Living Vicariously

I think I mentioned that I joined a Facebook group that trains for the Goofy and Dopey Challenge. It actually started off as a group running just the Goofy for the first time in 2015. That was of course earlier this January. I got to see all the excitement and pictures while it happened. It really got me excited. I added my husband to the group so he could feel some of that too.

My husband is talking more seriously about the trip now. I’m pretty sure he is on board. I think I’ve found a half marathon for us to run in the Spring. I belong to a running club that gets discounts on registrations. If I could only get someone to tell me if we have one for the race I want to join then I could sign us up for it. Right now it is kind of like crickets on email and Facebook, and I’m very frustrated. I feel like if I don’t keep the momentum up then this will all fall through. It isn’t like I only want to do it if there is a discount. I just don’t want to sign up and a day or two later find out there was in fact a discount code. I always feel a little like I’ve been gypped when that happens.

Anyway the Facebook Goofy Challenge group was talking like they didn’t know what to do with the group page once the race was over this year. I suggested to keep it because I wanted to run the Goofy in 2016. A bunch of other people chimed in to say the same thing. So they kept it and renamed it to include all Disney Challenge Races. I love it! As soon as the Goofy Challenge was over, I started in on the questions.

I’m still running, but I just really want to keep the momentum going. So I need to find some local races to help our training, and I need to contact an agent about our stay at Disney. I also have to get my husband off the bicycle a day or two during the week to run. The bike is good cross training, but he still needs to run. I am just so excited after seeing so many accomplish their goals at Goofy and Dopey this year.