40 Year-Old Extrovert/Introvert With Two Year-Old Twins

Eeek! I mean really. If you couldn’t tell from my last post, I just turned 40. It is really weird seeing my old high school classmates on Facebook with their tweens and teenagers. I even saw one of my classmates call herself an “old lady.” I don’t feel 40 except the back pain. I also think about where my Mom was at my age. I was about 10 years-old when she was 40. My sister is about 9 and a half years older than me. I remember my first nephew being born about that time. That means 40 is when my Mom became a grandma! It just blows my mind. I know some of my classmates have grand kids, but still. . .

I saw this article the other day. I can relate to some of the items they list as “effed up” about being 40. Some of the others not so much. The back pain is the big thing. Get ready for those that haven’t reached 40 yet. I know picking up two toddlers all the time doesn’t help my back, but there isn’t much I can do. I even Googled how to pick up toddlers safely.

Speaking of the twins. I am reading this book, Raising Your Spirited Child. I really like it. I am just confused about the introvert and extrovert part. When I took the personality test I was only one point on the introvert side than the extrovert side. I then took it for the rest of the family as best I could. I think Baby Girl is an extrovert for sure. I think Baby Boy is a lot like me. My husband is confusing too, but not in the same way that I am. For instance we both fight about who has to approach someone to ask a question about something. One of the times we went to church we tried to see if our babysitter was working that day. We needed someone to babysit the next night and she had not been answering my texts. She wasn’t there and my husband and I fought over who should ask one of the other ladies about it. We have been going to that church for about a year, but it has been so sporadic that I kind of still feel like we don’t know people. My husband ended up asking and the girl was out sick. Then there is also the fact that I am better at a party than my husband. I call it liquid courage. Then again parties can be easy. Most people are in an open friendly mood just because it is a party. So when the next day comes after something as exhausting as a party, I like to spend it alone with my immediate family resting. Here is another way where my husband and I differ? On days when I don’t want visitors, he invites his parents and his sister’s family over for dinner. I get so frazzled when he does that. He doesn’t see them as visitors. I’m sorry anybody that doesn’t live in our house is a vistor including my family. Another way we differ is that I don’t mind eating a meal out at a restaurant alone or going to the movie theater alone. I actually find it quite relaxing. My husband doesn’t get that. I don’t know. I think all three of us are kind of in the middle there. My daughter is just a character. My in-laws all agree she is an extrovert.

Anyway this book has been real interesting to read. I just gives me some good ideas on how to handle certain situations. It doesn’t just help me handle the kids, but it also helps me to handle myself. Parents have personality quirks too. We have all got to work together as a family.

“So that is all fine and good, lady, but how is the training going?” you might ask. Well it isn’t. I think I am going to have to start from square one. My back has been hurting me so bad lately. I have hardly been running at all. When I do run it is only a mile or so. I still have time before the Goofy in 2016 and I am still determined to do it.