Looks Like Progress

I finally got a full week of training in last week. This week is looking pretty good as well. The babies even act like they want to go down and play in the basement in their little play area.

I think part of getting all my training runs in last week is that it snowed and we did not go anywhere. This week has been a little harder. I want the babies to go to their play dates because they learn a lot and have so much fun. So I have to schedule my running later in the day. I am just not a morning person.

I might have to try a few morning runs though. My long Saturday run was rough. I cut it short by a mile because the babies had enough of being in the basement. Baby Girl wanted to go back upstairs and Baby Boy just wanted to explore the rest of the basement. I might try to get the hubby to feed them breakfast and watch them for a bit while I run this Saturday. He isn’t a morning person either. I might be able to get him to do it if I tell him to bring them down to me after they are fed, changed, and dressed. That way they will not get bored so quick. I will help by having their clothes ready.

That is another thing. I think my husband is taking this more seriously especially since I paid to do a half marathon in April. There are not any marathons in the immediate area in May or June. The one I think I want to do in June is over an hour away and starts really early in the morning. I think I will have to stay the night there if I do it.

I mentioned that my husband was competitive, but I think he also does not understand doing things on your own. He was in track or cross-country running in high school. So he likes to run in groups. He asked who I was going to room with if I stay the night in the other town before the marathon. I told him I didn’t know anybody doing the run. He does not get that. The funny thing is that any run I have done with other people I ended up running alone anyway. We might meet up at the end and eat and drink together, but I am usually alone during the race. I don’t mind either. I don’t want to push too hard to keep up with someone way faster than me and I don’t want to feel bad for holding them back either. I also do not want to be held back, but that has hardly if ever happened since I am usually the slowest. So if I do that marathon by myself and he shows up with the babies later, I am super okay with that. I think we will have a good time at the end.

I might find someone who is running it, but if I don’t it won’t change my mind. I want to do a marathon soon. I need to do several before I take on the Goofy. I think I am also going to find a way to help out a few charities. I know a lot of people run to help their favorite charity. The most recent Runner’s World had an article with some recommendations for some apps that I am going to look into and see if I like them.

So all is well. My back doesn’t hurt as much since I stretch more. I do have a little pain in the back of my right knee. I’ll have to look up what that is all about and see what I can do before it gets worse.


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