Rockin’ The Sweet 16

So I was worried about momentum. I think I’ve got that covered now or at least I hope I do. I’ve been meaning to write this post eons ago but I got all caught up in the spring consignment sale for my multiples group. I am a board member and I have to stay and help the whole weekend. We are there from the very beginning to the very end. It is a lot of work! Some moms work so hard they do not even get a chance to get their things together to sale for themselves. Luckily I took several days to get a little bit done here and there and got it all ready in time.

Anyway, I found a half marathon here in Kansas City that is pretty popular. It is called Rock the Parkway. We did it a few weekends ago. Oh, and when I say we, I do mean my husband and I did it. Yes! He did a major run with me. Well, he ran it. We almost never run together because he is always going to be faster than me. I’ll have more on that later.

I also found a local race challenge called the Sweet 16. It is 4 races that are 4 miles each. So far we have done 2. We did the St Patrick’s Day Run and the CCVI Trolley Run. We only have the Four on the 4th and the Kansas City Zoo Run left to do. I’ll do something on the 2 we have done so far soon.

Oh and as of today we are officially signed up to do the Goofy Challenge in 2016! How is that for momentum? I’m so excited. I had to write a little to get you caught up on what is going on right now. I’ll try to remember details for the three races we have done so far and do a write up on them soon.