High Pressure Sales

Well I did it. I finally went to a gym to see what it was like. It was nice. It also comes with a nice big price too. I will probably try to check out other places. I think I want to go back to this one at least once.and here is why.

They have a nice indoor pool that looks like a water park. We could get the babies swim lessons, but I did not get the price. I did not assume it was included with the membership. Some classes are included like yoga. Then there is the rock wall. I did not get a chance to climb because the wall is only open from 5PM to 9PM. That is one of the main reasons I want to go back there. I haven’t climbed since 2007. I LOVE climbing. I figure I might as well see if the wall is any good. If it isn’t then I won’t have a problem with turning down a membership here and going someplace else. If I do like it, I will have to see about making some changes to afford to go. I kind of hope it sucks because there are some other things about the gym I did not like.

The daycare center looks great on the website. There is the big plastic jungle gym type tree thing in the picture. I thought it was so cool looking when I saw it. Then when I got there the part that had the tree was dark and they had that section blocked. The section they rushed me to was a big walled in area for toddlers. The wall was about hip high. The other side of the room had the same type walled area, but there were computers for the bigger kids. The toddler side had some Fisher Price Little People buildings and a few balls and that was it. There was a TV and it was turned off. My first thought was that it was boring. Then I thought maybe there were more toys there that were just put away some where. It just didn’t look like a lot because of the big empty area. When we went to our regular play date a few days later I decided that the gym’s daycare just didn’t have a lot of toys. I asked about it and was told that they were cleaning some of the toys.

I did get in a good workout for my first visit. I got paged right during my cool down. I was worried and ran to the daycare. When I opened the door there was my little man sitting in one of the sitter’s lap. They said he had been upset on and off but that if they had to hold a baby more than ten minutes they had to page a parent. They said my little lady was great, but she escaped to the computers at one point. I don’t expect the gym to be as fun and well stocked as the babies’ play dates, but I would like for them to have some fun while I work out. I read a Facebook post of a friend with twins that went to a Y in her area and she talked about how much fun her babies had. If I keep getting paged it won’t really be worth it to join plus I want them to have fun too.

The other thing I didn’t like was the pressure to join right then and there. They said they would email me a code that was only good for that day, but of course I got another email the very next day with an even better “deal.” I also got a phone call every day even over Thanksgiving. I really dislike high pressure sales.

Like I said, I think I am going to try it out one more time to make a better judgment. I might even ask if they have a per visit type membership. I don’t think they will, but I guess it never hurts to ask. I hate monthly stuff. I don’t feel like I get my moneys worth, but I’m sure that is how they make money. If the rock wall sucks it will be an easy decision. I don’t want to pine away for this place and not know.