Have you ever been on a cruise ship? I have been a few times with a group of friends. We usually get good deals when we book them that way. I love Andy Samberg’s songs/skits from Saturday Night Live. Every time I get on a ship now I think of The Lonely Island song, “I’m On A Boat.” If you listen to the link be careful around little ears. There is some harsh language. I think this link bleeps the bad words though. I love the fact that is was nominated for a Grammy.

Anyway, once you get on a ship it is very hard to stay on top of your fitness goals. They have a gym, trainers, a spa, etc. They also have food everywhere you go, shows, games, etc. One time I went on a cruise and the gentleman that took care of us at dinner during our stay said to just forget any diet any of us were on at that time.

Well we went on a cruise a few weeks ago. Some friends of ours got married on the ship and set up a group deal to go along on the cruise if we wanted. So we signed up for it. I never really ran on the track on a ship, but I have walked a few. The last one I was on was lower down the ship. I can’t remember how many laps made a mile, but I don’t think it was many. I can’t remember the cruise line for that one, but the track wasn’t bad. The track on this trip was so freakin’ small! It was on one of the highest decks on the ship. You had to do 11 laps to get in one mile!

I thought it would be sooooo boring. I also thought I would only get in maybe one mile. I was tempted to find the gym and jump on the treadmill. A lot of ships have them at a window so you can look out at the ocean. Then I thought of how nice it was outside and how little I have been running outdoors. So I sucked it up and gave it a go.

I’ll admit it wasn’t boring in the way I thought it might be. The track was around the mini golf course. So you had to occasionally dodge a small child or parent that got off the green while playing a round of putt putt. One side of the track went by a small sunbathing area that overlooked the pool and “dance floor.” So you could people watch either area while on that side for a short time. There was also the occasional wanderer coming up to explore the boat. Last but not least was the drunk college kid here and there. It was spring break after all. So it was a little interesting depending on how you looked at it.

I did a little over three miles on the two days out at sea. I wanted to do more, but we had so many fun things planned on the wedding day and the days at port. I guess I could have done it super early, but we have already discussed how I am not a morning person. I don’t think I could have done it late at night. We had the late dinner and I will admit that I took advantage of the food. I would have been sick if I tried to run after dinner. Although I would have to say regardless of the cruise line, the food on the ships just isn’t what it used to be.

All and all it was a really good trip. It was the first big trip without the babies. My in-laws watched them at our house while we were gone. The two days at sea were the only days we didn’t get a chance to call or do a Google Hangout with the babies. The phone calls from the room are super expensive. We tried to do a Hangout with the ship’s WiFi but it was too slow and did not work. It is nice that some of the restaurants have free WiFi at the ports. They definitely got our business that way. Being away from my babies was the hardest thing. I hope our next vacation will be a nice big family trip.



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