and did not know what on Earth would cause that kind of work, “Bless their hearts.” Ha! I walked in and he couldn’t even touch me until he had a heating pad on my back for at least 8 minutes. By the time I got out I had been there about an hour!

When I went in I was more concerned with the pain but by the time he was done with me I asked about the half marathon to come that Saturday. He got this look on his face like I had just sprouted horns out of my head. He said it might be possible but it would hard to do. He recommended that ice it at home and not use anymore heat. He also said no running until maybe Friday. He told me to find a firm mattress to sleep on for the first night maybe two nights. I tried to think of a bed in our house that was firm. I think that is another issue. Our mattress is so old and too soft. He said some people were known to sleep on the floor. So that is what I did. I slept on the floor for two nights in a row. I wanted to do it all the way up to race day, but my husband asked me not to. I think he was worried the floor was too hard for me. It was a little difficult to get to sleep at first but my back felt so much better in the morning.

I tried icing my back sitting in a chair, but it just wasn’t working for me. So I laid down on the floor to ice my back to make sure I got the full benefit of it. I did that every few hours. We also moved my laptop in the dinning room so I could have my feet flat on the floor. I did not like it there. I just couldn’t see everything like I could from the kitchen.

So race day comes and I am super nervous that I won’t be able to finish. My husband is supposed to be in a corral up in front of me. We get at the front of my corral with the 2:30 pacers. He looks at the sign and asks me if I am going to finish it in 2:30. I laugh as I say, “Yeah, right. I wish.” He decided since his corral was the very next one he would at least start with me. I usually don’t like that, but he promised he wouldn’t try to stay with me. I hate it when I know I’m the reason he isn’t doing his best.

Once I got running, I actually felt fine. My back didn’t hurt. It was sunny but a little cool. I wore arm warmers and kept them on until about mile 4. I got one off just fine, but the one under my arm band for my phone was harder. I kept pinching myself. It didn’t hurt real bad, but I pinched it quite a few times. I finally got it off when we got to a down hill portion of the run for me to slow down a bit. When the race was over, I had some nice bruises. My husband wasn’t happy about that for several reasons. One was that it kind of looked like I was abused.

Ouch! I didn't know I had bruised myself this bad taking my arm sleeves off during the race.

Ouch! I didn’t know I had bruised myself this bad taking my arm sleeves off during the race.

The rest of the run was beautiful! We could not have asked for better weather or a day to go for a run. I stuck with the 2:30 group. I was running and thought that the pace was actually doable. One of the pacers, Crystal, was a hoot. After each mile marker she would count down from 3 and everybody would scream, “Wooooo!” She talked about slowing down on the up hills. I just can’t do that. I like to power up and get over it. I stuck with them all the way up to about mile 8. She had said we were a minute or two ahead of 2:30 pace schedule. I kept them in sight all the way to mile 11 and caught a second wind. I didn’t catch up to them completely and lost them the last mile or so. I wondered what my time was when I crossed the finish line. I mean the time flashing there was not right because we started in waves and I was a few waves behind the first group.

I found my husband and we walked around a bit. They had one band on the course and some singers at a park later on in the race. There was a band at the end. I would have excepted a few more bands during the run since the name of the race is Rock the Parkway. We tried to get some massages. I told my guy what happened to be sure he didn’t accidentally do something worse. I felt pretty good except behind my right knee and my calves. He only worked on my calves. I think he might have been scared to touch my back. After that it was pretty dead except the line to get pictures in front of the Rock the Parkway banner. We got a few of us together and then we walked back to the car which I think was a mile in itself.

My legs were a little stiff when we got back home. My in-laws stayed the night and watched the twins since we had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to do the race. My husband’s legs were worse due to lack of training. After we cleaned up and got back to our day, I checked my results. I always start my phone a little early. My phone said I did 13.38 at 2:37:29. My chip time was 2:30:42.3! I check my best time for a half and it was 2:39:21.4. I shaved off about 9 minutes with a bad back! I was happy just to finish. I was ecstatic that I finished with that time.

I think we learned some lessons from all of this. I learned that we need a new mattress even if my husband does not agree. My husband learned he needs to train more (something he already knew really). I learned to sleep on the floor a few nights before a race to improve my results. I’m just kidding, but I am sooooo using Rock The Parkway as my proof of time for Goofy.


Show Some Green

I can’t remember if I signed us up for the Sweet 16 series or Rock the Parkway first, but as I keep saying, I want to keep up the momentum. Of course now that we are officially signed up to do the Goofy Challenge my husband is going to have to train, right?

Anyway, as I said in the last post the Sweet 16 series is a combination of 4 races that are 4 miles each. So the first one we crossed off our list was the Kansas City Track Club’s Westport St. Patrick’s Day Run. I have wanted to do this one for a while. My husband has always been kind of blah about it. I knew it was stroller friendly and we totally lucked out on this race within this series. I asked my mother-in-law if she could watch the twins during any of this and she said yes to all but this one. They were going to be out of town that day. That is why we were lucky. This race was the only one that was not at the “butt crack of dawn” (you will see me refer to this a lot when I get up early in the morning). So it was perfect for taking the kids.

11181538_10155566135510790_1519773836_oIt was a little cooler on race day than I expected. The twins were fine. We brought some dry clothes for us to wear and a towel to dry off on afterwards. We put the towel over the kids like a blanket and Baby Boy kicked his side off him. His sister was still a little chilly even with the towel, so my husband put my shirt on her and gave me his at the end of the race. My husband runs faster than me even if he doesn’t do anything other than bike riding. I’m not sure what the kids thought of all the costumes and green people were wearing during the race. He did tell me that toward the finish line Baby Girl kept hollering, “Go! Go! Go!” I guess she got caught up in all the cheering people do at the end of a race. I love that she did that.

The race was on 3/14/15. Some of you might know that was official “Pi Day.” For those of you that do not know or do not remember pi from math class, it is basically the number that never ends. The first part of it is 3.1415. I remember one of my math teachers had pi as her border for the top part of her classroom. Well she had whatever would fit in the room. You can Google pi to get the actual definition here. Since it was “Pi Day” they gave you a small key lime pie at the end of the race. We stuck around chatting with some hashers we don’t get to see very often (in case you haven’t read my previous post and do not know, hashers are basically runners and beer drinkers). We were some of the last people to leave and ended up taking a whole box of those pies home. They had a lot leftover at then end of the race and started giving whole boxes away to people. Some people told us we needed to go back and get some more since they were doing that. We shared with my in-laws when they got back to town.

All in all, it was a good run. We had fun. I think the kids had fun too. They never got out of the stroller, but they had chocolate chip cookies at the end. When you are a kid any day you get a chocolate chip cookie is a good day, right?