Yummy Buffalo Chicken

Now this isn’t a review or a paid thing. Everything expressed here is my own opinion. I am not sure how often or if I will ever make a post like this again, but I have got to tell ya about this great recipe.

I like super easy things to make. The cooking shows kind of make me mad in how they try to sell you how easy their dish is to make when they have someone do all the prep work for them. I HATE prep work. Chopping, measuring, pulling out all the ingredients, and the mess is the worst! I even look at Rachael Ray’s 30 minute meal stuff with a skeptical eye. Then I saw this super easy recipe.

I did not get my recipe from this particular link but this is almost exactly like the one I make. You can even put the chicken breasts in frozen. It is so awesome. Now I am not sure how many calories are in it. It probably won’t make any healthy runner’s diet list or anything but if you have problems thinking of something for dinner and want as little fuss as possible this is great.


It is so yummy and did I mention easy to make? It is not for the itty bittys. I mean it is buffalo chicken after all. Mommy and Daddy like it. I can totally see us taking this to a Super Bowl party.

As a side note we did not go to any Super Bowl Party. We ended up babysitting for my sister-in-law. Maybe we will do that next year.


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