Stealing Thunder Or Just Doing What Comes Natural

I have been told men are not that complicated. When you ask a man what he is thinking and he says nothing, he really means it. He is thinking about absolutely nothing. I have also been told that women over analyze. So when my husband recently said he wanted to do the Goofy Challenge as well, I didn’t know how to process it. So here I am analyzing it.

As you can tell this is important to me. I want to lead a healthy life for me and my kids. My parents’ health has taught me that I need to be more active the older I get. I see people their age doing things that are hard for me at my age. I know people in their 80s still doing marathons. I know people in their 60s that do the Pikes Peak Half Marathon and then turn around the next day and do the full. That is one of the reasons I thought I could do the Goofy. I mean at least there is not a huge mountain involved.

Anyway as of right now I have not even done a marathon. My husband has done the Dublin marathon twice, and as I mentioned before, he ran in high school. It kind of feels like his competitiveness is coming out to play here. It is like I can’t do this on my own or if I do it, I would be showing him up or something. I kind of feel like bicycling is more his thing now. So part of me feels like he is just jumping on the band wagon.

Then again running was his first love in high school. Having me around talking about it so much may have rubbed the idea off on him, and it sounds like fun to him. He might think I will get faster and we can actually do it together. Like I said, I am slow. Any time we have ever ran together we fight. He tries to get me to run faster than I can, and if he runs at my pace he complains how slow it is. He even says how much it hurts his legs to run that slow. That is when I tell him to go ahead. We can meet up at the end of the run. I think that is what will still happen. I think my training might help me get a little faster, but I do not think we will ever run at the same pace. Am I being pessimistic? No, I think I am just being realistic.

So is he being competitive? Does he just want to spend time with me? Does he just want to do the race? Am I just over analyzing it?

Sidenote: I found my answer. My husband and I discussed it again recently. I am over analyzing. He just wants to do the race. He hopes that it will help motivate him back into running.


Running outside is Fan-Freakin’-Tastic

It is finally feeling like Spring here. We had a nice day in between snow. I took the babies out in the jogging stroller. Man was that different. They were a lot smaller last time I took them out for a run. I have to say it was still a much better experience than the treadmill. I am sure some of you are rolling your eyes and saying, “Duh!”

I had no back pain. I had no pain behind my knee. There was fresh air. The only bad thing was dogging the dog poop. I mean really. I think I ran across at least three piles every mile! It is one thing to step in it, but when you get it in other places that is just super gross. How do you get it anywhere else you ask? Well we hang the jogging stroller from the ceiling of our garage. So if dog poop gets on the wheels, it gets on me. I really don’t understand some people. I have had a dog and I have lots of friends that have dogs. If you are not going to pick up after your dog then at least lead them off to the side of the trail. This particular trail has lots of room on the side between the path and the trees. Fido can do his business there. Picking up after your dog is the best thing though.

I dreaded going back to the treadmill when it snowed again, but I do have to admit it helps me know my pace and speed. I am sick again and I am not doing much running at all. I can barely breathe standing still. Also the kiddos are not as cooperative about being in the stroller so long. I let them play in the park after the run, but that did not stop them from fussing a mile before we got there. They are still so young. They do not understand the reward after the ride. Maybe they will get it if we do it enough times. Be good and chill. The reward is coming. I will keep my fingers crossed.