I Am An Amatuer – Please Do Not Try This At Home

Well I got my second run in the next day. I didn’t cry like I thought I would. I think it just let out a lot of stress. That and I really hoped my father’s surgery to put the pacemaker in would go well. I even got to run on Saturday. I went for mileage instead of time since my husband was here to watch the babies. I got four miles in that day, but had some issues with trying to shower after the run. The babies started to wake up just as I was done with my run and my husband had just started a project since he thought they would be asleep longer. Actually that whole issue brings to mind another post I need to make.

My Dad’s surgery did go well. He is already back home. My stress about that is a little less. It is so funny how my parents talk about worrying about their children. Now that I have two little ones of my own, I get it. I just wonder if they know how much I worry about them.

Earlier this week was not without its surprises though. I bent over to pick up my son and BAM! I have this pain go up my back. I thought that it was weird that it happened since I used my knees. I was pretty much go, go, go and didn’t get a chance to sit down until the babies were napping. My back hurt and I was being careful. I thought to myself earlier in the day that I would probably need to see a chiropractor sometime soon. After sitting down to eat my lunch I could barely walk! I tried to bend over to do some laundry and about cried. I finally figured out a way to bend with my knees out and my arm resting on one knee while I picked up laundry with the other hand.

I had one back issue while I was in college. It was weird. I went to bed and woke up the next morning and could barely walk. Granted I was living on campus and sleeping on one of those cheap, crappy twin beds. I saw a chiropractor from the phone book. He helped, but I remember thinking he was a bit of a quack. I did not see another chiropractor again until many years later after I messed up my back doing yoga in my living-room. I had recorded a TV show instructing it. I had done yoga before but it was in a studio. Anyway I was coming up from some variation of a warrior pose and screamed. One of our friends was a chiropractor. So I saw him and he did miracles! We moved and I continued my treatments with a friend of a friend. He has been great. I guess I only have myself to blame for my problems. I run around doing all this stuff without properly taking care of myself. Last time I hurt my back was a few months ago. I was picking up a toy. I didn’t use my knees, but it was a little, nothing, small toy. As I came up it felt like a poker was jammed up my spine. I saw a different chiropractor that is a friend of ours because it was an emergency. I am not sure how that one happened though. I kind of have it in my head that I just need to see someone every few months. Some chiropractors suggest that anyway.

This time I think my issue was not stretching after running and holding one of the babies with my hip out to one side so much. I try to alternate, but I am such a righty that it is hard to put one on the left hip. My runs are usually so rushed. The babies go down for a nap, I grab the monitor, I run, I might do some quick stretches, and then I jump in the shower before they wake. I think I need to stop and do some more stretching.

I did read somewhere that stretching before a run does not really help. If anything it can tear a muscle. I read that doing a warm-up before a run and stretching after the run is best. Of course I never followed all the rules no matter how many articles or magazines I read. Sometimes if I make things too structured it becomes such a task/bore that I don’t want to do it anymore. That is why a food diary never did me any good for weight-loss. I get so frustrated with spending the time to log everything I eat and then going back and put amounts or calories or whatever. Yeah. Whatever!

I have been getting bad about logging my runs, but then I tried so many different logs that I’ve lost track. I had an app on my computer at one time. I have a spreadsheet for training for a marathon from my running group. I had an iFit account with my treadmill. I also have Map My Run on my phone. I guess I need to pick one central location for logging all my runs. I can use some of the other stuff to enter it in either the app or spreadsheet. I kind of miss my iFit account for my treadmill, but not enough to pay that price again. I will just have to remember my mileage.

It looks like it will be a few days before my next run. I don’t have anybody to blame but myself. When I start back up again I need to be a little more structured and careful about it. Being carefree is nice, but it can lead to squatting down funny and crying over your family’s dedicates. Not good!


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