Holiday Sneezes

Okay, I subscribe to Runner’s World. I recently found out I like it better on my Nook. I am having a bit of a problem since I paid my subscription and they only have a button to transfer to iPad on their website. I am trying to decided if I want to cancel my subscription and pay Barnes and Noble to put it on my Nook. Anyway, that is actually a different subject.

I have read where they say you should still do your workouts when you are sick, but just do an easier version. Like instead of running six miles, you could run three miles or five miles at an easier pace if you have the time. Well they don’t actually say you should do them. They just say you could. They give you options. Almost all of us was sick around Thanksgiving. My father-in-law didn’t catch it until a week later and we didn’t get rid of it for almost three weeks. Thankfully there were no fevers or throwing up. We just had yucky snot and a lot of coughing. I was scared we were going to get my parents sick. They are in poor health any way and I asked them to come only if they thought they could make the trip. They never got sick while they were here. A week after coming here Dad got pneumonia and was put in the hospital. My Mom kept saying it wasn’t our fault, but I can’t help but feel responsible. He was out of the hospital in time for Christmas. We made our usual Christmas trip to see them.

In the middle of all the sickness I was only able to run once a week. I didn’t run at all for over two weeks during the Christmas holiday. We traveled to another state and even though I knew our hotel would have a treadmill, I knew I would want to visit with my relatives more than running. I finally got a run in yesterday. I was happy that I hadn’t lost what I gained. When I first started this blog I could barely do two miles in 30 minutes. Now I can almost do two and a half miles.

It felt so good to run. We had my in-laws over for New Years day. My running club joined another group for a free fun run. I thought it would be better if I didn’t go far from home. It felt kind of rude to leave them all with the babies while I go running. My husband was here. I don’t know. I just went with my gut. I felt better about  being more accessible if I was needed. So I ran on our treadmill in the basement while they played with the babies.

That 30 minute run let out so much stress. There was the stress of having house guests. There was left over work stress. Then there is the fact that Dad is back in the hospital. My Mom said she was pretty sure they were going to put a pacemaker in him. Unstoppable was on the TV while I was running. I just saw the part where Denzel’s character calls his daughters to tell them he loves them. I started to cry. It felt good to cry and run at the same time. I didn’t let it all out. I didn’t want one of my little nephews or my niece to find me like that if they came down to the basement to play. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive myself if something else happens to my Dad. They had never made a trip to see us in years because we live so far and their health is so bad. We always go there for Christmas, but I thought it would be nice for them to see us at Thanksgiving which we usually spend with my in-laws. I made it very clear to only come if they thought they could make the trip. I under no circumstances wanted to make them worse. None of us were sick until the second day they were here. Where we got it I don’t know.

Maybe I can make two running days in a row. I think I NEED to run. I think I need to let it ALL out today. I hope I get a chance while the babies nap. My work has been crazy. I keep telling myself I am just a consultant and not full-time anymore. I shouldn’t be logged in as much. I think I really need a run.


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