Is Time On Your Side?

Time is NOT on my side. I still think of that Stones song. It is like it is mocking me. I would never think that training for a marathon was easy until I had babies. Well I haven’t done a marathon yet, and I might have forgotten how hard it was to train for the half I did right before they were conceived.

Before babies I just ran whenever I had “free” time. I just threw on my running clothes and went for a run. Presto! Then I could take a shower right after that. Wow! My mind is blown as I write this. Just the thought of being able to take a shower when I want to seems like a hundred years ago. Now I try to do all this stuff when the babies are asleep.

The babies decided they really didn’t want morning naps anymore about two or three months ago. So if I want a shower, I have to wait until the afternoon nap or when they go to bed a night. So if taking a shower is such a big deal, “When do you run?” you may ask. Well that is a very good question.

Before it turned cold, I just went for a walk or run sometime in the morning with the babies. My baby girl would almost always fall asleep even though she was the biggest rebel against morning naps at home. Then it turned cold and I just felt bad putting them in the jogging stroller in such chilly weather. One of the moms from my twin mommy group said some of her friends put a weather shield on the stroller to keep running in cold weather. My jogging stroller was a free hand-me-down. I tried looking for the Twinner or the website on the jogger which was, but I couldn’t find anything. I don’t think they make that brand anymore. I also just hate the cold. When I trained for my half I did a lot of it on the treadmill.

We have a treadmill in our basement and I love that, but our basement is nowhere near baby proof. It is going to take some either big bucks or some kind of engineering mastermind to make it anywhere close to where I feel comfortable having them in there. If I am going to dish out the dough to do something like that, I feel like maybe I should just join a gym. It would be nice to have access to daycare while I workout and maybe do something besides run. I just need to do the math and see what would be the best deal. I hate that we spent all that money on our treadmill and not get use out of it. I have been doing 30 minute runs during their afternoon nap here and there on it. It is nice for some speed work but I am so slow right now I don’t get in many miles. I can only do 30 minutes because I have to take a shower right after that and the babies only sleep for so long. Then there are days when I don’t run at all because I need to use their nap time to do other things around the house.

I heard another mom mention she knew a lady that had kids and ran, but she did it at 5:30 AM every morning. Well not only do I dislike the cold, I also dislike getting up early. I am sure a lot of you can relate. I am so happy I wrote this post. It makes me feel like I have options. I lot of them require either a good chunk of change, less sleep, and/or braving the cold. I may not like the options, but at least I have options. What do you do to get your runs or workouts in during the week?