Now What?

I did a marathon, but I did not fall off the face of the planet. I have been trying to figure out my running schedule along with other things since I do not have a close running goal anymore. I know I want to do the Goofy Challenge in 2016, but if I do not have another marathon right now, what mileage do I do? How often do I run?

I have not done much research on maintaining marathon fitness. It turns out that July was a very busy month for me and August looks pretty busy as well. I did find a three-day training schedule for a marathon that I want to try, but again I do not have a marathon around the corner. I was just running three times a week with the hopes of doing around 15 or so miles a week. I felt like I wasn’t really maintaining my speed or endurance well. So I am going to try for 20 miles a week while setting aside one day to work on speed training. Even if I have to run four times a week instead of three, I want to get in 20 miles. I should probably do some more research, but until then I actually like this schedule.

The heat probably has something to do with my endurance and speed as well. We did get a break from it for about a week in July. We had some nice Spring like weather. It wasn’t so good for the twins to go to the pool, but we did run to the playground a lot. Actually we have been to the same playground so much I just feel like I am getting into a rut.

I have gone back to do some hash runs recently. Those were fun. They were mostly on pavement with no “shiggy.” Shiggy is any kind of natural obstacle like bushes, thorns, trees, etc. I might do more of those or try some other running groups that do trail runs. The only issue is that I need someone to watch the twins while I run those. They are not exactly toddler friendly trails.

The other reason I have been super busy is that I hold certain positions on committees with my home owners association and one of my twin mom groups. I do not know what is in store for me with those. It is nice being a part of something and being social, but I hope I am not in over my head.

Work has also been kicking my butt. Even though I am just a “consultant,” I have worked a lot of hours because we are doing a billing conversion that will hopefully happen this month. I am keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

So that is what is up with me. I need to find another marathon goal. I should probably find one with a Team in Training or something similar. That way my husband can start his training. Like I’ve mentioned in several other posts, he likes group training and is very competitive. He has been doing really well with his cycling and has had a lot of focus on that. I know he won’t have too much trouble getting into the swing of things for running, but he would need more motivation than I could provide. I just have to find the time to research.