Home Of The CHIEFS!

I was never much of a football fan. I did not know much about the game even when I was in band in Junior High and part of High School. Growing up in Arkansas it was pretty much determined that you would be a Razorback fan. That is because that is the big college. It didn’t matter if later on you went to UCA, UAM, Hendrix, or to an out-of-state college. If you were from Arkansas most people expected you to be a Razorback fan. It was just tradition. I say this because I remember a boss I had in Oklahoma got irritated with some Sooner fans. He said he didn’t get why they were so passionate when they didn’t even go to school there. I explained my situation to him and he understood it a bit better. No, he was not a Cowboys fan (the college team, not the professional one). He was a Sooner fan as well.


My first live college game in Fayetteville, AR was when I was dating my husband. He taught me a little bit more about the game and I loved the atmosphere. I even started to watched some games with him at home on TV. Have you noticed I have not really mentioned professional football yet. That is because for the majority of my life I did not know any huge professional football fans. Everybody was so big on college football. I knew a few Dallas Cowboy fans, but they were not what I would call hard-core.

Now that we live in Kansas City, it kind of makes us automatic Chiefs fans. I actually went to my first professional game at Arrowhead Stadium before we moved to KC. We knew a guy who I think got box seats through his work. I looked at my husband and told him it could only go downhill from there. The box seats were so awesome. Now that we live in KC we are season ticket holders, but the seats are nowhere near as nice as box seats of course. We are pretty high up in the stands. I didn’t get to go to many games right after the babies were born, but I got to go to a few last year thanks to my in-laws babysitting here and there. Oh, I can’t forget some hasher friends that watched the babies for us as well.

We thought about taking the babies to an early game, but some friends of ours that have a little one and have season tickets told us why they did not do that. Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest stadiums. I think they broke a world record only to have it beaten a few weeks later. That is just one of many reasons why we do not want to take our little ones to the stadium yet. When I read that the Chiefs 5K was stroller friendly, that was a big bonus.

My husband and I did the Royals 5K the year before the babies were born. We had a lot of fun and thought it was a good family event. The babies went to a Royals game last year and got their certificates for their first visit. I want to take them to more games this year since they are old enough to enjoy the park in there. We still think it will be a while before they go to Arrowhead. So we decided the 5K would be the only time we would want to take them to the Arrowhead while they are so young.

Holy cow though! I knew my husband was faster than me even though he has not been running at all this year, but dang. He was pushing the stroller the entire time and I still couldn’t keep up with him. He has been doing cycling a lot and he has been doing well with it. I kept up with him for the first mile, but I fell behind after that. I caught back up with him a little after mile two because he was walking. It was really nice of him to wait. I was irritated a first. Like I have said before I hate holding people back when they could do better. He said he wanted all of us to finish at the same time. It was really sweet of him to think of that.

Oh, speaking of trying to keep up with him in a stroller, I have never seen so many strollers at a race. I have also never seen so many slow people in front of runners with strollers. The website for the race said it was stroller friendly, but they wanted people with the strollers in the back. I guess they thought people with strollers would be slower, but boy, were they wrong. People were getting passed left and right by runners with strollers. It was hard for my husband because we have the side by side double jogging stroller. There was a lot of people there too. So we were going pretty slow at the start dodging people.

Here is the funny thing though. I finally broke 35 minutes in a 5K! The Chiefs 5K wasn’t timed, but we both started our Map My Run or Map My Ride for this race. I started mine right before we took off running. My husband started his right at the starting line. When we ended my Map My Run said we did 3.2 miles in 34:56. My husband said his showed we finished in 33 something. He thinks we might have done better than that since we got our medal, water, and walked a bit to park the stroller before he stopped it. Either way that is the best 5K time I have ever had!

It really was a good run for us. We thought there would be more food. I mean they had food, but it was to purchase and not really a part of what you paid for your registration. Your registration got you a medal, water and a power bar. Well there was your packet with a T shirt and some coupons as well. They were also doing locker rooms tours. We had a Groupon for a tour that we did a few years ago. So we skipped that part. We had fun though. We got pictures of the babies with a cheerleader. Baby Girl was a natural. She grabbed a pom-pom and posed next to the cheerleader. Baby Boy wasn’t so sure either about the cheerleader or the pom-pom. I am not sure which upset him, but he had a hold of my leg in the picture. I posted everything to my Facebook page of course. It was a good family outing for us. It is a day I will remember for quite some time.

Side note: After I wrote this I looked up the registration for the Royals 5K. It is not stroller friendly and it starts at 8 AM. The Chiefs 5K started at 9 AM. I don’t think we are going to do the Royals 5K. I am kind of bummed about it too.


A Shout Out To My Treadmill – Yuck

I hated running through junior high, high school, and college. I barely made the requirements to running a mile for the presidential challenge thing back in the 80s. It wasn’t all my fault though. I will never forget it. I was counting my own laps but the teacher wanted each of us to choose an “official” lap counter. When I came around my last lap my lovely frenemy said I had another lap to go. We didn’t have the word frenemy back then but I think that is a suitable word to use to describe her now. Anyway I had other negative experiences with running. Maybe I will go into them later, but this post could be really long if I did.

After I got out of college a friend of mine told me about Jazzercise. I loved it because I like to dance and it wasn’t like the old school aerobics classes. I bumped into a guy that dated a friend of mine in college and he asked me if I did any kind of workout. I proudly told him about Jazzercise and then he told me about the Hash House Harriers. He assured me that it wasn’t about drugs or anything like that. It is just a group of runners that like to drink beer.

If you know anything about the Hash you know their motto is that they are, “a beer drinking club with a running problem.” Each group you meet has similarities but each one can be very different. I was lucky enough to join a group that had a really good balance between the running and beer drinking. You had a great adventurous run outdoors and then had a few beers with some friends. It wasn’t a big kegger party like some groups do. The runs my original group did reminded me of being a kid. I was a bit of a tomboy and I loved to explore the woods and trails around our house and on my grandfather’s private land. Our Hash group would do all kinds of runs like that. They really brought the love of running out of me.

I could go on and on about the Hash but as I said before this post would end up being super long. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I mention them especially since they are the reason I got into running. I did Pike’s Peak because a large group of the older members did it and I really look up to them. That was kind of my gateway into just regular road running. I had to train so I ran whenever I could fit it in and wherever I could do it. It was also the end of Jazzercise. There are all kinds of cool running gear and clothes out there but for the most part running is very cheap. I really hate paying membership fees as I think I mentioned in a previous post. The only way I am going to join a gym or an exercise class is if they could show the babies a good time while I workout. That or if they have something extra special I want that I do not normally get to do like rock climb.

So I am sure you are wondering what all this has to do with my treadmill. Well I just wanted to give you a little background information. I know a lot of people do not like treadmills. I know a lot of people do not like road running and only run on wooded trails. I used to think I was the latter. Now that I have small children I am a fan of anything that can get me moving.

We originally got the treadmill because we came across a really good deal and my husband and I both hate running in the cold weather. We also hate the fact that the winter days are shorter. A treadmill is very handy like that. I have also gotten some really good speed training thanks to my treadmill. I mean I can set that sucker to my desired pace and it is just me and my will standing in the way of finishing my goal. It is also nice to be able to catch up on your shows if you have a tablet or DVR. You just run and watch the drama.

I still miss running on wooded trails. One of the things I used to love to do was hike up the “difficult” side of Pinnacle Mountain, go down the “easy” side, and then do the base trail back to my car. I think all of that was only about three miles, but it was almost all up hill. Pinnacle Mountain is not a real mountain in terms of places like Pike’s Peak, but it was still a workout. I also loved the view at the top before they did all the development around that area. That is another silver lining to treadmill running. It gives you an appreciation for any running you do outdoors including road running.

My main point is that I am glad we have the treadmill. It has helped me train during the winter when I couldn’t take the babies outside. It has helped me train when I haven’t had any other time to train than when they nap. It has helped me train to go faster. A lot of people knock the treadmill, but I wouldn’t be where I am today if we did not have one. So thank you to my husband and Sears for our treadmill. It has been at least two years now or maybe three and I still use it as designed and not as a clothes line.


My Wicked Good Half Marathon

The weather started out nice. The temp was blah blah blah blah. I’m pulling your leg. I won’t do that to you. Although I will say that my husband kept telling me I was going to get rained on during the Garmin Half Marathon. I looked at Google weather and it only looked like a 10% or 20% chance. Here is hopefully a quick summary of the weather. It was in fact nice at the start. It clouded up when I got to mile four. It sprinkled on us when I got to about mile six. It hailed a bit a mile seven. It poured on us before I got to mile eight, and then it stopped about the time I got a little past mile ten. I blame the hat I wore for the hail. I wore my Pike’s Peak hat. I think I have mentioned how that one went in my previous posts. If you don’t remember here is short version of that one. I trained for a half. I got to the last aid station from the top and they turned me around because of the lightning storm and hail. So I ended up almost doing the full marathon that day.


I was actually looking forward to a little rain for my Garmin run. I have been coughing and sneezing ever since we got back from the cruise. My allergies have been driving me crazy. The rain helped me breathe a little better. I just wished the temperature had not dropped so much. I wore my arm sleeves just in case because I hate getting cold. I got some under arm chafe either from them or my shirt. It still hurts but at least it isn’t bleeding like my legs were after I did the Pilgrim Pacer Half Marathon a few years ago. I wore capris this time so that wouldn’t happen.

There were a few things that made me laugh on this course. The costumes were one thing. We had a few Dorothys and some witches. I saw maybe one scarecrow and one tin-man. Being a hasher you would think I would be wearing a costume, but I haven’t been feeling the costume vibe a whole lot lately. I love dressing up the twins for Halloween, but I just haven’t felt the need to dress up myself in some time.

I laughed at the signs for the first water stop. There was reference to melting witches. There was also a few cardboard cut out witches there. I saw one lady take a selfie with one of the witches.I didn’t see any other Wizard of Oz references until almost the end. There were a few signs there too. I don’t remember what they said. I don’t remember much about the end at all except the “yellow brick road” at the finish. I was definitely tired and walking more the last three miles.

I also found it funny that some people were being so careful about getting their feet wet. I just powered through a few puddles. I did not splash anybody. That would have been rude. I guess that is something else I am used to doing coming from a hasher background. I ran a lot of trails with wet feet in my time. I have run through ponds, rivers, and ditches. One time someone set a trail that had us in a ditch for almost three miles! The bushes and trees were too thick on the sides to just follow it. I was not happy with the guy that set that trail. I wasn’t mad so much about my feet being wet as I was about the possibility of falling and busting my behind. It was summer and the ditch was mostly moss and algae as opposed to water. I have always found the bright side of running with wet feet to be that at least my feet will be nice and soft when it is all said and done.

All and all it was a pretty good run. I did better than I thought I would. According to my Map My Run app I did 13.4 miles. I guess I was a ways away from the start. It also said I did a 12:19 average pace. My official race results were emailed to me which was super nice. That said I kept a 12:12 pace. That is huge for me. I know some of you fast folks might think that is slow, but I’ll take it. It makes me laugh to think of an interview with Kara Goucher talking about how slow a 10 minute mile pace felt to her while she was pregnant. I know she is a professional and all, but shoot I’d love to have a 10 minute mile pace.

Since the theme of my post seems to be about things that make me laugh or put a smile on my face, I have to say seeing the twins at the end was super awesome. I’m sure my face must have lit up when I saw them. My husband and his parents brought them. I am so grateful to them for bringing the babies. I gave Baby Girl and Baby Boy a big kiss. That was the real highlight of my run.