Home Of The CHIEFS!

I was never much of a football fan. I did not know much about the game even when I was in band in Junior High and part of High School. Growing up in Arkansas it was pretty much determined that you would be a Razorback fan. That is because that is the big college. It didn’t matter if later on you went to UCA, UAM, Hendrix, or to an out-of-state college. If you were from Arkansas most people expected you to be a Razorback fan. It was just tradition. I say this because I remember a boss I had in Oklahoma got irritated with some Sooner fans. He said he didn’t get why they were so passionate when they didn’t even go to school there. I explained my situation to him and he understood it a bit better. No, he was not a Cowboys fan (the college team, not the professional one). He was a Sooner fan as well.


My first live college game in Fayetteville, AR was when I was dating my husband. He taught me a little bit more about the game and I loved the atmosphere. I even started to watched some games with him at home on TV. Have you noticed I have not really mentioned professional football yet. That is because for the majority of my life I did not know any huge professional football fans. Everybody was so big on college football. I knew a few Dallas Cowboy fans, but they were not what I would call hard-core.

Now that we live in Kansas City, it kind of makes us automatic Chiefs fans. I actually went to my first professional game at Arrowhead Stadium before we moved to KC. We knew a guy who I think got box seats through his work. I looked at my husband and told him it could only go downhill from there. The box seats were so awesome. Now that we live in KC we are season ticket holders, but the seats are nowhere near as nice as box seats of course. We are pretty high up in the stands. I didn’t get to go to many games right after the babies were born, but I got to go to a few last year thanks to my in-laws babysitting here and there. Oh, I can’t forget some hasher friends that watched the babies for us as well.

We thought about taking the babies to an early game, but some friends of ours that have a little one and have season tickets told us why they did not do that. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums. I think they broke a world record only to have it beaten a few weeks later. That is just one of many reasons why we do not want to take our little ones to the stadium yet. When I read that the Chiefs 5K was stroller friendly, that was a big bonus.

My husband and I did the Royals 5K the year before the babies were born. We had a lot of fun and thought it was a good family event. The babies went to a Royals game last year and got their certificates for their first visit. I want to take them to more games this year since they are old enough to enjoy the park in there. We still think it will be a while before they go to Arrowhead. So we decided the 5K would be the only time we would want to take them to the Arrowhead while they are so young.

Holy cow though! I knew my husband was faster than me even though he has not been running at all this year, but dang. He was pushing the stroller the entire time and I still couldn’t keep up with him. He has been doing cycling a lot and he has been doing well with it. I kept up with him for the first mile, but I fell behind after that. I caught back up with him a little after mile two because he was walking. It was really nice of him to wait. I was irritated a first. Like I have said before I hate holding people back when they could do better. He said he wanted all of us to finish at the same time. It was really sweet of him to think of that.

Oh, speaking of trying to keep up with him in a stroller, I have never seen so many strollers at a race. I have also never seen so many slow people in front of runners with strollers. The website for the race said it was stroller friendly, but they wanted people with the strollers in the back. I guess they thought people with strollers would be slower, but boy, were they wrong. People were getting passed left and right by runners with strollers. It was hard for my husband because we have the side by side double jogging stroller. There was a lot of people there too. So we were going pretty slow at the start dodging people.

Here is the funny thing though. I finally broke 35 minutes in a 5K! The Chiefs 5K wasn’t timed, but we both started our Map My Run or Map My Ride for this race. I started mine right before we took off running. My husband started his right at the starting line. When we ended my Map My Run said we did 3.2 miles in 34:56. My husband said his showed we finished in 33 something. He thinks we might have done better than that since we got our medal, water, and walked a bit to park the stroller before he stopped it. Either way that is the best 5K time I have ever had!

It really was a good run for us. We thought there would be more food. I mean they had food, but it was to purchase and not really a part of what you paid for your registration. Your registration got you a medal, water and a power bar. Well there was your packet with a T shirt and some coupons as well. They were also doing locker rooms tours. We had a Groupon for a tour that we did a few years ago. So we skipped that part. We had fun though. We got pictures of the babies with a cheerleader. Baby Girl was a natural. She grabbed a pom-pom and posed next to the cheerleader. Baby Boy wasn’t so sure either about the cheerleader or the pom-pom. I am not sure which upset him, but he had a hold of my leg in the picture. I posted everything to my Facebook page of course. It was a good family outing for us. It is a day I will remember for quite some time.

Side note: After I wrote this I looked up the registration for the Royals 5K. It is not stroller friendly and it starts at 8 AM. The Chiefs 5K started at 9 AM. I don’t think we are going to do the Royals 5K. I am kind of bummed about it too.


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