Baby Proofin’

I finally got the basement somewhat clean and by clean I mean dusted and vacuumed. It is no where near clean as in clutter free. I got a little area set aside for the little ones to play. It isn’t ideal, but it works . . . for now.


I have put on baby proof knob covers since this photo. I also bought a Turtles Heroes Play Tower. It was on clearance at Target so I got it pretty cheap. I hope they like it enough to stay down there longer than 22 minutes. That is how long my workout was the other day. The first day I tried this puppy out I got 30 minutes. I think the newness was exciting for them. I thought that was still good because I can at least do my workout with them and then take a shower when they are asleep and still have a little time during their nap to do other household chores.

I might still seek the help of a gym. I haven’t gone back to the one I mentioned in my earlier post. I plan on going back and at least checking out the rock wall. Sickness, the holidays, etc. etc excuse has kept me from going. I also have a few community centers I want to check out before I decide. Of course there is also the fact that Spring is just around the corner. I love taking the babies out for a run. It will be interesting to see if they are as well behaved in the jogging stroller as toddlers as there were itty bitty babies.

I need to get on the ball and just start doing something. If I start training seriously next week I can do a half at the end of February or the beginning of March and then my Marathon could be at the end of May. I haven’t found any in the Kansas City area. I don’t really want to have to travel far. I do not think my husband would be on board for that (again my husband’s support warrants a whole post of its own). Of course I only really started to look. We will see what I find.


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