Does Chasing My Kids Around The Kitchen Island Count

No seriously. Does it count? I mean once I think I’ve got my mileage in for that day I see my little man give me that smile. He gives me that heart warming, drop you to your knees smile and I know what that little ball of energy wants me to do. He wants me to chase him. So what do I do? I chase him of course. I chase him with my achy legs and tight calves. He is laughing as his little body runs in front of me. Then sister joins he fun. She laughs and runs up behind me while I chase her brother around the kitchen island and bar. Afterwards I feel like I must have gotten in another good mile.

Oh and don’t get me started on carrying them up to their room for nap time. Baby Girl is at least two inches taller than him and eats more than him, but she feels so light compared to Baby Boy. He is just solid. I can feel my legs screaming as I carry him up those stairs.

Then there is the jogging stroller. I try to go out whenever it is nice, but sometimes it is windy as well as sunny. Running with that jogging stroller in the wind is like running with a parachute. I guess I should look at it like I am getting a little extra kick to my workout.

I do have to give a shout out to Aaron who was the first to comment on my blog. He gave some great advice. I was busting my behind trying to get in my regular mileage during the week and then just dreading the long run on the weekend. I got my long run in earlier this past week. I did it on a Tuesday. I did an hour with the babies playing next to me. Oh I need to get another picture. That play area has gotten a lot more crowded. We just recently got a hand me down play kitchen with all the toys included from their cousins. It is nice. I can actually get an hour in before they start to fuss. Then I got a little over an hour in while they napped. I didn’t think I was going to get any more mileage in because my husband wanted to go out with the babies for dinner, but when we got back he wanted to crash. He worked real hard to the get taxes done and lost a lot of sleep. So I did another hour before I went to bed. I only got in 14 miles, but I spent a little over three hours on the flippin’ treadmill. I was supposed to do 18 miles, but man I gotta tell you I was pretty dang proud of the 14 miles I did do. Then the rest of the week didn’t feel as bad. I felt so relieved to just have to do five or eight miles.

I did discover something I need to Google some more. While I was running those 14 miles I discovered that when I get tired and my legs start to tighten I curl my toes. That is probably why my feet look so bad. I had so many people tell me my shoes were too tight, but I knew that was not the case because I buy them larger than my normal size. My Google search so far has revealed that I need to stretch more. I think I might need to find a yoga class or something. I just don’t stretch enough.

Next weekend is my half marathon. We will see how that goes. I signed up for a full in June and I have been looking at some more later in the year. If my husband wants to do the Goofy with me he needs to start training too. It won’t be too bad for him because he seems to be built for running. It is different from cycling which is most of what he has been doing for the past two years. He is going to have to get back into his running groove.


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